Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 8 Episode 6


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 31, 2006 on NBC

Episode Recap

Casey is in New York trying the case of a rapist whom Olivia has had dealings with before. Stabler is on the stand when the defense attorney wants to know if his client ever showed his face during the video of the rape. Stabler says no. The defense attorney then wants to know how the rapist was identified. Stabler tells him by DNA- however it was not DNA from seamen (the rapist had a bit of a problem in that area). Elliot tells the court that he was identified by gum that he spit out on the scene. The defense attorney wants to know who found the gum- Elliot tells the court it was Olivia. The defense attorney then alleges that Olivia planted the gum as a form of revenge which is objected by Casey and Elliot says it's a load of crap. He is dismissed and the defense attorney calls Olivia as a witness. The judge orders them to chambers.
Oregon: Liv is still undercover with the eco group that she infiltrated. They show the group standing in a state park protesting a lumber company. The sheriff shows up and orders them to break it up, however they don't. The deputies then proceed to forcefully break up the group. T-Bone (a member of the group) punches a deputy and the deputy starts beating him with his night stick. Liv goes in to break it up however the deputy strikes her on the head- knocking her unconscious.
New York: In chambers Casey is outraged and says that the defense attorney has obviously found out the Liv is unavailable and is trying to twist the case- not to mention it isn't his turn to call witnesses. The defense attorney says that he has been trying to serve her for a month and it's as if she has disappeared into thin air. The judge wants to know exactly where Olivia is and Casey says that shes been under with the feds for five weeks- possibly out of state.
Oregon: Olivia is asleep in a hospital bed mumbling Elliot's name. One of her friends in the eco group is in the bed beside her wanting to know who Elliot is. Olivia attempts to change the subject by asking where they are. She finds out that they are in the prison ward of the hospital. Hope – her friend – says that she and T-Bone should sue for abuse. Olivia starts talking like a cop and Hope goes off about her defending the deputy. Olivia agrees saying it must be the concussion talking. Hope then asks again who Elliot is and Olivia says no one, to which Hope says it does not sound that way and then mimics her.
New York: Casey storms into SVU wanting to know where Stabler is because she needs to find Liv. Cragen tells her to forget about it because Stabler doesn't know. She then asks Cragen if he knows where she is and he says no- to which Much throws in a witty comment. Casey keeps on about finding her and Cragen just keeps saying no.
Oregon: Olivia and Hope are still in the hospital. The doctor is telling her she's fine when another deputy comes into arrest her for assault on an officer. Olivia keeps trying to say she didn't do anything and the deputy just reads her her rights. In the sheriffs office the deputy who struck her takes her down to booking and makes smart remarks because she isn't smiling in her booking photo. Olivia gets mad and starts yelling at him that she didn't do anything. He attempts to take her into an interrogation room to which she replies she wants a lawyer and isn't going into some good ole' boy backroom alone with him. Olivia makes bail and is on her way out of the building when the sheriff asks her to come back in to discuss the murder of a man who works for a pharmaceutical company that the group was recently protesting. He tells her that if she can shed some light on the murder than he will think about dropping the assault charges against her. She looks at a photo and says it's a sex crime and walks out the door.
New York: Casey is at the FBI building yelling at an agent who stonewalls her about Olivia. He tells her that Starr isn't her case agent and sends her on her way.
Oregon: Olivia is meeting with her case agent- Agent Porter- in a restaurant going over the murder. The case agent says if Edg (an eco-terrorist group) is involved then they could get the entire group on RICO charges. Olivia says that her group isn't involved. The case agent tells her to look into the murder from her group and if the group isn't involved then to let the locals handle it and go back to looking for eco-terrorists.
Olivia is next seen in a phone booth where it is revealed that she is talking to Finn in New York. She tells him not to mention it because her case agent will go nuts. Finn wants to know if Casey got a hold of her and then hands the phone over to Stabler for him to explain the problem and Olivia hangs up. T-Bone and Hope are shown walking up wanting to know who she was talking to. Hope makes the comment that it was probably Elliot and Olivia says no that it was her lousy public defender- she wanted to know how much to help with the murder.
