Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 12 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 22, 2010 on NBC

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  • Two true-blue parents and adopted 10-year old, magnificently portrayed

    Really, I only need say that I was fighting ever so hard at the conclusion to hold back the tears (for there were witnesses in the room with me). I never saw a TV show that moved me so much. Casting, script, acting and directing were stellar. Joan Cusack portraying Pamela Burton was the most incredible acting performance imaginable. I loved this episode like no other SVU episode I've ever seen. It had richness and varied elements, plenty to laugh at and plenty to quandary over. The ending was a tear-jerker. Just beautiful! I don't like much of contemporary movies and TV, but this one-hour drama was a *really* special treat.
  • Joan Cusack is such an amazing actress


    This episode shows why Joan Cusack is one of the best actresses of our time. She definitely brings this SVU episode to a higher level. I have been a fan of her since I saw her in Working Girl. I was surprised to see her in a tv show, because to me she is on the same level as Meryl Streep and Susan Sarandon. Nevertheless it was a nice surprise and I enjoyed this episode very much. Oh, and I have a big, big crush on her brother John.

    Kudos also to the girl who played Mackenzie.

  • When a young girl goes missing, her parents are frantic and, after all, who can blame them, considering their other daughter disappeared ten years earlier.

    Benson and Stabler investigate the disappearance of a ten-year-old girl whose parents are out of their minds because not only do they think she has run away to be with a man she met on the internet, but also, their other daughter, Ella, disappeared ten years earlier while staying in a log cabin in the woods with her mother.

    Looking into the disappearance, Benson and Stabler find that the mother in particular is beyond the point of hysteria and, it turns out, has never believed that her first daughter is actually dead. Further investigations find the young girl but Benson is extremely disturbed when she learns that the child has a computer chip implanted in her arm so that she can be tracked. (When the technology is fully operational.)

    On top of all of this, Eric Weber, a man first suspected of being the one who lured the child away but who is, in fact, someone who assists abused children, seems very keen on Benson and she, in turns understands how he must feel following the suicide of his younger sister after she had been raped.

    A really good season opener with a great storyline and some excellent guest stars.

    THIS IS SVU!!!!!!!! I just have to say that! This is, by far, the greatest season premiere in a long time. Very emotional, surprising turns of events, etc. All of it was what makes SVU the best show on television yet!! The acting was awesome, the writing very original!! I think people will be happy because if it goes on this way for the whole season, then I just have to say that SVU is back on track with the viewership!! Now the only thing that is missing is a great A.D.A. Personnally, I wish Diane Neal would still be there or even Stephanie March but I'm willing to give a chance to the new one.
  • Ladies and gentlemen this is what SVU is all about!

    An absolutely amazing episode! Great storyline, interesting twists and turns which kept me on the edge of my seat. Great acting. I love how SVU can make you believe one thing and then blow it up into something else entirely. If every episode has the goods this one had I believe SVU will have a very good season. The ending of season 11 was just ok, but they came back this season and reminded me why I started watching the show in the first place. All that was missing was an EO moment,oh right there was one,but not the one I meant. I have to say that I'm warming up to Eric,he has a strong personality yet he's sensitive. He'll keep Liv busy,happy hopefully satisfied until Elliott realizes that Liv is the best thing that ever happened to him. We all know that could take a while because he's as stubborn as they get. Don't get me wrong I like Kathy and I don't want El to cheat on her. I don't think it's in Liv's personality to do that either. I hope the writers find an honest way to get El and Liv together. But for now wonderful episode. My expectations have been met.
  • Great season premiere.

    Pretty good episode with a lot of twists and turns. Spoilers ahead:

    I wasn't really sure where this one was going. I am not sure I liked the answer- that some random sleazy guy married the girl and kept her in the woods for all those years- but what was really quality writing was the girl being adopted to fill the void left by the missing daughter. Olivia's disgust over the parents trying to replicate their first child was visceral and it explained the girl's motives for trying to run away with her foster brother. The ending scene where she stands in the background and watches while the family embraces long-lost "Emma" was a nice touch and a subtle way to wrap up a case where just about everyone was a victim.