Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 4 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 22, 2002 on NBC

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  • Hypocrisy

    In an earlier Law and Order episode Killerz an older girl murders a young boy and gets away with it but in Juvenile an older boy who is with the younger boy who kills a woman gets life in jail. Talk about hypocrisy. The writers are sending a message that only males deserve jail while a girl commits murder gets away with it.
  • An actual case I remember.

    Detectives are investigating of a rape and murder of a cancer patient who was growing marijuana in her apartment. Their investigation leads them to two junior-high school students who blame each other for the crime. In the end the boy is found guilty while the other one gets away with it.

    This episode is okay. I didn't like the fact that big boy is going to jail and his so-called friend gets away with it. Maybe the kid's rich. And I remember this was ripped from the headlines back in 2001 when a woman was raped and murdered while growing weed.
  • How much time he'll get?

    I can't believe the jury convicted him, they're are real murderers and rapists out there and they wasted time on Jeremy Brice a 14 year old boy who just wanted to be Zachary's friend, did nothing. They are the twelve dumbest people I've ever met! I mean I know he broke in, he knew what he was doing was wrong, and he could've left at anytime: but what do you think he will get? I mean the jury found him guilty, but there's still sentencing. I think he'll get 15 years at the most.
  • Law and Order Special Victims Unit!

    When NYPD Narcotics officers go in for a drug bust and find that the suspect in question is murdered on the floor of her apartment, they had the case over to the Detectives of the Special Victims Unit. At first it looks like someone may have killed her in order to get to the goods in her apartment. But after M.E. Warner evaluates the forensic evidence, several clues point to the fact that the suspect is a lot younger than they originally thought.

    This was a good episode. It is amazing what kids can be convinced to do. Zachary Conner was able to convince his friend Jeremy to go along with him as he robbed the victim's house. Jeremy did it because he wanted to be Zach's friend, and would do anything to keep things that way.
  • One of the most depressing episodes I seen.

    Before you accuse me of saying this is a bad episode, it's not. It was very good and I liked the idea, but it's just too sad for me to ever watch again. The main idea of the story is that a 10 year old boy tricks a mentally challenged 14 year old boy into coming with him to rape and kill a woman. The 10 year old boy gets away with the crime due to the some law and 14 year is sentanced to 25 to life even though he didn't kill or rape the girl, just watched.

    It's very sad to see this ending and that's why I ranked it so low. There is no justice in this episode.
  • A really good episode and then what?

    I saw this episode for the first time today and I thought this a really cool episode and may be one of my favorites. Then the ending came and the real killer walks away and a conspirator will get a mimumum of 25 years or life. I would have screamed "You Idiot" at Jeremy's mom he is still considered guilty for attempted burglary and conspirating to murder. I believe he was going to get a gifted deal of only five but blew it and wont get out till 25 years. Jeremy just got screwed here. In the episode "Baby Killer" they almost put a seven year old in jail and in this episode they dont put the real killer who is at least 11 defianatly something worng there. I would give it a 9.2!
  • A woman is raped and murdered by a middle school student, but he is too young to be convicted so his older friend is put on trial instead, even though he didn't commit the crime.

    Two children break into an apartment to burglarize it. The women who lives there comes home and one of the boys rapes and murders her while the other one is too afraid to do anything. The oldest boy is put on trial even though the younger boy confessed.

    This episode is really good, but it was at times painful to watch. At the end of the episode I was just begging the mother to take the deal, but she was so convinced they wouldn't convict her son. It was so sad when he was convicted. It showed how unfair the justice system can be sometimes. And also how the punishment for certain crimes are way too high (especially the economical crimes!), and doesn't take into account the defendants young age. In most western countries you have to be at least 16 to be charged as an adult, but unfortunately for this boy this is USA.(how I interpreted the hidden meaning behind the episode, not an attempt at country bashing.)

    I liked Alex in this episode, she showed some emotion when it came to this case. She didn't want Jeremy to be convicted. She stated her belief that this case was mostly about a win for the DA. All in all, another great episode and personally I think it's one of the series best.
  • Exciting

    These are the types of episodes i like the best. Especially that this involves a cancer patient who was growing marijuana in her apartment. The victim, Susan O'Striker, has been hit in the head with the telephone, raped and then stabbed many times to death with a knife from her own kitchen. Which leads Benson, Stabler to a High School. When they find there kid (Jeremy) although they find that not only did they did find the blood stain, but that he only has the blood and not the sperm. This episode was exciting, and interesting, in that it involved a teenagers.
  • Gotta love Liz Donnelly!

    Great episode very thought provoking and some truly great acting. The plot centers around the rape and murder of a woman who was dying of Ovarian cancer and growing pot to dull the pain of chemo for herself and others. The investigation leads to two rather unlikely suspects: a 14 year old social misfit and his 12 year old calculating \"best friend.\" The episode does an excellent job highlighting the law\'s injustices as well as office politics and their effect. The last five minutes of this episode are truly heart breaking. It was also nice to finally see a \"Liz heavy\" episode. Judith Light is really brilliant in that role and while Stephanie March had very few lines for the last half hour (as she was Liz\'s second chair) there were many examples of her \"silent acting.\" Perfect episode to show anyone who wonders why people think this is such a great show! Simple answer: Because it IS a great show and here is an episode to prove it.
  • This episode seems like it is by-the-numbers until you get to the ending.

    The storyline, about the woman being attacked by a teenage boy, is unsettling, but I have to say that it didn't really grab my attention until the end, when the focus shifted to what kind of punishment the boys involved would get. I wanted to slap Jeremy's mother for refusing the deal, even though Jeremy lied and didn't try to stop the little monster Zachary, he shouldn't have been the one going to jail forever. And it is all down to age, so arbitrarily. I really didn't like Branch for taking such a tough stance, apparently just to get 'a win'. I think if he had of actually appeared in this episode and said why he wanted Jeremy charged as an adult, it wouldn't have seemed quite so callous. Of course, I did see Liz Donnelly's point as to why Jeremy is culpable.

    Donnelly is one of the best reasons to sit through this episode. I love every episode she is in, because she is such a strong character, and comes up with some great lines (she's got me worried about cats now). Bernardo is another great character.

    The adult actors all did well, and the kids did okay, too. I only think that Zachary didn't quite make it seem like he was a psychopath, more like a brat who needed to be sent to his room.

    So an okay episode, not really one of my all time favourites, but worth a watch if it happens to be repeated on TV one night. Of course, there is one very pressing reason for the OE shipper to watch it, and that is the scene where Elliot and Olivia are sitting in a restaurant or diner and Warner joins them to tell her what she found in the contents of the vomit they found at the scene. Olivia is put off the salad she was eating, but Elliot then takes her plate and is about to finish it for her (before he too is distracted). Alright, yes, it is a very small, very insignificant gesture easily chalked up to the fact that they are friends. But it seems sweet that they know each other well enough to eat from each other's place, and we shippers have to latch onto anything we can.

  • This episode was well written, emotional, funny and quite revealing about some of the top characters of the series. The only downside was the serious over-acting on the part of the young suspects.

    "Juvenile" is another great example of what makes SVU such a great series. The episode flowed well, was at times quite emotional and was pretty believable. I appreciated Liz Donnelly's cat reference. It was also great to learn a bit about ADA Cabot's personal convictions. She's usually portrayed as a stone cold victory-focused prosecutor, so it's refreshing when viewers get to see a different, more personal side of her. The writer's also did well by choosing to take a look at the legal system's treatment of minors and how devestating the effects can be on the young perps and their family. Kudos on another great episode.