Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 14 Episode 9

Dreams Deferred

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 05, 2012 on NBC

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  • GOOD ...

    This plot shows the realities of women of the street and the dangers they willingly face for all the wrong reasons. That being said.... I'd like to know WHY the catholic church is the only church used in movies to represent Christianity. Not only is the Catholic church a CULT of the Christian faith, it's also interesting that not many people know that they are, due to the fact not many people even know what the Bible teaches. Therefore, like the prostitute in this episode, no forgiveness is obtained Biblically, because she confessed to man, not God. Neither would she be "absolved" from any sin.... and if anyone believes the Catholic deception portrayed in this film, neither would they gain any form of salvation following this type of propaganda deception of the FALSE catholic church.
  • Give credit where due.

    Nobody is harder on Law & Order SUV than me. The show's writers / producers have taken liberty's with the fan base to promote their political and social views. This has caused me not to enjoy the program as much because I'm always on the guard for something offensive to come across the screen. However, tonight the writers, actors and producers hit a home-run. The two story lines were put together and told very well. This show will get it's first and probably only 10 from me. I'm sure next week they will more than likely return to their old ways.
  • This Video Was The Inspiration For The Massacre At Sandy Hook Elementary School

    The Connecticut school massacre gunman Adam Lanza spent hours playing violent video games and received his inspiration from this video only days before turning his gun on 20 children (aged six and seven) and 6 adults at Sandy Hook elementary school.

    The violence that ALL of you love so much is a stumbling block for people who are mentally unfit.
  • Patricia Arquette Deserves An Emmy.

    SVU over the years have had a Knack for delivering Emmy Award Winning Roles to their Guest Actresses.

    Ellen Burstyn,(Elliott's Mom) Cynthia Nixon And Amanda Plummer to name but 3 off the top of my head. And, if there's ANY Justice, Patricia Arquette will receive a richly deserved Guest Star Emmy Next September. Great Episode.

    I agree COMPLETELY with mwanders4 Hand Patricia Arquette the Emmy NOW. It would be a DESERVED Christmas Present.
  • Incredible Episode

    Favourite SVU episode, bar none. I loved it - Patricia Arquette was incredible in her guest role, playing the character of Jeannie with such depth and vulnerability. Olivia and Nick were on good form, and whilst I like the rest of the cast, they took a bit of a back seat on this one, which felt right for an episode such as this which was all about building a trusting relationship with Jeannie. Best 40-odd minutes of TV I've watched in a while - more like this, please, SVU!
  • Arquette just won another Emmy

    This episode was amazing, and Patricia Arquette gave so much depth and so many layers to her character. I loved seeing her strong side and her vulnerable side. She did an amazing job. Just send the guest actress Emmy to her now.
  • Fantastic just for Patricia Arquette

    Patricia Arquette was fantastic! I didn't even recognize her for the first few minutes with that fantastic haircut.
  • Patricia Arquette is Incredible!

    Although this was a disturbing show (due to a killing spree by a disgruntled man) I was really impressed by this production. The killer's relationship with a hooker (Patricia Arquette) is what connects the case to the police and FBI. I found the compassion towards Arquette's character to be inspiring. The acting-particularly with Arquette-was compelling. Her ability to create a character with so much depth made this show a "stop-rewind-watch again" kind of show. I'm so glad I tuned in!