Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 14 Episode 1

Lost Reputation

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 26, 2012 on NBC

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  • Now it makes sense with some OMG

    By last season's finale I know Capt. Cragen didn't do it. First,the episode started with previeous scenes which lead up to the plot (They used it on 'Homicide').Then,Benson wakes up naked by a call from her boss.Was she sleeping with another man ,or playing with herself?Who knows.Then, flash back about 36 hours when the hooker was talking to Det.Amaro saying she needs help,then she calls him at home while his wife is present. Does she had a feeling he's cheating on her?Then,the pro talks to Boss at a diner,then follows him on the way home asking he needs company.Now it makes sense. But,then Cragen is taken by the cops,then ordered to strip by M.E. Warner. He showing some scratches. Then,the unit is told by an interim (Adam Baldwin) not to mention the case. Meanwhile, old colleague Cassidy is still working with a Jewish pimp,who's at war with the Madam who owns a farm. Amaro has a grudge against him and doesn't trust him. He gets even more pissed when his wife wants a seperation. Cragen has been arrested and locked up ,and an ADA (Paget Brewster) to back it up.She tells Benson that everyone has secrets including her boss. Talk about double lives like that Madam. Good thing Benson's still faithful 'cause she knows the Cap didn't do it. Then a tense showdown between Amaro and Cassidy in the bathroom. Cassidy calling Amaro 'Ricky Ricardo' is like a racial insult. Amaro dosen't like that a points the gun at white boy. Cut to black.

    It was good. Good thing they still had the theme song. I thought they was gonna use the "Law & Order:Trail By Jury" theme just like L&O:Criminal Intent".