Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 8 Episode 6


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 31, 2006 on NBC

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  • The Bitch Returns

    The vile man hating bitch Olivia Benson returns.
  • Finally!

    So glad to see Mariska back, even if we have to wait a few more weeks before she's back full time. The show is definitely missing a key element without her. As an E/O shipper, LOVED that Liv was muttering Elliot's name while she was unconscious. Also, I loved Munch's comment about the rumor that she was off having his love child--classic Munch line and I think maybe a nod toward Mariska's real life maternity leave.
    I found myself getting really annoyed with the small town cop's attitude and blatant abuse of power. I kept waiting for Olivia to snap. But, I enjoyed the town Sherrif's random comments about her playing "girl detective". Overall, I thought it was a great ep, and I can't wait until the end of November when we get Liv back for good.
  • Liv returns!!! Do I really have to say anymore?

    Olivia returns! And in my opinion an excellant show of Mariska's acting ability. She did a brilliant job in this episode. She completely and utterly deserved that Emmy! I have two favorite parts to this awesome episode, the first is when Olivia's in the hospital and evidently she's been calling out Elliot's name all night in her sleep! My little shipper heart went a pitter patter.*sighs dreamily* Of course I very nearly fainted at what the writers were suggesting. My other favorite part is when Olivia and her handler(don't remember his name) were in the car and he asked her whether her partner thought her annoying, she said "We're best friends." Way to give me another heart attack! My shipper mood has definately increased.*sighs dreamily while day dreaming* It was definately E/O shipper friendly. Hard core Elliot/Olivia shippers will faint with excitement at possible implications. If you haven't seen it, go watch it!! Why aren't you listening!? You're still reading! Go watch it!
  • Olivia is back! She is back!

    Oliva is back and that she is torn between testifying
    In NYC and being undercover as an eco-terrorist. I loved
    It when Casey tried to go to the feds and blasted
    That arrogant federal agent trying to stonewall her case while looking for Oliva.
    Elliott and Oliva seemed to be missing one another.
    Munch is funny about the love child comment as it relates to Mariska's real life pregnancy.
    Vincent Spano as her temporarily partner, came off a bit jerky at times. But you still, he seemed reasonable and may have wanted to go out with Liv, giving her a hard time.
    Loved it when she dissed him. A Liv classic!
  • Novak needs Benson to testify in court, but she's in deep cover in Oregon. Back at the proverbial ranch, Olivia (aka Persephone) stumbles across a case that is clearly meant for an SVU.

    Wow. This episode - there are no words. It was the most shippy SVU episode that I've seen, simply for the fact that unresolved sexual tension between Elliot and Olivia was acknowledged. The plot in Oregon was a "standard" SVU case - that is to say revolting yet so, so interesting. It was also interesting to see how Benson interacted with /her/ temp partner, and that reaction wasn't very different than Elliot's with Dani's. This episode had me so far on the edge of my seat that I was standing up, and it had me running to my computer to email my friends at each commercial break... Overall? WOW.
  • Olivia comes back!!

    Before I write anything else, I would just like to say that I really missed Liv in action. Gotta love her!

    Who would think that she'd stumble upon a sex crime while doing that undercover stint? Naturally, her instincts kicked in and she got involved in it that it almost jeopardized her assignment. But hey, that's the Benson we all know and love, right? Doing it all for the victims. ^_^

    I was kind of disappointed with how the eco-terrorism thing ended, though. I mean, it was such a big deal at the start of the season (when she left SVU temporarily) and I was kind of expecting her to catch the terrorist group. And where in the world was Star Morrison? Anyway, I guess that doesn't really matter now, as long as she's back! ^__^

    Another thing I found entertaining was a panicking Novak. Her voice rising a few notches while she's talking to Cragen was amusing, since she always had that deep, husky voice.

    All in all, a great, Benson-centered episode.
  • Great to have Olivia back and the writing was great, as usual. However, they tried to make things just a little too tidy. And Elliot, oh Elliot...

