Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 8 Episode 15


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 20, 2007 on NBC

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  • Bad police ending.

    Laura probably never would've committed suicide if Elliot had never assumed that she killed Kendell. Then that reporter made things worse by accussing her on live TV and telling the world that she did drugs. So in a way had the police never used that typical reasoning "oh no one has even seen the child, the mother or father probably killed the kid" Elliot basically caused Laura to kill herself. I loved how at the end, they have something to nail that bastard Paddy Kendell which means he'll have no choice but to drop the civil suite.
  • "It could stop there.... but it's SVU" best announcer bit ever! Love the twist at the end and throughout.

    I definitely loved the beginning how it started off as a woman being choked but it ended up being for Charades. That was a brilliant teaser. Honestly. It definitely fooled me. And then we find the baby is missing?

    Though I must say what was up with Cragen saying no Olivia, you'll be with your cases and not with Elliot? I don't remember that happening ever before. Though, I must say that seeing Cragen with Stabler was pretty awesome. It was just cool to see more of him and to see him more on the job. I bet they needed to give Oliv some more baby time. I'm sure it's hard raising a baby and filming nonstop. Anyone else notice that Warner and Stabler have seemed really buddy buddy recently? I did appreciate how she was mothering him. It was very sweet to see how much they all care for him

    One of my most favorite moments ever had to be the bag incident. Come on. Stabler jumping in the river and then shirtless? Best 5 min of my life ever :D Although I kind of knew it was going to be drugs. Who throws a baby into the river? In a bag?

    More good moments were with the reporter. I loved when Stabler and Cragen were walking and she was following them and they talked about her as if she wasn't there. I also liked Cragen's comment how "we should have her run our interrogations." And the best part was when Stabler basically insulted her in front of her but to the other reporter saying how her libellous words caused the mother's death.

    Yet another great part was Casey and Elliot in the interrogation room and working the biological father. I love how it was his own stupid fault because he showed the sonogram. I can't believe the gall of some people. Suing cops and lawyers for doing their JOBS. He DID kidnap the baby, I mean honestly. You are guilty and they know it. What I didn't like was how Stabler told the reporter that they found the sonogram in the trash. That was bad news. But he did feel bad and go to her home to apologize. I felt sorry for the poor mother. I mean she was innocent and there was just a huge sort of coincidences that made them think she killed her baby. On accident or not.

    And of course, the end of the episode is a teaser for next episode! YAY it's going to be an Olivia heavy episode. Very glad about that :)
  • Baby is kidnapped, baby is found, stabler and novak take baby from home of abusive biological father, kendell, they get sued by grandmother of kendell, olivia uses her dna to test for any family and finds she now has a brother!

    Absolutely amazing episode, although it did drag on in the middle of the episode,the whole plot of the story was good and the underlying message was very 'moving'; it is always good to see what the writers will come up with next. during the scene with reporter, i was actually wondering if that was the lady that also starred in grey's anatomy. i'm guessing that she was and that she did a wonderful job at portraying the overzealous nosy reporter. and finally, i was still pleased with how they delivered the news about liv's sibling and carefully tied in elliot to it as well! i can't wait for the next episode! yay for e/o=)
  • This one telegraphed it's punches all the way. I felt like I was watching something from the fangirls on being televised

    Where on earth were Munch and Fin? At one point when Morales was protesting the use of the DNA dragnet all I could think was my God they've given him Munch's lines. And the mother kills baby and hides it has been done to death so we all knew that wasn't it didn't we? Also saw the shirtless scene coming for a mile. I hate to be manipulated and even more I don't like it when I tune in to watch law & Order Special Victims Unit and I get the Stabler show or the Benson show. How about some ensemble work. ANd how about we go back to what the show is suppose to be about, this season has been about everything but Special Victims.
  • Seven words: Cheap, lazy, pointless, pathetic, stupid, ridiculous and awful. Absolutely the worst SVU episode I had ever seen.

