Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 6 Episode 10


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 07, 2004 on NBC

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  • This episode allowed the viewer to learn a bit more than had previously been revealed about Fin's past.

    In my opinion, the casting of Ice-T as Det. Fin Tutuola was an inspired choice. In this episode we got a chance to see a little of his past as an undercover narcotics cop.
    I liked how Fin's passion in his current assignment drove him to pursue this case even though he was still on leave from his recent shooting. He was not afraid to use an old contact from his narco days to help close this one.
    The other revelation was in the introduction of viewers to his son. Previous shows had included allusions to his existence, but this episode gave us a flesh and blood exposure; as well as some insight into Fin's sadness into how things have turned out.
    Another nice bit of acting, but not overacting, on the part of Ice-T: occasional winces coupled with protective body language. Unlike so many gunshot characters, he was actually suffering the effects of being wounded!
  • A closer look into Fin's personal life.

    While Fin and Olivia are on a stakeout, Fin goes into a convenience store when two men come in, intending to rob the store. From the street, Olivia can hear shots fired and runs inside only to see the two guys who were going to rob the store dead and Fin -- who was also shot, hovering over a little boy whose life he saved. Thankfully Fin is going to be all right and ends up being reunited with his now teenage son, Ken. The plot thickens when a woman comes forward and recognizes Fin from when he worked in Narcotics. He promised that he would find her daughter, but never did. He must now finish what he started several years ago.

    This was a great episode. I love that we get to meet Ken, Fin's estranged son. The fact that Fin feels that he needs to finish what he started by finding the girl who he was looking for several years ago was commendable. Though it was very bittersweet since she turns out to have died; yet she has a baby and when Fin reunites the baby with her grandmother, the look on Fin's face was a mix between him being glad that the girl was found and sadness, that he had found her too late. All in all a great and well written episode.
  • Amazing Fin Episode!

    Amazing Fin episode! And Holy Meloni he smiled at the end (and laughed)! It was a brilliant episode, with just the right mix of action and emotion to keep you tuned in. It was pretty interesting, nice plot twists, ect., and, it wasn't a sex crime, a nice change. This episode definitly deserved a 10, because we got to see more of Fin (his emotions:) and what makes him tick. I kinda felt bad for him because of the obvious tensions and unresolved issues with his son in the begining. I mean, his father got shot! Bottom line, Fin saves a kid, but gets shot, shoots the people who shot him (and never ended up getting him and olivia's coffee), is confronted by a mother who remembers Fin when he was undercover in Narcotics, slaps a guy named Fat Tony and him and a guy named Mike (a rookie from Narcotics) find a woman's dead body to give the mother closure, finds the mother's grandson (more closure!), shuts down a meth lab, save a couple more kids, a SMILES!!! Fin: Whose the best uncover in your squad?
    Mike: I'm your guy.
    Fin: No offense, but my grandmother wouldn't sell an aspirin to you.

    ATTTN. SHIPPERS Elliot gave Olivia a half-hug thingy in the beggining when Fin was rushed into the ER...
  • One of my favorite episodes from SVU!

    This happens to be one of my favorite law and order svu episodes right up there with the episode where cabbot comes out of witness protection. we get to learn all about one of the most vague characters on the show, his family, what he did before he came to svu, and we get to see a very different side to everyone's favorite cop. this is one of the few 'all about fin' episodes, and im very glad that this one turned out so well. this show has many episodes that focus on the rest of the characters, olivia, elliot, munch, kragen, so it's a very nice change to have them focus on the fourth main cop.
  • Law and Order Special Victims Unit!

    After being shot in a bodega robbery, Detective Tutuola is being regarded as a hero cop in the media. But he feels like a failure when Sandra Knowles accuses him of giving up on her daughter. Turns out that while Fin was in narcotics, Sandra wanted to see her daughter and he was forced to play the role of the bad guy in order to keep his cover. Now Detective Tutuola will do whatever it takes to find her daughter and make it up to Sandra.

    This was a good episode. It was centered around Fin and I love it when they have episodes like that. Normally all you hear about is Benson and Stabler and it is nice to see the other Detectives get some screen time. It was also nice to see him get so emotionally attached to a case. I think that the storyline proved that just because he is a Detective, doesn't mean that he is any less than human. He is allowed to make mistakes just like everyone else.