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SVU Forum Rules & Submission Guidelines - PLEASE READ - Updated 11/2008

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    Welcome to the Law & Order: SVU forum on This is a place for positive attitudes and all fans of the show. Please review the following rules designed to keep things running smoothly for everyone:

    Forum Rules

    1. This is a discussion board for the Law & Order: SVU television show. Polls, surveys, lists, etc., do not constitute discussion. Any threads consisting solely of these will be deleted.

    2. There are ample pinned threads that cover many topics of interest. Please review at least the first page of the board before beginning a new topic.

    A. Use the pinned "shipper" thread if you have a compelling need for a "ship" to be discussed, please do not start a new thread. 'Shipping should only occur in this thread unless there is an episode that warrants discussion in the official episode discussion thread, or, prior to broadcast, in the spoiler thread.

    B. All questions belong in the pinned Official Q&A thread.

    C. A new pinned thread has been created for general announcements to reduce the clutter. All announcements belong in this thread, including new interviews, web page updates, ratings (without violating copyright), marathons, absence of an episode, etc. Please make sure that you do not make a copy/paste from a site. Link to the site in your post and/or paraphrase in your own words the content. Major announcements such as cast turnover or series cancellation deserve their own threads, but please clear this with the editor before doing so.

    PLEASE NOTE: Any duplicate threads will be locked or deleted.

    3. The best way to assure discussion is to explain why you think what you think. As an example, posting "What was your favorite episode?" does not start a discussion. "What was your favorite episode and why?" does start a discussion.

    4. There are blogs and signature lines for your personal agenda - including fan fiction (all discussion on this genre will be removed) and fansites - please use those. This also includes advertising or promotional activities. If you have forum or submission questions, please send a PM to the editor and do not post them in the forum.

    5. The forums are discussion boards. Responses with just an emoticon or replying with "Yeah" and "I agree" and "lol" and "he is hott!" are not productive, do not involve discussions, and are often considered disruptive and are subject to moderation.

    A. Please note that text message lingo, ALL CAPS, AlTeRnAtE cApS, no spaces, no or excessive punctuation, 1337 speak, etc. are not acceptable in this forum. They fall under the "disruptive posting" definition here at Aside from honest and hopefully rare spelling errors, your post should be easy to read and understand. No one should have to go to a translator site to decipher an entire post's meaning so discussion of the topic can continue.

    6. Actor Discussions has guides for each of the actors on the show that include forums. Any posts that have no connection to the show but only to the actors should be made on the actor's individual forums rather than on the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit forum which is designed more for discussion of the show itself. Clicking on the actor's name below will take you to their forum page so that information pertaining to the actor rather than the show can be discussed there.

    Christopher Meloni (Det. Elliot Stabler)
    Mariska Hargitay (Det. Olivia Benson)
    Richard Belzer (Det. John Munch)
    Ice-T (Det. Odafin Tutuola)
    Michaela McManus (A.D.A. Kim Graylek)
    B.D. Wong (Dr. George Huang)
    Tamara Tunie (M.E. Melinda Warner)

    Dann Florek (Capt. Donald Cragen)
    Stephanie March (A.D.A Alexandra Cabot)
    Diane Neal (A.D.A. Casey Novak)
    Adam Beach (Det. Chester Lake)
    Michelle Hurd (Det. Monique Jeffries)
    Connie Nielsen (Det. Dani Beck)

    7. The terms of service (TOS) regarding bumping old threads, flaming, trolling, flooding, etc., also apply in this forum. If you believe someone has violated these rules, please use the drop-down menu at the bottom on the message and report it. Do not argue or challenge anyone by saying "I'm reporting you." This action could get result in your own moderation.

    8. Avoid excessive quoting of previous posts. Nesting multiple quotes of others, then adding your own response, can be distracting and disruptive. People can read the threads directly above you. Quoting is only necessary when the post to which you are replying is not directly above your own or you wish to address only part of another post. If it's important to include more than one quote, snipping to the relevant parts reduces the nested box sizes and improves readability.

    9. Off-topic threads will be deleted.

    10. Posting links that advertise other message boards is not allowed unless there is a compelling reason why the link should be posted (please ask the editor for more guidance on this item). All posts containing links to sites, such as, that contain illegally uploaded copyrighted information are not allowed. All posts containing these links will be deleted. Posting screencaps, overly large photos, or other copyrighted material is not allowed and will be deleted.

    11. During the regular season, the guide editor will start all official episode discussion threads before the airdate. Please post relevant comments in those threads. Any duplicate threads started to discuss a new episode will be deleted.

    12. Some helpful links:

    CBS Interactive's Copyright Notice Community Terms of Service
    CNET's Terms of Service

    Submission Guidelines

    PLEASE NOTE: html tags ('b' and 'i') are no longer recognized by the system here. You must use xhtml tags ('strong' and 'em') for all guide submissions to comply with the formatting guidelines here. PM the editor if you have further questions.

