Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 14 Episode 18

Legitimate Rape

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 27, 2013 on NBC

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  • Love It

    I love it when the defendant ripped that bitch Olivia Benson in being a man hater.
  • A cameraman wrecks the life of a sports reporter.

    This was a really good episode where a sports reporter comes forward claiming to be raped by the cameraman but this episode took many turns when he was able to get his own way all the time so after the family hearing Avery had enough and she was forced to run because of one man Overall I really liked the episode and the episode had a real bad guy who you wanted to be stopped.
  • Great episode with a real villain

    Reading some reviews, I have to believe we were watching different episodes. I found this gripping start to finish.

    A sports reporter accuses her camera-man of stalking and sexual assault, only to have become pregnant from the incident. Being told that she is unable to conceive, she is torn between her desire to be a mother and the circumstances of her conception. As the trial progresses, she is forced to make a decision between her life and the future of her child.

    I won't give anything away, so just watch it with an open mind and remember that it is just TV, not a political statement and you should be fine. I give this episode 8.5/10, in comparison to other SVU episodes. One of the best of the season.
  • Excellent Episode

    Well-written, well-acted, timely & relevant. I'd give it a 9, but I want to counteract the neo-cons who target the show with poor reviews purely for political purposes. So, a 10 it is.
  • Legitimate Rape

    One of the strongest SVUs in recent memory. A great bad guy who was able to manipulate the system to his advantage, but I did not like Olivia and company breaking the rules at the end, when they claim to be unlike those corrupt police officials they help put away.

    Not an original concept, but edgy in execution.
  • Jumped the shark

    Clearly the whole episode was concocted to ridicule the statements by Todd Akin in the last election cycle. Whether the plot made sense or not was irrelevant. The writers only goal here was to slam conservatives and the religious.

    I'll wait patiently until they "rip from the headlines" the trial going on now about the doctor on trial now for murdering 7 babies by cutting their spinal columns with scissors after being born alive during partial birth abortions. Wouldn't serve the liberal agenda, would it?
  • First Review

    I have enjoyed this show for years but this week's show "Legitimate Rape" was a real turn off. This story line where a rapist gets off on due to 1 jury member "believing" in legit rape is just wrong and cheap. I expect the writers to be better than this - using a comment from some dumb misguided politician as the basis of the story line to drive a sequence of events is unrealistic. Surely there would be at least 1 jury member that would not have given in and allowed the jury to be hung.

    The path taken leaves a very predictable outcome. I expected better writing - u will lose your audience if u continue down paths just to "demonstrate" the foolishness of those who "believe in "legit rape".

  • love it

    Cant get enough of this! Yes! Yes! Yes!