Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 8 Episode 15


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 20, 2007 on NBC

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  • "It could stop there.... but it's SVU" best announcer bit ever! Love the twist at the end and throughout.

    I definitely loved the beginning how it started off as a woman being choked but it ended up being for Charades. That was a brilliant teaser. Honestly. It definitely fooled me. And then we find the baby is missing?

    Though I must say what was up with Cragen saying no Olivia, you'll be with your cases and not with Elliot? I don't remember that happening ever before. Though, I must say that seeing Cragen with Stabler was pretty awesome. It was just cool to see more of him and to see him more on the job. I bet they needed to give Oliv some more baby time. I'm sure it's hard raising a baby and filming nonstop. Anyone else notice that Warner and Stabler have seemed really buddy buddy recently? I did appreciate how she was mothering him. It was very sweet to see how much they all care for him

    One of my most favorite moments ever had to be the bag incident. Come on. Stabler jumping in the river and then shirtless? Best 5 min of my life ever :D Although I kind of knew it was going to be drugs. Who throws a baby into the river? In a bag?

    More good moments were with the reporter. I loved when Stabler and Cragen were walking and she was following them and they talked about her as if she wasn't there. I also liked Cragen's comment how "we should have her run our interrogations." And the best part was when Stabler basically insulted her in front of her but to the other reporter saying how her libellous words caused the mother's death.

    Yet another great part was Casey and Elliot in the interrogation room and working the biological father. I love how it was his own stupid fault because he showed the sonogram. I can't believe the gall of some people. Suing cops and lawyers for doing their JOBS. He DID kidnap the baby, I mean honestly. You are guilty and they know it. What I didn't like was how Stabler told the reporter that they found the sonogram in the trash. That was bad news. But he did feel bad and go to her home to apologize. I felt sorry for the poor mother. I mean she was innocent and there was just a huge sort of coincidences that made them think she killed her baby. On accident or not.

    And of course, the end of the episode is a teaser for next episode! YAY it's going to be an Olivia heavy episode. Very glad about that :)