    This episode was very well written and it was great have Det. Benson back in the show. Can I say she looked hot? Cause she was looking very attractive... Eh-hem... anyway. Everything flowed really well and clearly, but perhaps a little too well. I felt like the pacing was too quick... the dominoes fell too fast. The acting was excellent, though. The tension between the local cops who arrested Olivia (Persephone) and members of the eco-group were so believable. It also didn't hurt to have Det. Benson on the other side of the law for once... but it was great to see how knowing the law can keep you protected from abusive cops.

    As for the other characters, such as Casey, Elliot and the rest of the crew (where was Beck, by the way? NBC didn't want to pay her?), it was nice to see everyone in the 'norm.' Casey was a little much. Elliot, oh Elliot, that pensive, bitter routine is getting more and more irksome this season (get over it already!). If the spoilers are any indication, perhaps he'll get laid and chill out a bit. Munch's one-liner was excellent. Fin, Cragen, Huang--it was just nice to see the old crew kind of collecting again.

    A small thing I noticed in the beginning when Olivia/ Persephone is hit by the cop, is that he actually hit her on the arm she had raised. He didn't hit her anywhere near her head...but she fell to the grown and went unconscious anyway. Small discrepancy. At least two days Elliot showed up in the precinct w/ absolutely no Det. Beck in sight. A little unusual. And the icing on the cake: Olivia's re-entrance in NY and in the court room. She shows up just in time (her hair is way too long) to save the day (or Casey's case) and she gets a full 30-frame close up w/ her trademark cheesey smile. Ugh. All in all, exactly why I watch this series. Yay!
  • Olivia is back after being undercover for five weeks.

    This was an amazing story.It is something you will always remamber and it help defined Olivia and Elliot's relationdship. We always knew that they were best friends but just hearing her say it just renfroced that. It is something amazing hearing that she wanted Elliot and was calling out his name. I was just so glad that with everything that happened at the end of the season that there was no damage to their friendship/relationship. This episode just makes me want to keep watching and knowing because of this episode that there is going to be a great relationship between Olivia and Elliot, the best they will have had since the start. They always had a great relationship and friendship they work as one. They are not two people but one. They bounce off of each other and they have so much chmistry that they can read each other like a book and they know when there is something wrong with the other.This is going to be an amazing season and many more like it to come.
  • A very good episode.

    This epsiode made me all warm and fuzzy on the inside, just because Olivia was in it. I liked the small hints of EO, like her saying his name in her sleep, but I also liked the twists and turns it took. It was very good and I am anxiously awaiting the next episode. It made me happy that Dani wasn't in this episode much at all, but she will be. I really thought that she was going to come back, her and Elliot hug and make up and Dani get the boot to the butt, but alas she didn't. I think that this episode is very important to the develpoing tension between Elliot and Olivia.
  • Great at making me wonder if she was ever going to get back in time...

    Wow ok one thank goodness that Liv is finally finally back! What a relief to to see her again (I know it was not like she died). I was dieing the mintues of the show wondering how long she was going to be stuck undercover and if she will make it back in time to go to court.
    I like how they made the plot of a sex crime into her being undercover. Of course I did want to slap the local cops, not because I though they where braindead but because they knew she was not who she was trying to be. Why didn't they just ask if she was a cop and get her on their side. Yah and what up with the FBI agent that was Liv's field man. ok besides we could see that he really wanted more of a sexual thing with her, he was a dork. He so blow off the message from NYPD and FBI Dr. Wong. I did love it when Liv shot him down and it was so awesome when she was calling Elliots name at the hospital. I liked how Elliot got upset at Dr. Wong when he thought she might be in trouble. And thank goodness there was no Dani!!! That women really needs to jump off a cliff :)
    The biggest bummer was it took the whole show to get her back to New York and we now have to wait to see what happens when her and Elliot see eah and lets not talk about the preview for the next show or I will scream and cry again!
  • This is one of those episodes that people will be able to refer to by name....

