Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 13 Episode 21

Learning Curve

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 09, 2012 on NBC

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  • Complete crap

    This episode was so incoherent it was unwatchable.
  • Removed from my DVR

    Again, with the gay issues. This show has become a soapbox for the gay movement. This show once focused on victim's of crime and their road to justice and recovery not anymore. Please cancel it and put it out of our misery.
  • Learning Curve

    Remember when I ripped on this show for being too all over the place? We got that times three tonight. They start with a beatdown on Fin's son's fiancee, then it turned into a radical case about lying about sexual assault in a classroom. Only on Law and Order.

    Definitely not worth watching tonight. Just an insane episode.
  • Hiding in plain sight

    Why has this show's writers once again jumped on the political correctness band wagon and promoted same-sex marriage and homosexuality. I am sure that most of the show's writers are straight men and women. Why prostitute your moral values for money?

    Lest I should be stereotyped and called ***phobic, I treat homosexuals the same as I would any human being. Gay bashing only makes the straight person look like an unintelligent ignoramous. What bothers me more that the gay person is the straight person who is too timid and cowardly to let their conviction be known in the public arena. When those of your generation compromise the most fundamental of moral issues, what will the next generation compromise down this slippery slope of moral decay? Think about it. They are your children and grandchildren.
  • Pick one case and stick with it.

    I have enjoyed this season a great deal. But this episode is reminiscent of some of the weaker episodes of previous seasons. The episodes that would start with one case and wind up with a completely different one. This episode would have been much stronger if they had followed Alejandro's assault throughout and incorporated the court case to see the outcome. Alejandro's case would have been plenty compelling on it's own and was weakened by the distraction of the school scandal storyline. Actually both cases would have been strong episodes on their own, with the trials playing out in the second act. If I had any complaint about this season, it's the lack of lawyering that Law & Order is known for.
  • Big disappointment...

    Of course they had to end this episode with yet another unrealistic hostage! I felt like it was a sad attempt to make up for the terrible first half of the episode. This was painful to watch, and throughout the entire episode I kept hoping the plot would improve. Don't get me wrong- I'm a huge fan of Law and Order Svu and this season has had it's highs, however "Learning Curve" was by far the worst of all. Fin is one of my favorite characters but it was really hard to sympathize with his son's story with all the other crap going on. I don't want this series to end, but dear god... whoever wrote this episode should hang their head in shame.