Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 11, 1999 on NBC

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  • Killer Cop

    Benson and Stabler investigate the death of a young prostitute who was initially a victim of a serial killer targeting hookers. But that one just didn't fit the pattern. She was raised from a good family. So, why she had to dress provocative? They look into two veteran vice cops with one of the two turning out to be the suspect, who has a history of killing hookers for the past 30 years. But there is one problem. He didn't kill his recent victim a couple of days back. The detectives found out it was the victim's boyfriend, who's young and repulsive. His shoes is his evidence. "Nice Shoes" said Stabler.

    This episode had a plot twist with the boyfriend killing his girl, and not the cop. The court scene was funny when Munch mentioned Hysteria, David Hasselhoff, Spelling 'Orgasm', and the vibrator. And Stabler concerned his little daughter is sexually active. She's smart.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show law and order svu they are called to the scene of what looks like to be a prostitue that was murder. and when they do some digging they realize she was not the only one killed that way in the past week there were others and one got away. they are looking for her turns out after visting the girls parents by the look of her home she was not really prostute she was this dressed that way to look good for a guy. her boyfriend. and that all the other prostitues were killed in that pattern over the last 20 to 30 years it was a cop that did that and they were shocked and the girl that was killed they found out that her boyfrined was the one that did it .
  • A show still finding its ground, ... but clever.

    In these early episodes there seemed to be more emphasis on Stabler's family life and the general public's reaction to SVU. You can also wonder where the 'Law' element is. This episode ends (abruptly) with the arrest of the bad guy; there are no scenes in the court room. At times the show is very courageous. In a court scene (that has nothing to do with the central plot) Munch testifies about sexual abuse allegedly committed by a psychiatrist. Munch rattles off rather shocking facts about the nation's sexual habits and laws. It gives Munch a great chance to humiliate a perp, but also shows that he might have an unhealthy interest in all things sexual.
  • Law and Order Special Victims Unit!

    When a young woman is found murdered, Benson and Stabler begin looking for a perp who targets prostitutes. But the best thing about this episode is the array of possible perps that the detectives look into. At first they think that it is a customer who takes out his anger on those that he picks up. But by the end of the episode you find out that they were completely wrong about who commited the crime, bringing out the big surprise just before the credits role. This episode shows exactly why I started watching this show!There were so many twists in the storyline that I had a hard time guessing who the perp was. I love it when the episode keeps you guessing and keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting for more.
  • A great episode from early with a brief connection to the original.

    First off, this episode was silly in a good way. To be perfectly honest, the humor was the first thing that I noticed. Fin in the courtroom is just classic and he still shows it in the eighth season. Stabler reacting to her daughter admitting she was a virgin and just letting the ball go past almost made me fall out of my bed (where I watching it). Cragen meeting with Briscoe was a good way to tie in the original to this new series. The chain of victims was an interesting, yet also disturbing. The cop was a jackass and extremely pompous. This was one of those episodes that showed that it could tie itself into the original and proved that it could stand on its own if the original went away.
  • Prositutes Slayer Points To Officer

    Prostitute killed. Believed to be unsecure cop. Garbage bag with blows. Half control hooker missing persons two days before killed. Man was targetting prositutes. Prositutes believed to be supported cops friends. Has a history of killing prostitutes. All in same order all with bags over face. No sexual contact now believed to be bestfriend. Dennis was standing her up. Partial footprint at sceen. Doc videotaped girl stripping down and putting feet into stirrups and picture baywatch. Hysteria is believed to give an orgasm quickly by putting the womans feet up in the air getting straight to the "g" spot.
  • This episode was pretty straight forward with really no surprises.

    I'm a huge SVU fan, but this episode was pretty boring. One thing I have to question is the part in which Captain Cragen is having dinner with Lenny Briscoe. Why does the waiter come and just take their plates while they are clearly still eating? Both Cragen and Briscoe had their forks in hand and were still chewing... Whose idea was that?
  • Great episode

    I really loved this episode. It was really good...
    And you know what I loved the most? Those two quotes with Munch and Jeffries. The first one was:
    Jeffries: So you think all women in the world are whores?
    Munch: I don't know all the women in the world.
    And then the second one where Jeffries is walking away and she's like, "Stop staring at my ass, Munch." Haha I LOVED that part. xD
  • This episode was incredible!

    I really liked this episode! With only a footprint to go off of, the detectives start investigating. It took a few twists and turns here and there that led the detectives to some very interesting places, ending in brilliantly done scenes. One fine example was when Olivia and Elliot told the parents of the dead girl their suspicions of her prostitution. The mother slowly got to her feet, approached Elliot, then slapped him across the face. In another scene, with a surprising perpetrator, the man admits what he did and shows absolutely no remorse. In an eerie discovery, Olivia stays up all night and traces these killings all the way back for 30 years. Lining the photos up of all the murdered women in chronological order, she finds the man positioned their bodies so that they were all holding hands. This leads them to realize that this man didn't kill the girl they thought was a prostitute. In the end they have to backtrack all the way to a man she had a fling with, ending with Elliot's line, "nice shoes". Another scene that you can't miss is an awkward exchange between Elliot and his daughter playing soccer, and Elliot is trying to talk to her about sex. Beforehand Olivia reminds Elliot of the importance of "protecting the goal".