Olivia then goes to the pharmaceutical company and asks questions about the murder victim. She then goes to visit the victims mother- where she runs back into the deputy that had her arrested. They exchange words. Next she is shown outside the victims house where she notices the tape has been cut and someone is there. It is the victims ex-wife who is trying to take evidence (movies and teen clothes catalogs) out of the house. Olivia figures out that the guy was a pedophile.
The next day she is once again meeting with Agent Porter. She tries to tell him the victim is a pedophile; he wants to know if someone in the group told her that, and she admits that she got it from the ex-wife. Porter then accuses the group again to which Olivia adamantly defends the group. He pulls out a stack of papers and and tells her to read page six. It's an email from an untraceable account that was sent to the pharmaceutical company and shows. In the email it has all of the workers home addresses. Porter wants to know if she knew about it and she says no to which he replies I guess you don't know your group all that well then.
New York: Casey and the rape victim – Chelsea – are in Casey's office talking about Olivia. Chelsea is obviously upset about the whole ordeal. Casey asks her if she saw the rape crisis counselor and Chelsea says no that she doesn't want to keep talking about it – she will be fine once the guy is convicted. Casey asks her what she will do if the guy walks to which Chelsea replies I guess I will kill myself. Casey calls Huang to talk to the victim and asks him find Olivia. He says he doesn't have much clout with the eco dept. because he is the sex crimes guy and they don't really have a need to work together. Casey replies then what the hell do they have Liv for?
Oregon: Olivia shows up at a house that the ex-wife is about to show. She wants to know how many girls the guy has raped. The ex-wife begs her to leave it alone and Olivia figures out the the wife left because she caught him in the act. She tells Olivia about the babysitter.
Olivia then goes to the babysitter and gets info that there is a hidden room in the guys garage. It is there that he took his victims. Olivia goes back to the victim's house and finds the room. She calls someone and tells them that she has something they need to see. It turns out she called the sheriff. He thanks her for the lead and tells her to stop playing policewoman and leave. Olivia is next seen a press conference that is jointly held by Agent Porter and the sheriff. They are telling the press about the room and a new discovery: a girl who went missing several years back prints were found in the room. The deputy who arrested her then shows up next to her and tells her they get to go back to the station. The sheriff walks into the interrogation room and tells her that it wasn't his doing- the feds asked him to. Olivia tries to play it off by asking what do the feds want with her to which Porter walks in the room and replies nothing. He then says, "Det. Benson you are free to go." Olivia gets upset about him outing her and he gives her a plane ticket to NY. They are walking out and she tells Porter to let her see this case through since she is the one who broke it. He tells her no thanks (hes tired of working with her). She keeps on saying that she has experoence with victims.
NY: Back at SVU, Casey is going insane about finding Olivia. Huang walks in and says that he doesn't know. Stabler wants to know if the feds would know if shes all right- to which Huang replies yes, but they might not tell. Casey, obviously upset says I am sure she is fine, but my case isn't. Huang won't divulge who would know where she is to Stabler and Stabler gets upset saying he just wants to make sure she is okay. Huang says he gave a message to his superior who was passing it along. Stabler tells Casey that if Olivia new about the case then she would be there.
Oregon: Olivia got Agent Porter to allow her to go with him. In the car, he wants to know if her partner in NY finds her annoying. She tells him that he (Stabler) is her best friend. He (her case agent) says yeah, but does he find you annoying to which Olivia rolls her eyes and says no. She then figures out that the girl is hiding at a childhood fort. They find the girl and get her back to the FBI building. The girl is extremely upset and won't let anyone look at her. Olivia then sends Porter out of the room because he is just making things worse. The girl explains- after much prodding and reassuring- that she loved her captor and that the reason she killed him was not to escape but because he told her she was too old and was making her go find another victim. She then breaks down about how she was only ten. Porter and Olivia talk about how the girl has Stockholm Syndrome while they watch her hugging her parents. Porter then reveals that he got a message from Huang a few days ago and Olivia's face drops.
NY: Olivia is seen walking into court where Casey was thrilled to see her. Olivia asks how Chelsea is doing and Casey tells her she will be fine now. The show ends with Chelsea seeing Olivia and saying I thought you weren't going to come to which Olivia says there was never a chance of that happening.
**During the time that Olivia was undercover she was known as Persephone James.