Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 7 Episode 20


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 02, 2006 on NBC

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  • 'Fat' is one of my favorite episodes.

    In the episode 'Fat' a girl is brutally beaten and her finger is cut off. Turns out it was by a group of overweight kids who were tired of her always picking on them. But it was more than just her picking on them, one of her friends actually kicked the crap out of one of the overweight kids. I love this episode because Olivia comes back to the special victim's unit, but not before she's helps the team out while being in the 'computer crimes' department. The awkwardness between Elliot and Olivia is exciting, but what really shocked me was when one of the overweight kids actually shot the girl's friend (the one who kicked the crap out of him). But sadly he has worse things to deal with when he has to have some amputations because of gangreen. I didn't really like Blane on the ep that much, he just annoyed me. But I was so glad to see Benson back in action, her figuring out that the girl used to actually be an overweight girl herself was good. And her line at the end to Elliot was priceless, "I work here."
  • Bravo Anthony Anderson. Elliot is hard to work with and well in this episode he got a taste of his own medicine.

    The captain is right. Can't believe Olivia put up with Elliot for so long. Loved Anthony Anderson although his cahracter wasn't written that well. He laughed when that Eric Molina guy talked about an epidemic of obesity and diabetes -- Considering the victims were African-American and overweight, and so was he, I would assume he sypathised with them more or would be on their side.

    Olivia's appearance was nice and I thought I caught a glimpse of "sucked in, you deserve it" smirk on her face when she was behind Elliot in the locker room. Transfered to computer crimes -- sitting down and playing detective on the computer most of the day, good for the baby.

    Really need to find a way to cool Elliot down. Wonder who he will get as a partner next week.

    Overall good episode, dealt with a really big issue - 2 actually. Average start but turned into a wonderful episode.
  • This episode just wasn't any good, nor entertaining, and I found it almost angering how vigilantes were pitied, and the sodomizing and finger-severing they committed were given a glance and forgotten! Surely others feel this way about this episode.

    Anthony Anderson to me had little believability playing such a serious role; he is a comedy actor. The story line was not only formulaic from the get-go, it tried to make vigilante rapists seem the victims as much as the girl they brutalized! Sorry, but in my world, you can\'t equate beating the crap out of a man, which granted was awful, with sodomizing and cutting off the finger (and attemptedly the hands) of a teenaged girl! So, I wasn\'t rooting for the obese kids even at this point. But then to have one of them murder someone and still play the sympathetic character looked upon with pity?? Come on, I love this show, but this episode was mediocre at very best.
  • I don't know what it was but this episode just didn't draw me in as most other episodes in the series.

    I don't want to say I hated it, but I really didn't like it, and I can't really put my finger on it. Was it because Benson and Stabler weren't working together? I don't think it was that because they haven't worked together on a lot of cases recently. I don't think Benson was in the episode enough that's for sure. I didn't care for the partner they teamed Stabler up with, although I do like that it was to show each of them what it was like to work with themselves. The case itself went beyond what the SVU detectives should have been involved with. I get them investigating the attack on the girl but once it went to the beating of the brother, that should have been another squad. This could have been a good crossover with regular Law & Order, let them work together on the second case. Like I said it just didn't overly impress me, although part of the problem was watching it right after a great House episode.
  • Pushing obese kids too far can be dangerous to your health.

    I'm not sure if this was a great episode, but it did capture my interest since I am slighly obese myself. I've never experienced being ridiculed because of my waistline so I can't really understand why those kids did what they did, but just as any motivation of any crime, a person can only take so much.

    I loved Stabler in this episode. It was clear that he was regretting what happened between him and Benson. It was also evident that he wanted his old partner back, but he was giving her what she asked if that was what made her happy.

    Benson also looked like she misses her job at SVU when she continued monitoring Jessica's internet activities.

    I do hope they get back together as partners. They make one helluva team.
  • Not the best of the season by far but still enjoyable.

    So I excited for this episode mainly because it was the first new SVU episode in a few weeks and I was in serious withdrawal. I was glad to see Elliot and Olivia talk. Not everything was said, that's obvious, but I think Elliot is respecting Olivia's wish for some space....for now. I don't care who they give Elliot as a partner, they will never be as good as Olivia. Those two are just the best. And as much as I want Elliot and Olivia to get together, just having them back as partners will do for now. So I hope they get over this "break" and become partners again.

    That being said, the main plot of the episode really didn't interest me that much. I was way more invested in the Elliot/Olivia storyline.
  • Not one of the better episodes of the season.

