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"Learning Curve" Official Discussion (Spoilers)

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    Please use this thread for all discussion of the episode "Learning Curve."
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    * Fin's not prickly...just don't mess with him...

    * in need of more creative gang names...

    * she's taking too many nervous sips from the cup...

    * nice symbolic half-shot of the boy's mother there

    * i knew Buster from AD was incapable of doing it.

    * nowadays, hot for teacher isn't an innocent crush anymore.

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    This episode had everything, vigilante justice from an oldschool father,"Bad Guy" dies at the hands of victim,twist upon twist,good amount of interpersonal stuff with Finn, all in all good stuff

    Munch caught me of guard here with regards to how he handled Rollins' and Finn's actions during the arrest of the pregnant woman,Finn wasn't cleared to work on the case, they weren't invited in and had no probable cause to enter,the gun was in a room behind a closed door so finding it was the results of an illegal search, and he doesn't call them on it but instead says they should get their stories straight, he's always struck me as having higher standards than that

    I've been hard on Amaro, I'm the first to admit that(and everything else about me), however he stood tall for me here,whenever something wasn't quite right,having a healthy respect for the steaks of the game they play he didn't just let it go but instead called them on their sh*t right there on the spot, I thoroughly respect how he conducted himself on this case

    At this point one has to wonder does Olivia see pedophiles everywhere she looks

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    This episode would have been a lot better had they not abandoned the origional plot of Ken's fiance being gay bashed to the teenager being seduced by the teacher. Perhaps if they intertwined the two plots like they did with "child welfare" it would have been a better episode.

    I wonder if we will get to see the wedding. It was good to see Fin support his son.

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    I also thought that the episode didn't come together very well. The two stories didn't really connect. The episode started like it was going to be about Fin and his son and then that story seemed to be mostly pushed to the side as they got into the one about the student and his teachers. I agree that "Child's Welfare" with its two stories was a better constructed episode. Maybe in part because both stories closely involved Olivia and showed her conflict between her personal and professional situations. They seemed to be trying to do that here with Fin but it didn't come off quite right. Then they threw in that hostage situation at the end which felt melodramatic.

    I thought it was interesting that Fin's son would confide in Munch first about his upcoming marriage before telling his father. The two have a strained relationship but John Munch is definitely someone who can listen in that situation. And we definitely saw feelings of partner concern that Amanda had for Fin when they were talking about his son and his sexuality.

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