    This has got to be the worst episode of SVU in the entire series. Huge plotholes, lame script, bad acting, lazy writing by a bunch of idiots. The storyline was an absolute joke. I really dislike the jerk who punch the ex-husband in the face, and I really didn't like the part where the young mother committed suicide at all. That was absolutely sad. And where the heck was Munch, Fin and Huang? That is absolute crap!!! This is not SVU: this just some kind of soap opera where young women get dumped and kill themselves. I do not wanna see this episode ever again.
    Last week's episode and Loophole were much better than this piece of dogtrash.
  • Elliot leads the investigation of a kidnapped baby.

    Everytime I watch a good SVU episode, nothing and no one can deter my attention from the screen. This time, however, I can't help but get distracted. Heck, I wanted to get distracted.

    I guess the only way to say it is to say it - it was boring. It actually started off pretty good, with Elliot chasing down a suspect, jumping into the river despite the dangerous currents, and exposing his bare chest (I noticed we've been getting a lot of that lately), but as the story progressed I slowly lost interest. When they found the baby and questioned the biological father, I had an idea of what really happened and almost stopped watching. Good thing Elliot and Casey got served and I glued my eyes back to the screen.

    I really like the Elliot/Casey tandem. I love how those two work together on a case, especially when they argue about the legality of things. Seeing them both, particularly Casey, as defendants was a treat. It took me back to when Diane Neal played the role of a female rapist back in the third season, and I saw how different she looked back then. Amelia was defiant and somewhat sinister, Casey was humble, serious, and a little scared. This reminds me why I like Diane Neal.

    It's been a while since we saw Liz Donnelly in action. She's one of my favorite judges in SVU, and it's great to see her in court defending Casey and Elliot. ^_^

    Munch and Fin were nowhere to be seen and that just sucks.

    Now that I've had the chance to really think about this episode, it seems to me that "Haystack" was written as some sort of a prologue for Olivia's big storyline. The episode wasn't about the kidnapping or Elliot and Casey getting sued; it's about the procedure Melinda used to track the baby's father, which opened a huge door for Olivia. The writers went through the trouble of paving the way with an entire episode, I just hope we won't get disappointed.
  • A baby is kidnapped...

    I loved this episode! I'm usally uninterested in the whole, "baby stolen" storyline, but this time the writers, producers, actors, etc... kept me on the edge of my seat. Perhaps it was because the characters were extra witty in fierce in this episode. Like the way Elliot and Casey handled it at the end; that was amazing. And how they displayed Elliot's concern for the child when he jumped in the river. That added a little bit of action, and might I say HOTness, as well. Another thing that shocked me was that the characters were still able to show the same chemistry without Det. Benson there. Usually, for me, when Det. Benson or Stabler is missing... the yawning begins.
  • Not my favorite Story Line-- Average.

    I love Law and Order with all my heart but this episode was not my favorite storyline I was not expecting it to be Average, I wish it could have been better but I am never disappointed in any episode. Good but not great. I think the only reason I did not like it was because it was a Tandem episode which ment that Benson and Stabler were hardly together and that makes me sad. I have seen pretty much every episode until this day and I just think that making a tandem episode is not as good for the ratings but it is done best for the actors due to there time crunch in there life. They put so much into their work so I can't complain. I love each and every actor so keep up the good work!
  • Haystack, as in, needle in a. That is what this episode certainly was characterized by, a search for a perp in a haystack.

    Haystack, as in, needle in a. That is what this episode certainly was characterized by, a search for a perp in a large haystack. Charades in this episode went horribly wrong, with a mother discovering that her baby is missing. What is different about this episode, though, is that she immediately fingered somebody for the crime, her ex-husband (predictably). At least he has priors so that the interrogation will be interesting. When we get an interrogation. When the police finally catch up with him, we get a high speed chase. I really liked the scene when Elliot jumped into the river after the bag because he thought the baby was in it. I had a tingly moment. The kid, however, is not in the bag; instead Elliot finds cocaine. (Not as heroic, saving a bag of cocaine, but oh well.)