    The episode was overall good but, putting Stable with Blaine was aweful. I mean Stabler has his moments when he crosses the line, but I dont think it is to the extent that Blaine was willing to go. THis pairing was aweful, but it was nice to see Benson who has been transferred to computer crimes help out with the case. It was sad though when Blaine to Stabler that Benson dumped him. I hope they are able to work out their problems and get back together. The writers could have left Blaine out and had Stabler work with Munch and Fin. Please dont bring back Blaine.
  • More indication that they're more than "just partners".

    Although, I didn't particularly enjoy the story, I do think it was an important one. Obesity is the last "acceptable" form of discrimination and it was nice to see SVU tackle it.
    I was far more interested in the interaction (sadly, what little there was) between Benson and Stabler. It was obvious in Fault that they have deeper feelings for each other than most partners do, and this added to it. I don't necessarily want them to hook up because that would change the dynamic of the show too much, but I like the storyline possibilities that are opened while they deny these feelings to themselves and each other. The opening scene with Stabler at confession was great, and it was so sad to see him staring at her empty chair at the end.
  • The way I looked at is that the "needing a break" was a copout or an excuse. She told Elliot that she needed some time away from him because they had been partners for so long because she didn't want to tell him the real reason, her feelings for him.

    I just thought it was odd how "fault" clearly dealt with the characters' feelings for each other but in "fat," olivia saying they needed time off b/c they had been partners for so long, and cragen commenting that he had no idea how Olivia put up with Elliot for so long, it seemed like they changed the reason they split up. Like it was Elliot's fault for being so hard to work with. Either that, or it was a cover for the actual reason (THE LOVE! haha)
    Anyway, did Olivia say anything about the split only being temporary?

    I SERIOUSLY thought this episode has SUCCEEDED at being not only the WORST EPISODE of SVU but ALSO the WORST EPISODE of anything known to TV history. It was REALLY stupid and pointless. I REALLY hate the Actor who played Stabler's new partner. He was so DOWNRIGHT selfish and annoying and I was SO HAPPY that Stabler punched him in the face. This episode was like the most HORRIBLE and UNINTERESTING episode to watch. The plot was a JOKE, The storyline was RUBBISH and the whole episode was REALLY BORING. If there is an episode I TRULY refuse to watch: It is DEFINITELY this PIECE of GARBAGE.

    I'd rather watch INFECTED, BLAST, CLASS & VENOM and this RUBBISH.

  • Not a perfect Mirror

    I didn\'t Like this episode. I mean it made interesting
    points about how victims become perps of violence.
    And I felt sympathy for the perp in question.

    But I believe they overplayed there hand and
    Anderson, who is a good actor had to play
    a character that was so over the top, that I
    Thought How did he get to work in such
    a sensitive division. I know the point
    was to point a mirror into Stabler who deserves
    his Emmy nod but It wasn\'t a good mirror and
    lessened my enjoyment of the episode.
  • This is yet another fine example of the unstable Stabler

    After Olivia leaves not only was I teriffied the show would end because I thought she wasn't coming back but I'm so glad she did, I was angry at Elliot's new partner. They made him look like a real bad guy, probably so that we could see that Elliot and Olivia need each other. In this episode Elliot is paired with a guy who I didn't even take the time to learn his name. He had his own way to do things, sorta like evryone else but it got in the way of how Elliot worked. I loved when him and Elliot got in the argument over something and he said "It's no wonder your partner left you" and Elliot turned around totally PO'd. When he was in the locker room changing his shirt (Not only was that so hot! Elliot with no shirt!!) then Olivia shows up and you can see he really is heart broken and cares for her. I think what she says as he's taking the shirt off is "I liked that shirt". And with him being him he was angry at her and well, I just really liked this episode, it definetly helped to develope the growing tension between them, after of course the intense events of Fault. All in all this is a great episode with a good twist to the case and the defense that the Attorney throws on the table. One of those episodes that all you can say to is Wow, they can do that?
  • Another great Stabler episode.

    It wasn't extremely exciting but still good. Elliot definatly needs Olivia, you can tell he just doesn't adjust well to working with other people.

    When Elliot and Blaine went to Computer Crimes and the way him and Liv acted around each other just made my heart break, they really need each other.

    It was sweet when Liv went to check on him in the locker room. "I like that shirt" That was just too cute
  • Poor Elliot and his mid-life crises... Great ep, but why Anthony Anderson?!

