Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 1 Episode 14


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 11, 2000 on NBC

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  • Limitations

    I've just now (2016) located this page after chatting with one of the actors.

    As a lifelong member of The Society of Friends, I was pleased to see our faith presented fairly and accurately. Refusal to stand in judgment of others is a cornerstone.

    Many Law and Order episodes, all franchises, have dealt with individuals making non-traditional choices (such as parents who do not vaccinate their children, non-invasive cancer treatments [not cures - treatments], mothers who do not wish to bottle-feed, and civilians who kill "enemy combatants" in peacetime, to name a few) as freaks, weirdos, and mentally ill. I have no opinion on the episodes about killers. But I will no longer watch the episodes wherein people are vilified and\or jailed for simply following their beliefs.

    Quakerism was fairly portrayed in "Limitations". At least it was not referred to as a cult. The rape victim who preferred jail to revealing her attacker's name was a bit off; exaggerating a fundamental belief of refusing to stand in judgment of others. A more realistic script would have had the Quaker victim reveal the man's name and the reason for her certainty he would not re-offend, but decline to participate in court proceedings about her own assault. By withholding her knowledge, she was refusing to help the other women, which does not fit with our beliefs.

    Friends are active in prison reform and civil disobedience. Actress Jenny Bacon played her part without emotion, another inaccuracy. Perhaps that was director Makris' idea, not Bacon's.

    Overall, it was amazing to see such a little-known religion portrayed accurately and without judgment.

    "Limitations" aired in 2000. Many law-related issues have changed since then, such as the introduction of the vile Patriot Act. What I would like to see is an extension or abolishment of a statute of limitations on rape and child molesting. These crimes can be worse than homicide. Rapists are forever free if they can lay low for 5 years? The victim will carry scars for life! And letting pedophiles off the hook if they can hide their crimes for a few is sickening. We need to be more concerned for the victims. Do your own research.

  • Out of time for limitations

    Cragen is brought in by the board to bring in the prime suspect, who raped three women in one week period five years earlier, to justice before the statue of limitations expire on each case, thanks on the request of one of the victims. Benson and Stabler got 72 hours to find him or the victims will suffer for the rest of their lives. They get a break in the case when one of the victims ran into the creep and ended up praying together. She refuses to turn him over because of her religious beliefs, and gets locked up. The detectives finally got the list of names of this group the rape victim attends and finally caught up with the rapist, who happened to be confined to a wheelchair after an accident.

    This episode was good. The plot was a bit weak. I'm not saying it's silly. The courtroom scenes are back. You know the show focuses on cops personal matters.
  • SVU has to find the rapists from several cold cases before the statute of limitations runs out.

    Captain Cragen is ordered to reopen three or four cold cases involving a rapist from years past. Since the statute of limitations is almost up in each case, SVU has to work quickly to find the rapist so they can prosecute him. Over all, this was not one of the more exciting episodes. It is predictable and somewhat anticlimactic--basically, the statute runs out on all the cases but one when they finally catch the guy. While it by all means was not one of the worst episodes, it was rather dull. I don't think I even noticed when it ended. But not a bad one to watch if you're just looking for something to fill your afternoon.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show law and order svu they are called to a court were they find out that a man raped 3 women almost 5 years ago and the 5 year limitation is about to close and they only have so little days to find out the rapist and they are doing some old investgating and they find out that it was a man that was on a bike that did messengering and they realize that one of the women who is a quaker knows who the rapist is and she wont tell the name and she goes to lockup and they find the guy and turns out he was put in jail for a break in and was raped in prison and when they found him he was in a whale chair this was a good ep
  • A complex episode that shows what television can do.

    This episode deals with the many different aspects of rape. There's the limitations of the legal system: how long can an accusation of rape be handled fairly to everyone involved? (Even one of the victims has her doubts.) There's the psychological element: victims react differently to this degrading crime. They can become aggressive, guilt-ridden or very sensitive; what do they need for 'closure'? There's the police problem: should every complaint be treated with the same attention? Interviews with former SVU detectives pointed to the unbearable burden of dealing with constant depravity. Politics can play a role: when a politician takes a rape case to make a point, the police have to put everything else aside to save their reputation, creating more stress. All these themes are fluently brought together in a single episode, some just mentioned in one brief piece of dialogue. The only storyline I found 'overdone' was the reaction of the victim who had found religion. But the surprising ending more than made up for that.
  • 4 days left on a statue of limitations and a really weird woman make the SVU detectives’ lives very difficult.

    Really freaky. A woman that not only forgives her rapist, but prays with him. It doesn’t just end there either. She tries to protect him from the SVU detectives, even talking him out of turning himself in. She goes to jail for him! Who would do that?! And if I was one of those other victims, I don’t think I would have been so calm in talking to her. I kept hoping that they would punch her in the face.

    On another note, I liked the premise of this episode. 4 days before the statute runs out on a rapist. It’s eps like this that make us love SVU.
  • This episode is about 3 women that are raped and want there killer to be found beefore the statue od limitations is gone.

    What did i think of this episode ? i thought it was ok , it was freaky . if i was the girl i wouldn't og became friends with the rapist and forgaven him . Weird Weird . But i like it when the quit girl finaly told the girl "tell me , shut up shut up you freak !!" it was like wow , u finaly saw the frustration come out of her . But the thing was that i hated how the girl tryed to point him as a victum because he has lost the power to move his legs , but he was still a rapist . He did it and thats it had had to pay although he was now disabled .
  • Law and Order Special Victims Unit!

    When the detectives catch wind of a pattern of rapes that occured five years ago, the clock starts ticking for them to solve the crime before the statue of limitations has expired. Benson and Stabler reinterview the three victims and try to piece together the evidence to find the perp. When they find out that one of the victims knows the identity of her attacker, they have to do everything in their power to get her to talk. This is a good episode. It definitely keeps you interested because the detectives are on a time crunch and they only have so much time to solve the case.
  • Fast-paced and tense.

    Three rapes all done by the same man that has yet to be caught leave the SVU squad with only days to prosecute until the statute of limitations runs out. The team starts by dividing and conquering, everyone interviewing a different victim. Then putting their heads together, race to connect all the dots. In a shocking twist that made my jaw practically hit the floor, one of the victims reveals she knew who her rapist was all along. I, along with the detectives and other victims, spent a good amount of time screaming at her, wondering how she could protect the man who did this to her and two other women. In the end all is explained and while the squad finally understood why the woman was protecting her rapist, the man still had to be punished.
  • Well this episode is a much watch one......

    I was on the edge of my seat for this episode..I could not understand why the woman was so unhelpful when she knew who and where her rapist was ... all became clear at the end and my mouth dropped open when they finally found out who he was and went to arrest him...when the went round the side of the booth he was sitting in to get him and the shop panned to him in his wheelchair, everything became one way he had got what he deserved....but he still had to pay for what he had done before he had the accident which robbed him of his legs...this of course also explained why the rapes stopped.
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