Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 6 Episode 16


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 22, 2005 on NBC

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  • Superb episode

    Nice that threads of old stories come through and bite back.

    Nice that American TV finally started to recognise terrorists - whatever their origin - for what they are, and acknowledge that the USA was fundraising for the cold-blooded cowardly murder of UK citizens.

    Nice touch that ADA Cabot was sent to Wisconsin in the witness protection scheme. I think I'd rather be sent to Sing Sing :-)

  • dnhj

    ALEX IS BACK! not that i don;'t like casey because i think i like casey better but it was always amazingly amazing to see alx back. i missed her so much.i thought it was funny to watvch hr and casey interact i thought it was good for both of them. that little boy was so saddening. i thought he wasn't going to testify and that was upsetting because the case depended on him. i'm glad it all worked out in the end but i wish alex didn't have to leave again. maybe one day she will make another guest appearance !
  • The return of former ADA Alex Cabot! Even if it is for this episode only...

    This episode started out with what I pretty much expected: murder. What I didn't expect was that the assailants were specifically targeting people who were involved in drug trafficking in/from Columbia. When Benson and Stabler find a couple dead in their apartment, they search for anyone else and find a little boy who managed to survive the attack. The only thing he really knew about the killer was that he was almost like a ghost (el fantasma) when he came in and killed his parents. The killer's gun ends up matching another person's murder who had never been solved...A certain former ADA Alex Cabot. As always it was great seeing her again, especially when she was attempting to help ADA Casey Novak with the case. Interesting to see them both in the same episode. The would be killer of ADA Cabot is identified and both she and Carlos (the little boy who survived the double homicide) testify against the man. Just when everyone is about to celebrate and surprise Alex, however, they are informed that both Alex and Carlos have been moved to witness protection (which is where Alex was before, but now she has to be moved yet again). It was a sad ending, mainly because even the viewers didn't get to say goodbye to her again but at the same time it really was a great episode and very well crafted.
  • ADA Alex Cabot returns to testify against her would-be killer and help ADA Novak win her case against a man who murdered 4 people and tried to kill a little boy in the name of money.

    This episode was stunning. The case line in the orginal context made the episode worth watching, but when the bullet is matched to Alex Cabot's attempted murder, it truly becomes worth the hour and every minute is riveting. A special moment occurs in the court room when Petrovsky mentions that she considered Alex Cabot a friend following the defense attorney's comments and then here comes Alex, in full swing with her long blond hair flowing, her glasses in place, her attitude intact, and a smile of satisfaction on her face. The gasps that fill the court room matched the ones on the other side of the viewing screen and suddenly you know what SVU is all about. Following the story steadily through its duration, the end is a bit disappointing as you find that because Cesar Velez is still alive and Liam Conners only in jail, Alex Cabot must return to witness protection. It is unfortunate that she was unable to say goodbye herself, and a bit disappointing that she will not be back again.
    But the story is fulfilling, and the long anticipated truth and questioning rumors of Alex Cabot's existence are finally addressed.Her return was long anticipated, and while not performed in expected fashion, with the parties and the happiness, the viewer is left with satisfaction that although Alex Cabot has not lived truly happily, the steps have been taken to return her to her rightful place in New York and the SVU squad. The questions remain however of when she will return permanently, where she will go, and if she decides to return to SVU, what will happen to Novak?
  • Law and Order Special Victims Unit!

    A little boy named Antonio is caught in the cross fire of a shotting, and saw the attacker, who he called the Ghost. After testing the bullets that came from the scene of the shooting, Benson and Stabler find that they are a match to another shooting. The attempted murder of ADA Alex Cabot. They are able to indentify the person behind the shootings, but are forced to drop the charges because the people failed to meet their deadline. Casey Novak then brings the attempted murder charges of Alex Cabot up against the suspect, and Alex is forced to come back to New York to finally put the Ghost behind her.

    This is a great epsiode. It was nice to finally see Alex Cabot again. She is one of my favorite characters, and I was sad to see her go in Season 5. It was very entertaining to see the old ADA and the new ADA working alongside each other.
  • A great ADA returns to testify against the very man who tried to kill her.

    This episode has to be one of the best Law and Order SVU episodes ever. It started off very interesting with a wealthy couple being murdered and eventually leads the detectives back to an old friend. The ever beautiful and intelligent Alex Cabot returns home to testify the man who tried to kill her. This time Alex on the other side of the court room as a victim insted of a proscuter. Its a different taste to Alex but in the end her intelligence and wits not only send a killer to jail but can hopefully give her some closure, but not before shes rushed off into the witness protection program once again.
  • Alex Cabot returns...and I'm not too sure how I feel about that.

    Ok, it was great having ADA Alex Cabot return to face her would-be killer and have a brief reunion with her detectives. But it really sucks that she just disappears into thin air (or the now cancelled 'Conviction', same thing) and that's the end of that. Not very tidy.

    But this is an automatic classic just because an old, favorite character comes back.

    The cute kid who plays Oscar is a little too cute at times with his ruddy cheeks and constantly furrowed brow. From what womb do these kid actors come?

    And having Alex Cabot and Casey Novak in the same room...just a reminder that, though she's already been around for a year, Novak will never be up to par.
  • This episode focuses on the return of Alex Cabot and it is definitely a great episode!!!!

