Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 13 Episode 20

Father Dearest

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 02, 2012 on NBC

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  • Father Dearest..... Father Help Me!!!!

    I really didn't like this episode that much.

    What I did like though was seeing George Huang. I missed him.

    At the end... was Taylor Barnes under the impression that Sean Albert was her father due to manipulation or was he really her father because he had an affair with Taylor's mum.

    I'm sure Taylor was just delusional due to the manipulation of Sean Albert. What does anyone else think?

    Lately I'm finding that the writers are making Olivia Benson look like a rookie cop. This season, I find that the writers are making Olivia look like a new detective. It's almost as if they forget she is a veteran detective who has been in SVU for almost 15 years. She is highly qualified and wouldn't make rookie mistakes. Some of the questioning or interrogation techniques make me think she is a new Det. I like they way Olivia's character was before this season. I know Elliott is gone, however, Olivia just can't all of a sudden forget that she is an accomplished, veteran Detective with 13-14 years in her belt. What's going on?

    Olivia is the number one Detective. She should act like it more.

    What was with Munch acting as the Captain? I know he technically is a captain, however where was Cragan? Why wasn't he in this episode and why didn't they mention where he was and why Munch was acting in charge?

    I really like the actors and I like Danny Pino but the writing is horrible. The stories are stupid. It has nothing to do with the characters. I think if the writers and producer were doing a better job, I would love this season as much as the others, even without Stabler. The characters are doing a good job working with the crappy material they are given. I wish Neil Bear was still the producer. He wouldn't let this garbage air for one second. There is so much potential with the new characters and the departure of Stabler but these writers and the producer is horrible.

    Most people think it's just because Chis Meloni left. I love Elliot Stabler and definitely wish he would be back, however, with this producer and writers, I think this season still would have sucked even with Elliott in it. Chris was smart to leave when he did. At least his name isn't attached to this pathetic attempt to keep SVU from getting canceled.

    Well done Chris Meloni.

  • Father Dearest

    This is just too over the top, even for SVU. He was a donor, then he wasn't, then he was the real father....way too many twists, too much nonsense. Plus, James Van Der Beek was just on the Criminal Intent finale a few months ago. Why have him in the same world as a different character so soon?

    Some people probably loved this, but too much for my liking.