    Probably complimented by the previews pitting Laura against the world, I was starting to think at this point that Laura was involved in the disappearance of her son. The movie attendant saw a stroller with a plastic cover (not the baby) and the babysitter doesn’t see the baby the entire time he was there, doesn’t it sound odd? Cragen agrees with me about two seconds later, and Elliot is starting to think so too. Cragen: Well, if it isn’t Cindy Marino, the poor man’s Heraldo.

    Have I ever mentioned how much I hate SVU-land journalists? They’re always sleazebags. Journalist dude that tried to get Olivia to play “The Gross Fantasy Game” with him and then stole her case file, and that other journalist dude that almost got Olivia arrested. Marino is no different. When Elliot disclosed that they found Kendall’s sonogram in the garbage among the toys (stupid move, by the way) Marino took an exclusive interview with Laura and ultimately caused her to lose it and commit suicide. Warner: It’s not blood. Strained peaches.
    Elliot: You have a gizmo to test for baby food?

    It’s time for another “The More You Know” session with M.E. Warner, and I’m positive that every viewer shouted “WHAT?” at their television screens by the end of the explanation. Brief recap though: Warner wants to use Kendall’s DNA and run only a few of his genes through the database rather than trying to get a match on all 46 chromosomes. So, there could be tons of matches (since she’d be running things like combinations of brown hair, brown eyes, and right handedness, things that millions of people have in common genetically). Let the perp in the haystack search begin. I do love how Techy Morales argued against this, though. Dude is arguing that this violates people’s civil liberties… and yet just last week he was illegally hacking into a company’s computer system. Roll them eyes, Casey, roll them eyes. Kendall being found at a fire station momentarily takes the heat off the search, but the fact that Patty delivered himself right to their doorstep afterwards is priceless. He drops Kendall off at the fire station after Laura dies because he knows he’ll get parental rights anyway. Either the smartest or the dumbest criminal, ever. It would have taken Elliot and Casey probably weeks to whittle down the seven siblings to just one suspect. Loved Elliot’s attempt to keep Patty and Kendall at the 1-6 (Elliot: Do you have a car seat? Can’t let you leave without one.). Even better was Casey’s removal of Kendall through ACS on totally un-provable charges. (While Garret saw Laura’s bruises and Laura claimed that Patty beat her, there was no way to prove it with Laura dead.)

    Runner: Elliot?
    Elliot: Yeah, can I help you?
    Runner: You’ve been served.
    Elliot: Can you believe this Casey?
    Runner: Casey Novak?
    Casey: Yeah?
    Runner: Cool! You just saved me a trip downtown!
    *Casey purses her lips and makes the coolest face ever as she gets served. I fall out of my chair.*

    So Elliot and Casey are both being sued. For $10 million. On a cop’s and ADA’s salaries, I doubt they can even afford to think about that amount of money. Of course, to the rescue… Judge Elizabeth Donnelly! (The viewer still not knowing how she became a judge in the first place.)

    Donnelly: According to the suit, you conspired with Detective Stabler to deprive Patty of his civil and constitutional rights. Casey: No! *Best answer ever!*
    Donnelly: Pity, this guy sounds like a douche bag.

    I never thought I would get to write that phrase in a review. Ever. *Bows down to Donnelly.*

    Also something I thought I would never see, Elliot and Casey and Donnelly all sitting at the defense’s table. Besides Donnelly kicking some major butt, I was extremely overwhelmed to hear the numbers, as fictional as they may be. Stabler apparently has a 97% closure rate: incredible for his line of work. And Novak, a 71% conviction rate? It’s insane! Forty one percent national conviction rate… somehow I fear that it may be the real number. Imagine, only 41%. I guess they are helped in part, though, by idiots like Patty who flash evidence on the stand. Like the sonogram that was in the trash. I wonder how he got that…Even so, Casey still had to lie to get him to take a deal and give up his custody rights. But hey, she lied in the sake of justice, right? *My turn to roll my eyes.*

    And perhaps the most crucial moment of the episode: Olivia gave Warner a sample to test with the sibling identification process she used with the Kendall’s earlier. And guess what? She has a brother! I literally whooped at this development. Got some angry phone calls from the neighbors, hearing all the racket I made during this episode. But finally! I have a feeling we will know exactly who Olivia’s father is by the end of this plotline, and about time too. They almost spilled it in season two, but I guess the head honcho decided we weren’t ready. Good choice, too. This confrontation will be so much sweeter now, six seasons and a lot of angst later.
  • well I never

