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SVU Season 15 Episode 13: Betrayal's Climax

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    BX9 Gang Members sent Manny to steal a load of Oxy. A truck driver told the pharmacist that Manny wanted Oxy. Instead, the pharmacist gave a load of Aspirin to Manny.

    1. How and why did the pharmacist give a load of Aspirin to Manny?

    2. Since the pharmacist did not give a load of Oxy to Manny, is it because the pharmacist was not afraid of Manny's gun?

    3. Since BX9 Gang is mad at Manny for stealing Aspirin instead of Oxy, did BX9 Gang want Manny to shoot the pharmacist?

    4. Why didn't Manny shoot the pharmacist in the leg?

    5. Did Carlos O.G Hernandez hire a lawyer or was Carlos assigned a lawyer by the court?

    6. Did Carlos even use Client-Attorney Privilege with his lawyer at all during this episode?

    I know that Carlos did not tell his lawyer that he made a phone call to Marisol.

    7. Since Fin and Rollins lied to Marisol that Carlos was proven guilty, is it because they were hoping for Marisol to ask the police to put Carlos on the phone?

    8. Since Marisol didn't talk to Carlos during the evening, is it because Carlos was asleep?

    9. How did Carlos get Marisol's message during the morning?

    10. During the morning, when Carlos woke up, did a prison guard tell Carlos that Marisol left a message and is that when Carlos asked for a phone to call Marisol?

    Since Carlos called Marisol during the morning, Carlos said that his gang stopped Manny from talking to the jury. This phone call got recorded by the police.

    11. When Barba and Benson played the phone call to Carlos's lawyer, did Carlos actually accept a plea bargain?

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