Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 11 Episode 5


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 21, 2009 on NBC

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  • Hard to watch with emotive issues

    I felt sick listening to the defendants arguments, especially as he claimed that the rights he was fighting for compared to those that same-sex couples and multi-racial couples had to fight for. It doesn't compare AT ALL. A homosexual man doesn't stop loving his partner when they hit a certain age, a black woman doesn't get turned off by a white man that she has loved for years simply because his body goes through changes associated with age. It was a great issue they explored and made me quite angry sitting here in my lounge room. It did seem to wrap up quite quickly, but I feel like the issues and the arguments will stay with me for a long time. And that's what I LOVE about this show. It makes me think and consider and sometimes questions our current morals and ethics that are being protected by the law ans when some should perhaps be changed.

    In this case, I firmly believe the law is STILL very correct.
  • The show is missing the point.

    The show lost the balance between police investigation and Court trial, investigation looking like the most relevant thing.

    In addition, in this show the writers have gone so far with the defendants point of view that were almost unable to construct a good prosecution argument. As a consequence, they had to jump to the "found guilty" decision in a click.

    I hope that the next episodes can recover the balance so that the "due process of investigation" and "due process of law" can somehow match, otherwise the show will loose its ability to present cases in a reasonable credible way to turn into the traditional shows in which "last minute" discover and/or facts impossible to be known by the audience are the key to the solution.

  • A very special episode.

    There shouldn't be a "very special episode" of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit given its title and premise, but this was a unique installment of the long-running drama. The storyline was powerful and outside of the uber-annoying Rosie Perez, well acted from all fronts. The episode was believable and engaging and saw the lines crossed from both the good guys and the bad guys.

    If you are looking for a great episode of SVU your search ends here as this was one of the best this year. And no wonder this was a good performer in the Nielsen ratings as well.
  • A young boy is abused by his stepfather for years. The detention of the boy's stepfather leads to the capture of the leader of a pedophilia rights organization.

    This was a well balanced and well acted episode. The pace was right and the conclusion was satisfying. Definitely one of the best episodes this season. I liked the guest appearance by Rosie Perez. And the guy from The 4400 was also great. The thing that was a little odd was the way they brought Cabot back. We already knew she would return but her saying that she was finally out of appeals? I did like her comments on the botched up setup of the leader of the pedophilia rights group. It funny to see how Stabler and Benson thought it was a success while Cabot totally blew that out of the water. Hardwired was a good episode. I hope they can keep it up.
  • Watch it

    Quite frankly, one of the best episodes of any tv program I have ever seen. The role of the mother far eclipsed any other role in any other show in the history of tv. In addition, this ep has a very powerful message and serves to help other mothers in similar situations by providing them with info on how to handle their situations - no matter how horrible they may be.

    I watch a fair amount of tv and nothing could possible be as memorable as this ep. I more than highly recommend it and you won't regret watching it. Bye.