    Let me just start off by saying FINALLY... i've been waiting for an episode that did not seem like a filler...
    Mariska Hargitay came back which was nice to see after 4 or so weeks.
    and, maybe the greatest part of the episode, Beck was not there, which after 4 straight episodes of Law & Order: Beck, it was a nice change...
    And as a proud E/O shipper, i enjoyed the fact that there was E/O subtext even tho they never actually interacted.

    The storyline was good too, it was very in-character of Olivia not to be able to let go of an open case, even though she was pretending not to be a cop, because it is in her blood.

    And Mariska saves the day twice, granted, a little unrealistic, be Kickass Benson is what was missing from the show...

    I definently recommend this episode...
  • A different type of episode! One unexpected, but it was for th best!

    A different type of episode! One unexpected, but it was for th best! We see a totally different side of Liv here: adventorus, fearless, kick- a**, and much more! it was one of those episodes that only L&O:SVU can do... and it can only happen every once in while! there are soo many times i was on the edge of my seat or cheering Liv on! You see how much everyone at home (NY) miss Liv when she's not here and how many things can go wrong without her. But at the same time you see how Liv isn't just a Sex cop, but an all around cop, undercover or not. This is deinetly on the best epidoes this season! Keep them coming SVU!
  • Law and Order Special Victims Unit!

    Detective Olivia Benson is undercover in the FBI looking for eco terrorists in Oregon. While she is undercover she is arrested while protesting. The police begin to suspect her and her group of protesters for a murder when a worker from a drug company they protested is found murdered. Det. Benson knows that her group had nothing to do with it, and also knows that it had to have been a sex crime. She investigates what she can, but continually ends up on the wrong side of the local police. She is removed from her undercover assignment in time to solve the case.

    This was a great episode. It was nice to see what Olivia was up to while she was undercover. It was so nice to see her character again, because it was getting frustrating to just see Det. Beck all the time.
  • Olivia Benson fan's delight...

    This episode is one of my personal favorites, mainly because I'm a fan of Olivia Benson. Olivia Benson goes undercover as Persephone James in Oregon, while back in NY, Casey Novak needs her in court!

    I really liked this episode because we get to see a side of Olivia that we never really have. We see her as a normal citizen. This is also a great episode for EO shippers! Although Elliot and Olivia never saw eachother or ever talked to eachother, this was one shippy episode! While unconsious in Oregon, Olivia mumbles Elliot's name in her sleep, which is the cutest. Also, Elliot tells Huang to "Make sure Liv is safe".

    It's really neat to see Olivia fighting w/ police officers, getting arrested, getting her mugshot, and seeing her in handcuffs. It's a different spin that I'm glad we got to see.
  • Finally... Olivia is back!!!

    I think any episode with olivia in it i would rate at least a nine right now because i am so in olivia withdrawl but this one i think was really well done. First of all, there was some very good EO moments. (olivia mumbling "elliot" in her sleep, that was like the cutest thing ever!!!). I also liked the "we're best firends" line and when elliot was pressuring huang to make sure oliva was safe! :) I like that we got to see alot of olivia being undercover and you could tell she wanted to tell those stupid local police about being a cop... although id have to say she didnt do a very good job at hiding it. And best of all... olivia is back in NYC now! Yay... and there was absolutely no dani in this episode at all! All around, very good.
  • Law & Order:SVU is back to old self with the return of Mariska Hargitay as Det. Olivia Benson whom has been absent from the show since the episode “Informed”.

    Law & Order:SVU is back to old self with the return of Mariska Hargitay as Det. Olivia Benson whom has been absent from the show since the episode “Informed”, because of Mariska having a baby during filming of the series. Now she brought back to the limelight because of a case that she was one requires her to go back to New York City.

    While, I knew that Mariska wasn’t going to be in a couple of episodes of SUV, so when she was written off for a couple of episodes I wasn’t surprised by it, but what did surprise me was the totally lack of engrossing stories that this series has done in the past, that had made me a fan of this series. I don’t know why, but when Mariska isn’t on the series it seems that the show falls flat. It might be the fact that Mariska plays a sympathetic character that works well with the various victims that her character comes across to and seems to get them to open up to her.

