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Law & Order SVU Season 1 Episode 1: Payback

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    Defense Attorney Jerry Kleinert's probably telling Jury that Stabler arrested Kloster based on Uncorroborated Evidence.

    Since Stabler's neighbors told Stabler that Kloster exposed himself in public at the Park, did Stabler question Kloster at the Park?

    When Stabler approached Kloster at the Park, Kloster didn't expose himself to Stabler, but did Stabler arrest Kloster immediately?

    Is it mandatory for Stabler to question Kloster before the arrest?

    If it's true that Stabler didn't question Kloster before the arrest, then is it legal for Stabler to arrest Kloster based on Uncorroborated Evidence?

    [When Stabler uses "Shortcomings", does that automatically refer to Kloster's dick? How does that injure Kloster's pride?]

    [Did Kloster hire Jerry or was Jerry appointed as Kloster's attorney? Did Kloster use client-attorney privilege with Jerry? Did Kloster lie to Jerry that he never exposed himself in public?]

    When Kloster exposed himself in the courtroom, did Jerry realize that Kloster indeed exposed himself at the park?

    When Munch discovers that Cab Company received a Phone Call about Victor Spicer's work hours, Munch didn't Say if that Call got Traced but did Police check Phone Records to get that Particular Number?

    [(Steven Panacek aka Stefan Tanzic) was Indicted for Alot of Rapes, but since Stefan didn't get Convicted for those Rapes, is it because Stefan escape to (U.S.) while Czechoslovakia Republic Police tried to take Stefan to the Court?]

    [Although Stefan came to (U.S.) to Seek better Employment Opportunities, did Stefan still have no Remorse for those Rapes?]

    [Although Stefan has (Wife, 1 son, & a Future Baby), did Stefan still have no Remorse for those Rapes?]

    Cragen probably said, "Hello Benson, we don't get to pick the victim."

    Is Cragen actually implying, "Although (Stefan the Rapist) got Killed, (Police including Benson & Me) cannot be Happy about Stefan's death?

    If Benson takes Herself off this Case or if Cragen takes Benson off this Case, then does Benson have to Get out of SVU & does Benson have to Lose her Job?

    When Benson tells Mrs. Panachek that Stefan was under Indictment as (War Criminal), Mrs. Panachek says that was just Politics.

    I thought that Serbia's part of Czechoslovakia. Mrs. Panachek told Benson that Stefan was a Czech. Benson tells Mrs. Panachek that Stefan was actually a Serb.

    [Does Mrs. Panachek have an Accent? Was Mrs. Panachek born in (U.S.)? Did Stefan & Mrs. Panachek meet Each Other for their 1st time in (U.S.)? Did Stefan & Mrs. Panachek get Married in (U.S.)? Did Stefan lie to Mrs. Panachek that He was a Czech? Did Stefan ever tell Mrs. Panachek that He was a Serb?]

    [Did Stefan lie to Mrs. Panachek that Issue was about Politics? Did Mrs. Panachek know that Stefan was a Rapist or Is this when Mrs. Panachek realizes that Stefan was a Rapist?]

    [Does Mrs. Panachek ever Find out that her Husbands' real Name was Stefan? Did Mrs. Panachek know that her Husband used (Victor Spicer) as (Fake I.D.)?]

    [After Mrs. Panachek asks Benson & Stabler to leave, Stabler's considering if Mrs. Panachek tells Cragen about this Argument, then Benson will Lose her Job, but does Cragen find out about this Argument?]

    [When Benson & Stabler came to Mrs. Panachek's residence again, how come Stabler didn't tell Benson about Cragen's instructions before Benson verbally harassed Mrs. Panachek? How come Stabler didn't ask Benson to Wait outside of Mrs. Panachek's residence?]

    [Although the (Sikh cab Driver) couldn't Recognize the Faces of the 2 Women who entered Stefan's cab, did Police lie to Marta, Anya, & Marta's lawyer that (Sikh cab Driver) made a Positive (I.D.)? Are Marta & Anya happy for killing Stefan? When they killed Stefan, did They know what They were Doing?]

    During this Episode, when the Old Guy gives his Wife's phone number to Benson for a Possible Date, did that make Anyone laugh?

    [Since Cragen believes that this wasn't Manslaughter, is It because Cragen believes that Marta & Anya might've made that particular phone call to (Cab Company) inorder to Find out about (Stefan's work hours)? Since Cragen believes that this wasn't manslaughter, Cragen says that Evidence was stronger than manslaughter but how's that possible & what's the extra evidence?]

    Did police still check Phone Records to Trace that Call back to the Person, who Asked about (Stefan's work hours)?

    Cragen's probably saying, "I read Autopsy Report.

    [Do you believe that those 2 women carry 5 & 7 inch knives every Day?" What point's Cragen trying to make here? When police spoke to Rodgers for 1st time, nobody talked about 5 & 7 inch Knives.]

    [Since Marta will Walk & Anya wasn't Punished, why is Cragen pissed? Anya killed Herself, so how much More does Cragen want Anya to Suffer? Isn't Cragen supposed to feel Atleast Half-Sad for Anya & Marta?]

    Benson probably says, "I think that We did the 1 Thing that Will allow Me to Sleep."

    [Is Cragen happy or Mad at Benson's Quote? Does Cragen feel Sad for what Benson had to Go through on this Case?]

    Is Benson saying, "I'm sad for Anya's suicide, but I'm glad that Marta got a Light Sentence."

    Cragen's probably saying, "Benson used her only (Get Out Of Jail Free Card). There's only 1 in the Pack."

    Is Cragen saying, "1st, I thought about taking You out of SVU. I changed my Mind, so I allowed You to Use your only (Get Out Of Free Jail Card)."

    Since Stefan got Killed, I was (Half-Happy), but It was Terrible for what Stefan's family had to Go through.

    Is anyone also (Half-Happy) about Stefan's death, but do You also Believe that It was Terrible for what Stefan's family Had to Go through?
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