    It's great we get to see how Elliot's trying to cope with 'losing everybody' including Olivia. But since things have to get worse sometimes before they get better, my pity doesn't run too deep... he's still acting like a jerk. And what is up with Anthony Anderson's character, Lucius? Did the director just tell Anderson to act like a cranked-up mad man every other scene? It got really annoying watching him over-react to almost everything... but I guess that was the point... gives everyone that's used to Olivia an excuse to hate him. Can't wait for season 8 opener!!!!
  • good episode, but in my opinion pushed realistic limits.

    obviously overweight people are subject to discrimination, but i think its realy unrealistic to think that these people get beaten up just because they are overweight. although i do have to agree with the reporter guy, some societies are set up in a way that certain people take the fall. it is harder for people who dont have as much money from the begining to be sucessfull in life. But when you look it again, realisticly, buying salads and fruits is alot cheaper then buying pizza and fast food everyday, so just because they dont have money doesnt mean they have the excuse to be unhealty. and you also dont need money to take a jog around the block!
  • Law and Order Special Victims Unit!

    Detective Elliot Stabler and his new partner Lucius Blaine are called in on their first case together. A young girl, Jessica Delay, was attacked and dumped under an overpass. They find that she was attacked by two kids from another school. The attack was done as an act of revenge because one of Jessica's friends once attacked their older brother Rudi while he was sitting on a park bench. When the case is dismissed because of a lack of evidence, Rudi takes justice into his own hands.

    This was a decent episode. The story line seemed like it was a background story to the tension between Stabler and Blaine, rather than being in the forefront. You can tell that Stabler is taking the fact that Benson asked for a transfer really hard. I did enjoy the scene where Benson comes to visit Stabler to find out about his fight with Blaine. You could tell that they still want to be partners, but there is so much they need to talk about before that happens.
  • They turn the victim into the bad guy!

    Once again, I am finding myself disappointed with this season. While L & O: SVU is my favorite show, I am not as enthralled with these past 3 or 4 episodes, especially "Fat". They take the sexual assault on a young girl and turn the story into something completely different. While I commend them for trying something different, it was way out of the ballpark. I had to restrain myself from changing the channel, in vain hope that it would get better by the end. It didn't. The show is not the same without the famous Olivia and Elliot duo.
  • Wow!!

    I HATE Blaine! He is the biggest loser in TV history, its not funny!! I almost started yelling at the TV, cheering Elliot on when they started fighting! But the way Blaine tried to get the confession out of that girl, was just so stupid! And then he wouldn't listen to what Elliot had to say, then Elliot looked a bit ticked off... but I thought it was a good story-line, with the victim bieng overweight in the past. I still can't believe Olivia wants a new partner after however long her and Elliot have been partners.

    Good job, writers!!!!!!
  • An exciting plot line!

    Even though I missed Olivia working with Elliot, there was a decent one time replacement for her. There were a lot of twists, turns, gunfire, and even a fight in this episode. It was witty to have one of the victims get revenge on his attacker. The interogation scenes were intence and interesting. The scenes with Elliot and Olivia\'s replacement were attention-grabbing and well thought out There was also an interesting turn of events when we found out that the girl that hated fat people, used to be fat herself. Overall this episode was a really good exaple of why many people tune in every week.
  • A teenager is attacked and her finger cut off (she is a concert pianist) and the investigation leads to a family with obesity problems

    A very insightful look into obesity and its consequences. The guilty verdict at the end is almost superlative as the defendent ends up with extreme medical problems. Good to see Mariska in this episode, though just for a few brief scenes (she's been transferred to the Computer Crimes Lab). Only part I did not like was the partner Eliot got for this episode (and I hope only this episode); definitely too headstrong, too Dennis Farina-like (one reason I stopped watching the original Law & Order. At the confession at the beginning the priest tells Eliot to call his wife, not ex-wife. Leaves open the possibility that they will get back together.
  • Good, pretty good!

    This was above average, it was an interesting episode with some good character development and a pivitol scene between Elliot and Olivia. Anthony Anderson was quite good in his role, he played it well. The story itself was quite interesting, and I really liked how it played out. One of the better episodes this Season for sure.
  • Not good but not bad!

    I miss Olivia in this show but like Elliott still
    As she was doing something else with the feds while
    He was partnered with the Shield's Anthony Anderson! No wonder why Elliott has a temper. Like I do but the
    Only difference between me and him as he hits people and
    I don't! Of course that is tv and I am in real life! I would go to jail if I hit someone!