    I watched this episode the other night and I really liked it. I am so happy to know that Alex is doing okay. It was really weird seeing Alex and Casey sitting together and talking but I loved it. I think that this is one of the best episodes of Law and Order SVU however the end of the episode was not very good because I wanted to see a little more of Alex. But it was a great episode!!!!!
  • Alex Cabot returns but only briefly

    In the end, I can understand why Alex
    Had to go into the WPP again
    For fears that she would get shot again
    But in the end you have to understand
    That she couldn't put her family and friends
    At risk again
    Glad that Agent Hammond was a little more nicer
    About what happened when Alex went into the WPP
    Didn't like him in the first place
    But then he was only trying to help
  • A riveting and touching follow up to the "Loss" epsisode. A series of murders take place and the attempted murder of a little boy. The case takes a twist when a bullet recovered from the scenes matches what is believed to be the unsolved homicide of ADA A

    "Ghost" was the perfect follow up to "Loss". There was so much raw emotion in this episode. Olivia and Elliot put their jobs and pensions on the line by perjuring themselves trying to protect Alex's secret. She returned the favor by showing up, as dangerous as it was for her to do so to testify. She lost her job, her friends, her identity and most importantly her mother - whose funeral she couldn't attend. The one thing she wasn't going to let her shootist take from her was her conscience. She put on the line the same thing that she asked her witnesses to do for years. We see Alex, if only for just another episode, bring to the courtroom the passion that no one else seems to deliver quite like her. Even as a witness, she owns the floor. The little boy, Antonio the only eyewitness to any of the shootings, was instrumental in making the case against the "Ghost" that killed his parents and attempted to kill him too. He was awesome. Guilty verdicts on The muredr charges and attempted murder charge. Celebration time - except Alex and Antonio have to be put into Witness Protection with new identities. We all feel the sadness.
  • This was one of the best episodes of any of the law and order series shows. This episode was just amazing with the return of the former assistant district attorney. such drama, such greatness, this really was a must watch episode.

    This was one of the best episodes of any of the law and order series shows. This episode was just amazing with the return of the former assistant district attorney. such drama, such greatness, this really was a must watch episode.

    With a string of murders and an eye witness who is this little kid, it leads back to the murder of the assistant district attorney who was killed a few years earlier. She comes back from the witness protection program to testify. Truly an amazing episode, by far the best one I have seen on this series and any of the other Law and Orders.
  • Very interesting and a great resolution for Alex, but a has a little discontinuity. There should have been more. Much, much more.

    If I remember Loss correctly, when Alexandra Cabot was trying the man for killing the undercover, the name of the man was Rafael Zapata Gaviria. Yet, in this episode, they say that Velez put the hit out on Alex and the Montoyas. I thought the reason Zapata went after Alex was because of what she said about him and his performance in the bedroom? But now the name has changed to Velez and he's back in Colombia.

    This gave finality to Antonio, and some finality to Alex, but did not tie up all the loose ends of Loss. In fact, Zapata isn't even mentioned in the story, when if the assassin was hired by Zapata, they should have ended it by giving true finality to it all...convicting Zapata.

    This episode has heartwarming and sad as it was, lacked a little bit of continuity, yet still held out well. I would buy it off iTunes once it comes out.
  • The return of ADA Alexandra Cabot...FINALLY!!!

    As soon as "Loss" ended, I wanted to know what was going to happen to Alex. Little did I know I was going to have to wait so long. I'm so glad that they brought her back to put her "killer" in jail. The only thing that I didn't like about this episode was the way they introduced her back to the squad. Liv just says "Alex" a little surprised and Elliot says something about her not having to come back. Her quip "I know but who else is going to get you out of trouble." is classic Alex. I guess I was just expecting a little more emotion from Liv and Elliot. But maybe I've been reading too many fanfics and got my hopes up. Haha. Another thing I liked about this episode was getting to stare at Nicholas Gonzalez, who played Sandoval. God, that man is gorgeous. And he was so sweet with Antonio, who had been through hell. Liam Conners creeped me out. I loved it when Alex pissed him off in court and he snapped. It was also nice to see Elliot and Liv with Alex. I think it was hard on them to keep the secret. I was so sad at the end when Alex had to go back into Witness Protection. But this is still a great way to tie up "Loss".
  • The long-awaited return of Alexandra Cabot!

    When a number of people tied to laundering Columbian drug money turn up dead, the detectives realize they have a dangerous case on their hands. However, there is one young survivor - Antonio - and he has seen the "Ghost" who killed his parents. When the bullet is examined, it matches another bullet catalogued in the system as that which killed the unit's former ADA - Alexandra Cabot. Stabler and Benson are forced to perjur themselves in order to keep Cabot's true whereabouts safe. The ADA is alive and in the Federal Witness Protection Program. However, to the astonishment of all who thought her dead, Alex comes out of hiding to save the jobs of her two favorite detectives and to help in the prosecution of the asassin who was hired to kill her - Liam Connors. Conflicts are a bit tense between Cabot and the new ADA - Casey Novak, but the reunion is welcomed between the ADA and her old unit. The testimony of both Antonio and Cabot help put Connors away. However, as Connors is only a hired killer, and the danger is doubled now that everyone knows Cabot is still alive, she is forced to return to the Witness Protection Program as is Antonio. This sweeps episode was anticipated for weeks and well worth the wait. There was a moment at the end where it appeared that Cabot had been killed once again, but viewers were at least left with some hope of future return for one of the series' favorite characters.