Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 14 Episode 1

Lost Reputation

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 26, 2012 on NBC

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  • Will it last?

    Last season SUV wasted time on episodes about social issues and not on crime and murder. I'm too afraid to give this episode the rating it deserve, which is 9.0, due to their record of going south on the political social band wagon. If they continue with this caliber of writing; this season will be great and their ratings will go up. Let's keep our collective fingers crossed.
  • Glad He's Back

    I know I'm a little late with this... but I don't have tv and only just now watched this episode :O I loved both parts of this episode! Of course, I'm a sucker for anything with Dean Winters in it :D and I have watched SVU since season 1 (I have all the seasons on DVD to prove it lol)... I hope they keep having Cassidy on he was my fave character in the first season before he left too :P
  • Now it makes sense with some OMG

    By last season's finale I know Capt. Cragen didn't do it. First,the episode started with previeous scenes which lead up to the plot (They used it on 'Homicide').Then,Benson wakes up naked by a call from her boss.Was she sleeping with another man ,or playing with herself?Who knows.Then, flash back about 36 hours when the hooker was talking to Det.Amaro saying she needs help,then she calls him at home while his wife is present. Does she had a feeling he's cheating on her?Then,the pro talks to Boss at a diner,then follows him on the way home asking he needs company.Now it makes sense. But,then Cragen is taken by the cops,then ordered to strip by M.E. Warner. He showing some scratches. Then,the unit is told by an interim (Adam Baldwin) not to mention the case. Meanwhile, old colleague Cassidy is still working with a Jewish pimp,who's at war with the Madam who owns a farm. Amaro has a grudge against him and doesn't trust him. He gets even more pissed when his wife wants a seperation. Cragen has been arrested and locked up ,and an ADA (Paget Brewster) to back it up.She tells Benson that everyone has secrets including her boss. Talk about double lives like that Madam. Good thing Benson's still faithful 'cause she knows the Cap didn't do it. Then a tense showdown between Amaro and Cassidy in the bathroom. Cassidy calling Amaro 'Ricky Ricardo' is like a racial insult. Amaro dosen't like that a points the gun at white boy. Cut to black.

    It was good. Good thing they still had the theme song. I thought they was gonna use the "Law & Order:Trail By Jury" theme just like L&O:Criminal Intent".

    Ahh Cant wait for this episode hehehehehehe im such a freak when i watch these with my family everytime they make a sound i go SHUT UP hahaha luv it is it really ending FOREVER???????????????
  • An Epic Premiere

    This was an epic premiere the plot twists and counter twists were something to behold and I was spellbound for 2 riveting hours of awesome TV. The Law and Order franchise still delivers .

    The Captain is lucky to have people who believe in him so much I don't think in the face of such overwhelming evidence I would have continued believing.

    I never particularly liked Det Benson I find her sanctimonious same too Amaro ( gawd imagine liking with such a boring by the book person , would drive a person mad!), but they make the series so much more believable. Mounch I like but since he made Sgt has been kinda redundant. Paget Brewster rocked but I guessed she would easily be compromised from her devotion to her daughter .

    Phew how are they gonna top this.....I have no idea but I''ll be tuning in each week to see!
  • part 2

    fanastic way to end the episode. figured the guy who did..was the guy who did it. i hope cassidy stays around more often. nick detective is off the hook for now..i still dont like him. if elliot was here he would of solved the case in 10 minutes. haha but all joking aside the episode was fantastic, a great way to start seaosn 14. now all we need to stabler back and SVU is the best show on TV again..