Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 10 Episode 17


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 31, 2009 on NBC

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  • Powerful and moving...

    Excellent, well written episode about the abuse of children in Africa, how they are forced to become soldiers after witnessing the deaths of family members. Very verbally graphic and rightly so (definitely not for the squeamish). This episode brings this very tragic situation to the forefont, especially on how the United States deals with these people which is not always the way we would like to see it happen. Good to see Stephanie March (Alexndra Cabot) back in the saddle, using her legal wit to best of her ability. Cicely Tyson gives a very good performance as the girl's mother. We need more episodes as moving and powerful as this one; hopefully there are some in the works.
  • oh dear...

    Two episodes ago I was praising the return of SVU.


    Last episode I saw the return of "having a great performance from the special guest actor (2 in this case!) in expense of the plot.
    This episode?
    A MESS.
    The story would interesting..if this wasnt apparently made for a Melony Emmy nomination (how powerfull scene was the praying one in the interrogation room... not actually it wasnt it was just TOO forced).
    And on top of that the most cliche of the finales..
    Lame writing...with easy and unoriginal "solutions".
    Did you really doubt the hero would storm out and "kill himself" by the SWATs? Btw, do SWAT teams in USA shoot at the chest at unarmed suspects for running?
    Like if he wasnt surrounded by half of NY's police force..

    Oh dear what a mess, not even Stephanie March could save this one.

    So who is next for Emmy nomination? Have we run of special "special guest stars" or not yet?

    The sad thing is, SVU actors with their cliche and forced and overdramatic acting from weak stories do get nominations.
    Which is why Emmys are a big fat joke.
  • Not for the squeamish.

    This episode is not for the squeamish. And if you have a stomach that is like that. Take my advice and don't watch this show. Anyway, it was a great show and it shows an Elliot and Fin show. Both rarely get to team up with one another. But both did a good job in looking at child soldiers overseas. How sad that it happens in real life. As children don't have a choice but to join. They are forced to join in fact. Or their parents/family could get killed. One other thing that is a little off topic. The SVU and feds storyline that happens each and every week has got to stop. It is like the feds, despite the ICE being a little more reasonable this time, tries to take over. And act like glory hogs. Really this is getting old.