Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 13 Episode 4

Double Strands

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2011 on NBC

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  • A Stand Out Episode

    Double Strands is one of the more memorable episodes in this compelling police drama. Detective Rollins (Kelli Giddish) is certain that she has her man when they arrest Gabriel Thomas (Grey's Anatomy's . Knight) for a series of rapes. He fits the profile, was in the same cities for all of the attacks and the physical evidence is damning as well. Rollins is over enjoyed to finally crack the case after the suspect first appeared on her radar when she worked in Atlanta. It appears to be a slam dunk.

    However, Detective Amara (Danny Pino) is not so sure. There is something about this lovely family man that is not sitting right with the young detective. The suspect is too free to offers his whereabouts and actively infiltrates himself in the crime. What happens next is one of the more exciting puzzles presented in the series. It is amazing how it all unravels and the chemistry between Amaro and Knight is excellent as they both try to uncover the complexity of the situation. I have watched . for a long time but this episode is a real stand out because of both the compelling story and the outstanding acting.

  • A Case of double identity, wow!

    Great show and a wonderful performance by Danny Pino. As Det. Amaro you actually feel whatever emotion is portraying. I hope to catch all past episodes and will surely not miss any future episodes. He is a pleasure to watch!
  • Dubious plot, great acting.


    The plot is simultaneously too far out and (as "avatar..." says) too predictable. But that's entirely outweighed by the marvelous acting of the newbies, Giddish and Pino. Pino strikes exactly the right note in expressing his doubts about the guilt of the first suspect. And Giddish's performance in the climactic scene in the interview room is out of this world.

    After this episode, all pining for Meloni -- good as he was -- should be over.

  • Double Strands


    I was a little bit upset when I saw that Grey's Anatomy's TR Knight was going to guest star as I have never been a fan of his, but honestly, he delivered a pretty strong performance in the dual roles.

    As a whole this was a fairly clever episode of the show with the idea of an identical twin committing crimes because of the same DNA. Nice work on that L and O, and nice episode overall.

  • Waaaaaaaaaaaay topredictable


    throughout the whole episode, me and my sister could tell where this episode was going. First, when they said that the rapist liked blonde women, my sister said that Rollins was going to get attacked, which did happen. By half waythroughthe episode i guessed that the guy had a twin and i actual thought that was topredicable for svu, but i was right.

    Im not sure what to say about this episode, except that thewriters need to improve, or this show is going to become stale andrepetitive.

  • Great episode, very moving


    The show in it's 13th season isn't at all going stale. The case in itself connects to a serial killer back in Alanta; which Detective Rollings was orginally assigned to the case.

    A lot of good character developement for the newcomers; Rollings and Amaro. Also, the episode showed how good SVU is. Good twist with the real killer being the other twin, especially at the end how the two saw one other was chilling//