Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 7 Episode 12


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 03, 2006 on NBC

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  • Gunplay 2

    A few years ago there was a Law and Order episode called Gunplay. It dealt with a person shooting women in Central Park. After the killer was caught and found guilty Jack McCoy decided to try the gun makers for murder and they were found not guilty by the judge. Now a few years later the writers on Law and Order SVU write a similar episode. In this one a small black child kills the man who killed his mother. Casey Novak tries a different tactic by suing the gun makers with her, the judge of the boys trial and the kids lawyer. This is another episode with a liberal left wing agenda.
  • wow very good epi!! boys gets to see his mother get killed by her pimp Det. Benson really bonds with the boy

    i really really loved this show!!!!
    the boy how played nathan was really believable and i liked the interaction with nathan and liv. (give mariska an emmy!!!)

    and the court scene when liv says i understand why he did this or something, very strong!!

    another thing i liked the stunt from casey and judge donnoly:>
    that was really smart thinking.
    i didnt liked casey at first because she wouldnt make a deal but at the end se was ok

    but where was elliot?? there was less elliott
    they could throw om some great eo moments in this epi!!!
    probaply like this: when elliott says to live youre to emotionally involved and they talk and hug:>:>:>

    but i really liked the episode!!!
  • One of my all-time favorite episodes- even if it's not shippery.

    A boy, Nathan Phelps, witnesses his mother's murder from a closet where he is hiding. During the investigation, he becomes close to Olivia. They eventually find out who killed Nathan's mother, a man named Ted Carthage who runs a charity and also has paid women and girls to have sex with him. They bring Carthage in for a line-up, but Nathan can't identify him. Later, he's having lunch with Olivia at a restaurant across the street and he sees Carthage. He realizes that he's the man who killed his mother and runs across the busy street screaming at him. Olivia reaches him before he can do any harm, but later Nathan goes to the place where he works and kills him.
    In court, Nathan's lawyer uses as a defense a study that shows that people who see gun violence are more than twice as likely to commit violence themselves. When she cross-examines Olivia, Olivia agrees that although seeing gun violence might not justify committing murder, it might explain it. Casey decides to agree to a plea bargain. They are in court about to agree to the plea bargain when a lawyer paid for by the National Gun Association serves them with a restraining order and ordering Casey, Nathan's attorney, and Judge Donnelly to be defendents in a civil case. The judge in the civil case orders an evidenciary hearing on the study. The man who did the study testifies, and the lawyer hired by the NGA then calls Nathan Phelpd to testify. Nathan's lawyer objects, but Judge Donnelly tells Casey to ask for a recess. During the recess, Judge Donnelly tells Nathan's lawyer to let him testify because it will violate his fifth ammendment right not to have to incriminate himself, and the criminal case will have to be dismissed. Nathan is called to testify and the NGA lawyer eventually makes him admit that he hates the man who killed his mother. Nathan's lawyer then asks for a mistrial. The judge in the civil case tells her that she can't ask for a mistrial because it's a hearing, not a trial. She then says that she was asking Judge Donnelly, not him. Judge Donnelly grants the mistrial and Casey asks for the hearing to be dismissed because if there's no trial, there's no need for an evidentiary hearing. The hearing is dismissed and Nathan doesn't have to go to jail and gets a foster family.
    A great thing about this episode is that in many episodes in SVU, you feel sorry for the murderers and hope they get off, but in Infection, Olivia and even Casey help get him off!
  • Law and Order Special Victims Unit!

    After witnessing the murder of his mother, Nathan is faced with the possibility of living in foster care. Detectives Benson and Stabler are called in to find out who was behind the brutal attack. When they find out that there was an organization whose mission was to help those in need that Nathan's mother Monica was receiving money from, they start there with their investigation. The Detectives are lead to believe that the owner's of the organization may have had more to do with the murder than originally thought.

    This was a good episode. It was sad to see that Nathan thought that he needed to take the matter of his mother's death into his own hands. After he couldn't give the Detectives a positive ID on the man who killed his mother, he felt that the system wasn't going to help him anymore. And because he was exposed to gun violence when his mother was killed, he used that to justify his mother's death.
  • Infectd Name Mix-up

    I was wondering if for the eppy Infected we here Mariska Hargitay call Nathan David or shed did that then they edited it?Becuase I don\'t remember hearing her call him David and it is like my fave eppy. I really would have like to hear her call him David I think it wuld have been rather funny. I really enjoyed this eppy b/c Nathan and Olivia really got along very well and I wish they had more scenes together. I really liked how they dismissed the case against Nathan but when the lawyer saw Nathan got a family I wanted to hit him for what he said.
  • it has happened it is a great episode but why in the name of all that is good and rightous why start showing this show and some other law and order series in letterbox. one of the worst inventions in this century. wish it would go back to normal ye

    this episode we see the woman get killed and to our suprise the boy goes out and kills the womans murderer. no one saw that coming oh yes i saw it coming. sometimes after all the episodes i have seen they do sometimes get predictable. shock the audience and instead the audience says enough. bring back the suspense and get rid of the letterbox. full screen all the way.
  • A very touching episode

    This episode was sad. We have the mother who gets killed right in front of her son and then the son killing the bad buy because he couldnt pick out the right voice in the line-up and then reckonizing him on the street. I have to say, Gordon Clapp(aka. Greg Medavoy-NYPD Blue)as a bad guy just didnt click. But I guess he was trying to shed his good guy image. Stick to what you do best Gordon.
  • No Drama!

    I found this episode to be very boring.

    How many times do we have to see Benson get too emotionally involved in the victims life which ultimately gets her in trouble.

    They should have cast someone else to play Nathan. I'm a fan of LOST, while I used to be until season 2 rolled around, anyway, Malcolm is not the best actor around and the episode may have been better if someone else was cast.

    He was unable to bring around that true and real drama that I've seen on SVU.

    The ending was bad too, the judge showing a way out of the case?

    Overall, a very bad episode. It lacked drama and passion.