Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 6 Episode 16


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 22, 2005 on NBC

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  • ADA Alex Cabot returns to testify against her would-be killer and help ADA Novak win her case against a man who murdered 4 people and tried to kill a little boy in the name of money.

    This episode was stunning. The case line in the orginal context made the episode worth watching, but when the bullet is matched to Alex Cabot's attempted murder, it truly becomes worth the hour and every minute is riveting. A special moment occurs in the court room when Petrovsky mentions that she considered Alex Cabot a friend following the defense attorney's comments and then here comes Alex, in full swing with her long blond hair flowing, her glasses in place, her attitude intact, and a smile of satisfaction on her face. The gasps that fill the court room matched the ones on the other side of the viewing screen and suddenly you know what SVU is all about. Following the story steadily through its duration, the end is a bit disappointing as you find that because Cesar Velez is still alive and Liam Conners only in jail, Alex Cabot must return to witness protection. It is unfortunate that she was unable to say goodbye herself, and a bit disappointing that she will not be back again.
    But the story is fulfilling, and the long anticipated truth and questioning rumors of Alex Cabot's existence are finally addressed.Her return was long anticipated, and while not performed in expected fashion, with the parties and the happiness, the viewer is left with satisfaction that although Alex Cabot has not lived truly happily, the steps have been taken to return her to her rightful place in New York and the SVU squad. The questions remain however of when she will return permanently, where she will go, and if she decides to return to SVU, what will happen to Novak?