Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 8 Episode 19


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 01, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap

Benson and Stabler are interviewing a rape suspect when Olivia starts getting in the man's face, Cragen comes in and asks her to come with him. She goes into his office and finds FBI Agent Porter, the man who handled her when she was working undercover, there. He tells het that he's come to talk about Simon Marsden. It seems that he is now on their fugitive list. He asks her why she helped him. At first she doesn't want to say anything. He then shows a photo taken of Simon receiving a money order and he tells her that it seems that a money was sent from near where Olivia lives and while he hasn't check the surveillance tape, he tells if she's on it...That's when she tells him Simon's her half brother. Porter then tells her to call him if she hears from him. And he tells her that the camera was broken. Before she asks who turned her to him. While he doesn't come out and say it, he implies that it's Captain Millfield.

Olivia then goes to see Millfield to tell her to leave her alone. But it seems that Millfield is determined to get Simon.

Later Olivia returns to the squad room and Elliot tells her that the suspect they were interrogating wants to speak only to her. When she goes into the inteerrogation room. The guy provokes her saying that she is just looking to get back at someone who wronged her. That's when she loses and starts beating him. Cragen comes in and pulls her out. He berates her for her actions and she retorts and leaves. Elliot tries to talk to her but she doesn't want to talk.

Later Olivia gets a call from Simon who asks her to meet him. She calls Porter who accompanies her. When she meets Simon he is hoping that she will help him but she doubts that he is innocent. When Porter tries to get he runs away and they chase. When he runs into an alley and they follow him, a car comes out and nearly runs it over. And Olivia says it's Simon's car. They go baco to Olivia's and look at some the things Simon gave her, which includes photos of her that their kept. While looking through they find Simon's old address. They arrive hoping to speak to his mom, Sharon but are told by the nurse at the door that she suffers from Alzheimers. She also tells them that Simon did visit her but will most likely not know anything. They go in and speak to her. She recognizes Olivia from the pictures that her husband Joe had of her. She asks what Joe said about her, did he try to contact her. She tells her that he tried to call her but her mother answered and hanged up. When they ask where Simon is, she tells him that he is on Florida on Route 94, Joe left Simon his house there. When they try to talk to her some more her condition surfaces so they leave. Porter says he'll try and find the house, Olivia says to go without she has something to do. Olivia goes to the coroners office and tries to learn about her father. She learns that his name is Hollister and that he died after taking a combination fo drugs and alcohol which was ruled a suicide. She then goes to where he worked, a food distributor. The son of the owner talks to her and tells him that Joe suffered from depression and his father made Joe go see a doctor who medicated. Eventually he met and married Sharon and had Simon. But things changed when he started drinking and when Simon was almost killed because of it Sharon left him and reverted to her maiden name, Marsden and she wouldn't let him see Simon. So it was because he lost Simon that he killed himself. Olivia asks why his father kept him despite his problems. He tells her that most of their biggest clients were because of Joe. When he tells her that among them were Colleges, she asks if one of them was Columbia. Her mother was working in the cafeteria at the time and it was where she was raped. She goes to Huang to talk about it. She tells him that she did research on other rapes committed at the same time and found 2, wherein the victims were also working in cafeterias at colleges at the time and the mo is the same. Olivia wonders what made him stop. Huang tells her that his employer made him see a doctor for his depression which was when the rapes stopped. Olivia tells him rapists don't just stop. Huang tells her that the medication he was prescribed for his depression killed his sex drive and that his depression is what made him rape to begin with. But Huang deduces that there is more. She shows him the photos he kept of her and wonders if her mother was really raped. Huang tells her she has to face what her father was. She then goes to one of the victims who tells her that Joe did rape her.

Olivia is going into her apartment when Milliken shows up. She wants Olivia to tell her what she knows. They go to her office and Olivia tells her about what Simon's mother said. When Millfield's calls her she leaves Olivia alone who sees the file on Donna Leonte, the woman Simon supposedly raped. Olivia takes a photo of the hair found on her that supposedly belongs to Simon. When Millfield returns Olivia pretends to get a phone call and leaves. She calls Halloran to meet her in the lab and shows him the photo of the hair that was supposedly pulled by victim of her attacker. Halloran tells her that the hair in the photo was pulled but rather one that fell on it's own. Which means that it was planted.

Olivia goes back to talk to Millfield but is told she is on breavement leave because her sister whom Millfield claims was also raped by Simon died a few days ago of a drug overdose.

Olivia leaves the station and finds Elliot and Porter waiting for her. Elliot tells her Halloran told him about what she asked and deduced where she is. She asks Porter if he found Simon. He tells her that it was red herring. But Olivia believes that Sharon knew what she was talking about. When they mention Route 94 in Florida; Elliot thinks she was mixed up that she probably meant Route 94 to Florida which is a road sign in the Catskills. Olivia realizes that it is near where Simon use to live and Millfield knows it. She also tells them that Millfield framed Simon. Porter tries to find the house. When they get there, they see the car that nearly ran them over when they were chaisng Simon. They approach the house when they hear a shot. Olivia and Porter enter while Elliot goes around. They enter and find Millfield on the floor and Simon holding a gun on her. Olivia tries to talk to him but he doesn't trust her. When the local police and FBI arrive, Olivia calls Elliot on her cell and leaves it open so they can hear them. Olivia tells Millfield she knows she framed Simon. Millfield claims Simon tried to kill her but Simon says it was an accident. She came in with her gun trained on him and he grabbbed it and it went off. Simon still refuses to surrender and when he hears Porter freaks out. He orders Porter to leave and Olivia to come in unarmed. Which she does. When they hear the conversation and Elliot thinks it's getting shaky decides to go in. Olivia asks him why did he try to run her over with his car. Simon says his car is in the shop. The car outside was driven by Millfield. Olivia says it was Millfield who tried to run her over. She was trying to get Olivia to see that Simon's sum. When Elliot goes in Olivia stands between him and Simon. Simon accuses Millfield of trying to ruin his life and Millfield retorts that he ruined her sister's. Simon denies what she is accusing him of. Olivia asks him to describe the night he was with Millfield's sister. Whe he says he just kissed her then she freaked. Olivia says that she was reliving a traumatic experience. She then asks Millfield if her sister ever spoke about being molested. At first she denies it but later admits she did say something once but didn't believe her. Because she was accusing her father who didn't touch her. But Olivia tells her that sometimes that's what happens they pick one. And Millfield continues blames herself for her sister, saying if she only believed her. Olivia says the only one who is at fault is her father. Millfield admits that Simon's shooting her was an accident. Olivia asks her about Donna Leonte saying that Simon raped her. She convinced her to say Simon raped her. Simon then hands the gun to Olivia and go out. Millfield is taken away in an ambulance and they're told she will be okay. Olivia asks the FBI Agent if he will charge Simon and says after the mess Millfield made, he doesn't need the hassle. Porter takes Simon to his office to get his statement. And before leaving Simon apoogizes to Olivia who does the same. And Olivia thanks Elliot for being there.