Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 13 Episode 9

Lost Traveler

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 30, 2011 on NBC

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  • Ripped from the UK headlines. But that was just an element as this episode looked into different issues, all interesting. Spoilers in main body.


    When the parents come out celebrating that their child was alive because his voicemail had been cleared I knew it was journalists and how appropriate the journo was played with an English accent as that was exactly what the News Of The World did here in the UK.

    This section was infuriating and harrowing just because the press don't think they do anything wrong when they do anything to get a story. Well done SVU for showing the press in their true light - that they will do anything for a story.

    The rest of the story was interesting indeed. Lots of issues but perhaps it ended with the most interesting of all - how on earth someone can be as cold and unfeeling as the real perp. Racialism, closed communities, prejudice against those mentally disabled, journalists lacking any integrity and finally asurprising resolution. Lots packed in but it flowed very well.

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    "Lost Traveler" started off a lot like most episodes have this season...well. Having no SVU members seen before the opening credits? Brilliant. Then it got way too out of control with the propaganda, the lawyering up/protective relative, and the real culprit being revealed at the end. Too much nonsense ruined a storyline that was sabotaged when he was revealed to be dead halfway through the show.

    And what was with a random Gilbert Gottfried cameo as a computer guy?

  • Easily one of the better of the season! It shows the prejudices of people when it comes down to certain ethinicities & the policeand it shows how in any neighborhood how fast a mentally disabled person can be picked out for a crime, one he/she didn't do.


    This is one of the more real episodes of Law & Order: SVU! If you can get past Chris Meloni's departure (which I can) you can see that this season of Law & Order: SVU can be compared to seasons 1 thru 7 (the better years of SVU).

    A little Romani boy goes missing, fingers are immedately pointed at his parents and later a mentally ill man. Conflicts arise between Detectives Amaro and Rollins (Danny Pino and Kelli Giddish); which I find them getting into conflict possibly being one of the better things out of the Amaro/Rollins partnership. Of course the boy is found... dead. I'm not going to spoil anymore but this episode is a lot more than what it seems!

    Pretty much every other scene in the last 30 mins of the episode had emotions running high - a lot of mourning, crying, yelling/screaming.

    This is one of the many episodes in the U.S. Law & Order brand that aren't directly ripped from the headlines, but ripped from life. This is why NBC needs to renew SVU season 14, and pick-up another Law & Order series for the U.S.

    No other shows on television asks the hard question(s) and shows the truthlike the Law & Order franchise.