    This wasn’t the case with her replacement Connie Nielsen as Det. Dani Beck, whom seem to be a lose cannon and doesn’t seem to gel with the dramatic that are in the SUV squad. Granted, I have nothing against the actress, but the character that she played wasn’t all to liked by this reviewer and I hopping that next new episode will be her last performance in the series.

    Now on to the episode, Olivia is finally brought out of the undercover work that she has been doing for a couple of weeks because of what is going on up in New York City, because their ADA is forced to call to testified in court on an old case with set in motion Olivia return to her old job in New York. Also in this episode we finally see what she had been doing all of these weeks and I kind of like the fact that in this episode we finally have an episode that is set out of New York City, which shows that there is another world outside of New York City.

    There is also the case of a killed businessmen who was sexual mutilate, which instantly get the attention of Olivia, who know that this is a sex crime. While a person can take a somebody out of their natural environment that they are used to, one can’t take the skills that they have learn while their were in that environment out of them and that what happen with Olivia and it was her never giving up approached that she had that allowed her to solve the case for the FBI. Made a fruitless undercover work worth their effort in the long run.

    But, while I did like the fact that showed what she has been doing in the past weeks and that a good majority of this episode was set outside of New York City, there were a couple of problems that I feel need to be address. Like the entire sub ark of her undercover work in looking into echo terrorists, at first I thought that it was a good sub plot, despite the fact that it an old one, but in day and age I think it is something that won’t go away anytime soon. But with the totally lack of plot advancement in the episodes between “Informed” and this episode, made me feel like it was something that was totally forgot about, or used as an excess to allow Mariska to have her baby without to much explanation of why she wasn’t in a couple of episodes. Because at the end of the episode the guy that they were trying to get was captured off screen, almost feel like that all of the work that Mariska did in the past weeks was all for not.
  • Undercover work for Olivia leads to a sex crime. Gee, who would have thought..

    Interesting episode where the murder of a pharmaceutical employee leads to his private pedophile life. Guess Olivia was in the right place at the right time but for different reasons; this Eco terror group she is trying to infiltrate. The matter in which the writers resolved that matter was my only sticking point; they could have done better but then again, there is a limit as to how much you can put into a one hour show.

    So, did anyone pay very close attention to the previews for the next episode? A quick glimpse of two detectives they say, stay tuned.
  • Sick, disgusting, heartwrenching moments come full circle and make their way to a breath of fresh air!

    This episode got my blood pressure rising! So, back to the review. Let's start at the beginning. Stabler testifies about the case against this man suspected of abusing this Chelsea Prince lady but the Lawyer wasn't buying it so he called the origional detective on the case, Olivia Benson, to testify on the case. Problem is, Olivia Benson is away in Oregon working undercover to take down an eco-terrorism group. ADA Novak has very limited time to haul Benson back to New York but Nobody has any clue of where she really is. While all that's going on, Benson is pretending to Persephone James, a member of this eco-terrorism group. In the process, she gets hit with a nightstick by this overzealous cop who lies to his commanding officer and tells him he was provoked by Persephone. Persephone gets questioned and denies all the accusations. Later, she is questioned in this case of this Carl dude who was suspected of being murdered by one of these eco-terrorists. Benson(a.k.a P James) finds herself quickly reverting back into her normal self and has to step lightly as she tries to clear her name. She finds that this Carl dude was a child molester who likes to kidnap his victims and keep them with him until there too old(17 years old). Benson finds out that the murder was commited by his latest victim, who was messed up by this experience that she killed Carl because she didn't want to leave him. While doing this she almost blew her cover and almost had herself convicted of obstructing an investigation. While back atb home, ADA Novak calls on FBI Psaychiatrist George Huang(B.D Wong) to fish Benson out of her undercover gig. Huang gets a message to the FBI Agent working with Benson but because of their mission, he couldn't give it to her until after her undercover gig was over. At the very end, he gives her the note just in time. Benson makes it back just in time to testify on Chelsea Prince's behalf. Great Episode!