Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 5 Episode 15


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 10, 2004 on NBC

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  • A rare occasion where I was touched by a guest star's performance ...

    The story was good, complicated enough, but still a predictable outcome. The thing that really stood out in this episode was Patrick Flueger's performance, it was outstanding, "Dr Huang" said it best: "He couldn't fake that kind of physical reaction" ... it looked genuine!
    On the other hand, the girl's mother didn't really get to me in any way; the character was badly "acted". I think killing the father gave the plot a cold turn; it would've been a lot more dramatic if they kept him involved in the story.

    Overall, a good episode, well written, well acted, a little predictable, but that goes for most of these series nowadays.
  • Pretty good.

    This started out as a really great episode. There were lots of twists and turns. It was really interesting and then the end was just...blah. It was hastily wrapped up, slightly out of character, and just boring. It's not that I didn't like it. It didn't stir up enough emotion for me not to like. I was just indifferent to it. But the rest of episode was great so I can't really complain. I do have to say that I did not really like Jane Seymour who guest starred and in all honesty did not have much to do. I suppose that's why guest stars like CI, more storyline for them.
  • Good but not great.

    In this episode there a very confusing storyline about two families having the same father and there are two murders. This episode wasn't great because the reason I love Law and Order SVU is because I love the action but this episode didn't show it at all. Of course, there was alot of investigation but I much preffer the episodes where there is a killer on the loose rather than harmless family wives and children being blamed for murder and rape. The storyline was a little weird and most of it happened at homes. I love this show but only for the real crimes!
  • Law and Order Special Victims Unit!

    While chasing down a perp in a rape case, Benson and Stabler find the body of high schooler Shannon Coyle. As usual they start their investigation by taking a look into Shannon's life. They first begin to suspect her choir teacher, who has a thing for young girls. When they find out that Shannon had a boyfriend that no one knew about, they begin to suspect him. M.E. Warner discovers that Shannon was eight weeks pregnant at the time of her death, and not only that, but the baby's father was related to Shannon. One by one Benson and Stabler begin to question all of the men in her family. When they find that her boyfriend Aiden's father and Shannon's father are the same man, they find the answer to their case.

    This is a good episode. Just because Jason Conner decided to live a double life, he ruined the life of all of his children and his two wives. Shannon and Aiden were caught in the middle of their father's lies.
  • Okay but not one my favorite episodes.

    Benson and Stabler hunt down a rapist when they stumble upon a teenage girl's body lying in an alley. The girl is identified as Shannon Coyle, a member of a private school who was forbidden to see this boy she liked. They first suspect maybe lovebird love gone wrong or maybe the girl's father who is curiously not around. The secret that lies beneath is what makes this episode decent. See nobody has actually seen the girls fatherother than his family and the boyfriends father which seems curious. The detectives soon learn that the teenage girl was pregnant which again leads them back to the boyfriend but that's not the end of the story. The boy denies any wrongdoing in the crime and test results say that the father of the baby was related to the girl. That brings them back to the father but he was supposedly out of town and the only other male relative was her younger brother. They try to get the brother to confess but the brother is innocent. The dark secret soon comes out when they learn the boyfriends father is also the father of the victim. He had an affair with the victim's mother a long time ago and they kept it a secret. the victim found ot and threatened to tell and her father killed her to keep her quiet. When the father/murderer is aloso found dead they suspect the boyfriend again when he learned he was having a baby with his sister. He confesses but that was on;y to protect his mother who had known for awhile now and could not take it anymore. Every adult was either put in jail or was in the grave leaving the boyfriend/brother of the victim and the victim's brother to fend for themselves.
  • After catching a rapist they find another body, Shannon Coyle. SVU investigates her friends and family, finding out Aidan Connor(Patrick Fluegler) is her boyfriend. Shannon is eight weeks pregnant with a baby that had 62% her DNA.

    One of my favorite episodes either. I've seen each episode probably three or four times, and this is one of my favorites along with "Slaves," "Design," "911," "Identity," and "Taboo."

    Excellent. It may not have been the most brilliantly acted episode(if you focus on the woman who played Susan Coyle), but the story was fantastic. Sure it was a little predictable, but most episodes are. That doesn't take way from the fact that it was brilliant. Have I metioned I loved it. Well...

    The episode starts out with his chick Shannon dying from blunt force trauma to the head. So they go around to all her friends at school who said she didn't have a boyfriend, even though the medical evidence proved she had sex before death. So they go to her choral teacher who seems to have a thing for high school girls. He denies this, upon which Stabler gets a phone call. Doc Warner then whips out a trojan with a 10 point match on it to the music teacher and a key to his apartment. Stabler and Benson go to the apartment and he's bangin Shannon's best friend Lisa, and they arrest the teacher and he's the first suspect. Then Doc Warner stumbles upon the fact Shannon was eight months pregnant. The fetus has 82% her DNA. It's not her brother, her dad's on business, she has to uncles or cousins, and the drama ensues...
  • \"The Episode That Started It All\" PREMISE: An honor roll student is accidentally murdered during sex.

    \"Screw You, you\'re under arrest for attempted rape until we nail you for the other eleven.\" Shyeah, right.\"
    Ho, boy, have I got to Patrick Flueger already?! I saw this in a Law & Order: SVU marathon on USA...until the effects took a toll on me on Tuesday. Anyone playing Tekken 2 might wanna stop playing with Jun Kazama now because this is about to get uglier than losing with her in a 1P game in the arcade.

    THE CASE: (34/41)
    The case involves the murder of a young woman after she had sex. Multiple suspects were brought in, but Stabler and Benson could not find the killer until *dum-dum-dummmmm...* they stumble across Shawn from The 4400. In this episode, the character\'s name is actually Aidan Connor. Stabler (I think) pushes him and Brian Cole around to get some answers. That\'s how Detective Stabler lost five points for pushing the boys, and two points were lost because I felt uncomfortable when I learned a teenaged girl was murdered.

    MY SCORE: 8

    I couldn\'t tell if there was any Stabler/Benson dialogue, but whenever these two get together sparks fly. You gotta love Aidan\'s reaction to finding out his girlfriend had been her own mother! Then a promo for The 4400 came on and USA paid attention to (you guessed it) Shawn Farrell.

    Quote of the night:
    Olivia Benson: \"Screw You, you\'re under arrest for attempted rape until we nail you for the other eleven.\" PRICELESS!

    MY SCORE: 10

    If you\'re new to the world of Law & Order: SVU, I\'d recommend you\'d watch this episode. Even if you\'re a fan of Christopher Meloni or Mariska Hargitay, it doesn\'t matter, this will get you hooked instantly.

    FINAL REMARKS: Although this episode gave me a weird dream about a movie theater on 5/30/06 and Patrick Flueger playing yet ANOTHER villain (I think that was what it was), I am glad to say that this episode has passed my review with flying colors. Wow. The pregnant teen\'s mother confesses to murdering her husband in the car because of corrupting power, and that\'s all I needed to hear before I heard the Jon Cryer/Viggo Mortensen/Dennis Hopper villain voice mixed with unplayable Tekken 5 boss Jinpachi Mishima\'s strange voice in the dream I had after Memorial Day. Another job well done, Stabler and Benson! Oh, and by the way, watch your back around Patrick Flueger...