Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 27, 2000 on NBC

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  • Would you kill your daughter to keep intact the honor of your family?

    A Middle eastern family kills their daughter because they belive she's bringing shame to the family. The daughter was estranged from her family, going to college, not wearing the "Normal" clothing, and sleeping with a man not her husband. She was trying to live the american life and that upset her family. At first I was sure it was the father who commited the murder but later we find out the brother was the perp after all. Seeing as the brother said he did it himself with no influence, it was good to see the mother turn on her family and give them up. It was sad at the very end when they found the mother dead. Very well written episode based on one of the world's issues.
  • Wow

    Amazing episode I really like this one. Just think their are families out there like that is really heartbreaking and destrubing but the why it was written was awsome and that is the reason why I watch Law and Order Svu. I am just glad my family is not like that.
  • A young woman is found horribly beaten from what is thought to have been from a rape when in fact it was her own brother who hurt her.

    I was at a loss for words after watching this episode. "Great" doesn't even begin to describe this episode. I was literally guessing who had stabbed and beaten Nafeesa. At first I thought it may have been her professor; he fit the profile. Then after watching the father's reaction, I thought it would have been him. But it was finally revealed that Nafeesa's own brother was the one who left her for dead. Apparently she 'dishonored' her family by wanting to live as a modern woman and choosing her own husband. What really got to me is that this still happens to women in Afghanistan everyday. In a way I was expecting to see what happened at the end. Since the mother testified against her husband, thus disobeying him, he murdered her and fled the country. All in all, great episode.
  • Wow barely sums this up.

    This episode was nothing short of fantastic. And it kept me guessing right upto the end. A young woman is found raped and beaten in a park by the police. When the team investigate they eventually find a link to a man she was seeing but we then find out that the man had consentual sex with her, and in fact her brother beat her to death because he thought she violated his honor. But as the episode progresses it becomes more obvious that the father is the one responsible as he told the son to murder his daughter because she was a 'whore'. This really was a shocking episode but i enjoyed it. More episodes should be like this in the future.
  • Law and Order Special Victims Unit!

    When a young woman is found murdered, the Detectives of the Special Victims Unit begin their investigation by searching the victim's college campus. Once there, they find that her traditional Afghani family looks down on the fact that she attends school. Not only that, but she was in an arranged marriage and refused to have her husband chosen for her. Her own brother killed her in order to preserve the honor of their family name, because her father considered her a disgrace. Just before he tries to leave the country, Munch and Fin find him, where he confesses of the crime immediately. This isn't one of my favorite episodes but it was worth the time to watch it.
  • A family torn.

    A young girl from Afghanistan runs away from her family, against their wishes, as they were controlling her. Her father, whom was ashamed of his daughter for dishonoring his family by living as an American girl, goes too far in making sure his daughter doesn't bring down his family. Her boyfriend, her job, even her clothes, dishonor her family. And after she is found brutally beaten, stabbed, and raped, the only suspect they can point to is her innocent boyfriend, who even proposed, through her family issues, lies, and rejection. Afysa didn't even tell her best friend what was going on.
  • Very well done.

    This was one of those episodes when you want to reach through the screen of your T.V. and throttle the defendant. The fact that the writers were able to get me to care that much about the victim and her murderer is a true testiment to the writers' and actors' talent. I really got wrapped up in this episode, and the very final scene at a key witness's home just broke my heart. It gave me some more insight into the suppression of women in the Middle East. The way the victim's father looked at Olivia, a working woman, carrying a gun, and unmarried, gave me the creeps. It was great to see Elliot then take control of the situation and step between Olivia and the man, staring him straight in the eye. A fine episode that I would recomend to everyone.