    Not quite that all round perfect 10 but definitley not far off. I really enjoyed this episode I just wish Olivia, Munch and Fin were in it more. This was a very Stabler based episode but it was still good. Mike Doyle looked hot during his scenes but then again he always does. The only think that I didn't like about this episode was the writers killing off Laura. I felt so sorry for her and was a little annoyed that Stabler didn't feel angry with himself when Kendell was found alive. In a way Stabler should feel somewhat responsible. Looks like SVU just got a whole lot interesting ... Olivia has a brother ...
  • I really like it

    I really like this eppy. I loved they el jumped in the water to save the "boy". And the shirtless oart wasn't bad either. I love the fact that Judith Light was in it we haven't scene her in the longest and i love the way Olivia asked about the test to fine family members because it made me think of thats how she would find her son. I also love the end. I didn't like that fact that Olivia only appeared 2 times but hey i have to remember that they show is about cops and ADA;s not Olivia and elliot Show Even thought i wish it was.
  • Good, but not too good.

    It was a great episode, with a good twist at the end, but almost too predicatable. I liked the episode but it seemed almost like it was just setting up for the next episode. Olivia's big episode that is. They brought in some kind of DNA analyzer that found close relatives, but I thought that they could already do that, and build cases on it. But the way they talked about it they made it seem like it was something new. Maybe it is something different than waht I am thinking of, but it seems like they had done something like this before. I liked the episode and was rather shocked by the ending. We now know more about Olivia than we have before, it was a very good episode.
  • Kidnapped baby leads to DNA search which leads to a surprise discovery for Olivia

    OK episode which starts with kidnapping but leads to the wonderful world of DNA. Best part: when that pesky TV news woman gets her comeuppance as Eliot gives the exclusive about the baby being alive and the mother not being a murderer (like the pesky one said) to a competitor. DNA tracks down the biological father who also turns out to be the kidnapper in the first place (gotta please mommy, now, give her a grandchld) :). Loser! Stepfather gets the child in the end. Didn't see much of Munch or Finn for the second straight episode and it does not appear that will change next week as Olivia tracks down the brother she never knew she had until her personal DNA search.
  • A mother's child has been kidnapped. All eyes point to her after no one has seen the baby, but after her death the motive is much stronger for an ex whose mother wants her grandson.

    This episode was very well written. A baby boy, Kendall, has been kidnapped and the episode ends quite happily with the baby boy being turned in by one of Laura Kozlowski's exes who is looking to get custody now that Laura has killed herself. This episode was different than most in that new technology was used (which it seems will lead up to the next episode where Olivia uses it to her advantage as well). Though Fin and Munch are again conspicuosly absent and the spotlight is glaring on Elliot, Casey Novak and Melinda Warner manage to steal some of the glory. Overall this episode was better than most, but still could've used some minor improvements.
  • An elliot episode: baby is kidnapped and elliot tries to find him. kidnapping leads to suicide leads to custody battle.

    I thought this episdoe was very good. I thought the good flow from the kidnapping to the custody battle to the abuse. not much olivia but still very good. lots of casey and melinda. The baby was so cute. When the mother killed herself, it was too predictable. That seems to often happen on this show. And its funny, its always one of the detectives that them... hmmmm...That crazy bird-lady grandmother was sooooo scary looking. lol she had the strangest eyebrows ever! I LOVED the look on liv's face when she found out about her brother. and i like how elliot was there when she found out.
  • A mother accused of killing her 13-month old son commits suicide after being badgered by a news reporter on national television.

    This episode rocked!! I loved Stabler in this episode - he has the most gorgeous body I have ever seen. I like the casual look better than the suits.

    Kendall's father was a piece of work - I was glad the way it all turned out at the end.

    I'm looking forward to see Olivia's storyline developed. Yay!!! I love this show!!! :D