Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 13 Episode 17

Justice Denied

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 11, 2012 on NBC

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  • Let's Trash Stabler

    There was heavy undertones to trash Stabler. Benson whines how she tries how she is not a cowboy detectives aka Stabler. Who the hell is she fooling? She was as much as a cowboy detective as Stabler and she cost a person eight years in prison without a mark on her record. Had this been Stabler he would be ripped from the others. This was payback from Warren Leight.
  • Solid Storyline

    Just finished watching this episode of L&O:SVU. It is one of the show's better episodes. It was a good emotional performance from Guillermo Diaz. As far as the details being a turning point in the episode, I especially liked the scarf detail. We also get to see Benson's personal life, which is nice break from the case. But the final scene was unnecessary. Harry Connick Jr. does a good job as an ADA Haden. Also liked the fact the Detective Amaro stuck to his guns about his opinion on Pena. He is a good partner for Olivia because he can stand up to her as well as complement her. It was a good episode with a solid storyline.
  • One redeeming point...

    ... the most chemistry-free "romance" in recent TV history is finally over.

    @thefanof Haven't you heard? When Belzer extended his contract, he added an opt-out clause: "If I receive a script that insults the intelligence of everyone involved, I don't have to show up for work and will volunteer instead -- as penance on W. Leight's behalf -- at the local soup kitchen."
  • Justice Denied

    They tried to give us something unique with a past case being revisited, but it just did not work. They did not even care at the end that Pena was freed, it was more about Olivia's breakup. As for Pena, guest star Guillermo Diaz was too over the top for this role.

    And where has Munch been? Finn mentioned him, but we haven't seen him.

    They tried with an interesting premise, but the execution just was not there.