    1. Allusions:
    An allusion is an indirect or passing reference to an existing form of media, be it to another TV program, a movie, a piece of music, or a book. When submitting allusions, please add the name of the original medium (TV show, movie, book).

    Lauren Cooper: Those who fight monsters should make damn sure they don't become one.

    This quotation, originally from Friedrich Nietzsche ("He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee." —Beyond Good and Evil: Prelude to a Future Philosophy, Part 4 Aphorisms and Interludes), is often used in police academy training classes, and was likely learned there by the characters.


    Parts of this episode appear to be ripped from the headlines of the Nathan Leopold Jr. and Richard Loeb case.

    Because the Law & Order franchise is complex, and also includes Homicide: Life on the Street, inter-show and inter-episode references that are not explained in the episode will be accepted as allusions.

    Word definitions are not allusions, so please do not provide a definition of a word a character uses, regardless of how obscure it is.

    2. Trivia:
    Trivia is any small detail or goof that might not be known to people who view an episode. Trivia is attached at the episode level, and not the show level. Trivia should be specific to what aired in the episode and not deal with off-camera events, which should be submitted to Notes. A car license-plate number is trivia, but a producer walking off the set is a note.

    Goof: There is an error in the dates between this episode and "Blinded," which originally aired the previous week. According to the information given on the black screens in "Fight," the episode occurred between 17 and 30 October, and on at least one day, Elliot was at work and helping Det. Lake review video. However, according to the information given in "Blinded," Elliot was blinded on 10 October. Olivia tells Casey the police surgeon said he can't leave his house until his vision comes back, and his vision is still blurry when he testifies against Picard on 8 November.

    Trivia can be "cross-platform" if the show is part of a franchise. Thus, Stargate SG1 trivia that ties into Stargate: Atlantis is acceptable. Trivia across the various Star Trek series is acceptable.

    Information that discusses actors, writers, background music choices, or directing techniques should be submitted as a note.

    Trivia should be significant, or at least of some interest. The editor reserves the right to refuse any information that is not relevant to the guide.

    Do not submit "first appearance of" material unless it is of significance. Any episode of any series features a first or last or hundredth of something, which would result in dozens of such entries per episode. Internal continuity in general is expected; however, if the continuity is obscure and trivial, it may be accepted.

    3. Notes:
    Notes are off-camera tidbits about an episode. They should contain off-camera events that deal with a show's production. They should not deal with on-camera events or trivia.

    If information does not qualify as Trivia as described above, then it is probably production-related and would be considered a note. Plot points are not notes, and must be included in the recap. If there is no a recap, feel free to write one. Do not submit "best known as" notes for guest stars. Do not submit "similar to something on another show."

    If you are submitting music, please check previous submissions and use the same formatting.

    International airdates will be accepted with a valid official source and translation if it is a non-English site.

    Quotes must follow guidelines.

    Janelle Odami: (to Fin from the cage) Hey, Uncle Tom, what's it like in the house?
    Fin Tutuola: At least I ain't sellin' it! (to Chester Lake) Damn, white, black, I'm gettin' it from all sides today.
    Chester Lake: Hey, man, her pimp called me a Mexican.
    Fin Tutuola: Is that good or bad?

    Continuing the previous editor's preference, to maintain continuity, all character names must include fore- and surnames where they are known. Blocks of dialogue that would be considered a transcript from a scene will not be approved. Any quote that is not humorous or interesting, or does not add relevant information to the guide, will be rejected.

    4. Episode Summary:
    Please do not copy and paste summaries from another website, which is plagiarism. A summary is not a recap of an episode and must not contain any spoilers. Please check spelling and grammar before submitting summaries. Pre-broadcast, a verifiable source for a summary submission must be included.

    5. Episode Recap:
    An episode recap should be as objective as possible, and must not have any grammar and spelling errors.

    6. Nielsen Ratings:
    Nielsen ratings are copyrighted information and will not be accepted.

    7. User Comments:
    There is a mandatory section called Enter Comments for This Submission. Explain the reason why your submission should be accepted in this section.

    8. Sources:
    When submitting information such as guest stars, episodes summaries, and any other submissions that may require verification, sources must be cited in the user comments section. Unsubstantiated submissions will be rejected.

    Wikipedia,, and are not acceptable sources. Please use information from official websites or actual broadcasts, which includes DVDs.

    9. More Useful Links:'s Guidelines Center
    Submission Tips - Column #2 - Sourcing Your Material
    Submission Tips - Column #3 - Know Your Capitals!
    Submission Tips - Column #5 - Soundalikes And You!
    Submission Tips - Column #6 - Periods and Commas and Colons, Oh My!
    Submission Tips - Column #7 - Apostrophes, Hyphens and Quotation Marks, Oh My!
    Submission Tips - Column #8 - Numbers and You
    Submission Tips Column #13 - How to Submit an Episode
    Submission Tips Column #14 - Episode Notes, Trivia, and Allusions
    Submission Tips Column #15 - Episode Quotes
    Submission Tip Column #17 - Adding Cast and Crew

    (Thanks to phf3947 for allowing my blatant plagiarism.)
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