Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 11 Episode 4


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 2009 on NBC

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  • SVU is flatlined... Is it too late for CPR?

    I have been watching SVU since season 4, I bought the rest on DVD. I am THAT CLOSE to stop this habit. that close.
    What has happened to this "once upon a time it used to be great" show?

    It began at season 7.
    First I thought it was bad writing to cover Mariska's pregnancy absence.
    Then I had this feeling that Chris and Mariska went way too vain and wanted the scripts to be ALL about them.
    After that it went to a phase of having guest stars with just great performances over AWFULL scripts.
    Nowdays I feel like the stories are addressed to... 10years old kids.
    What all this have in common? BAD writing.
    Do the producers aim to another audience with low IQ? Cause they sure act this way.

    Take for example this story which is about alcoholism. We pretty much have a guy who is so wasted he doesnt even remember if he killed a woman found brutally murdered in his place. A fact that by itself is enough to make a point. But no, for the SVU creators we are apparently 6yo in mental age and we don't get it. So lets make the ADA alcoholic as well and get her drunk to the court room to prove HOW bad alcoholism is.
    I FELT BAD for the actress. It was embarrassing to watch Lachti trying to support SUCH a weak story. Actually it has been embarrassing to watch her trying to support such a weak and exaggerating role from the beginning of her SVU days.
    I am not from USA but I wonder if its allowed for ADAs over there to be SO hysterical and emotional driven in expense of their own cases. Her character was closer to a soapopera villain than to a primetime quality drama.

    I will watch 2-3 more episodes. If this mess keeps going I am DONE with it. IT was a nice ride for 7 seasons but having my intelligence get insulted for 4 years now overcomes the limits of my tv-masochism. I'm afraid my loyalty to this show is history.