Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 10 Episode 4


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 21, 2008 on NBC

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  • Average, and that's being nice...

    The opening sequence and the one that followed were good, but this episode seem to slack off after that. I had the murderer pegged almost from the get go because he just seemed to know too much about the victim. Two suspects and a shooting in the precinct later Eliot finally sees above the respect he has for this guy (he has known him for many years and looked up to him) after the fingerprints prove what I (and probably some of you) suspected all along. On the up side, James Brolin was magnificent in his role; he was very convincing.
  • So, when doesn't the big start end up being the guilty party?

    If they'd done this exact same story with a no-name actor playing Stabler's hero, it would have been infinitely better. But because his hero was played by James Brolin, it was obvious from the start that he was the killer, and so when Eliot had his epiphany at the end of the episode and reviewed all the ways Brolin had tried to mislead them, there was no surprise to it at all. I'd picked up on every single point along the way (including being able to predict from the moment Brolin too Chris Eliott's character - Thibidoux - aside that Brolin was going to tell him that the skinny kid was the killer and that Thibidoux would attack him and then be killed in the resulting brouhaha.) Last week's episode was amazing, one of the best ever for this series, but this week? There was potential, but their tendency to have the big-name guest-star was like pouring motor oil into an otherwise delicious stew.
  • I really liked this eppy. Its another great eppy.

    I really like this episode. Its not the pest episode ever but it was really intresting, its one of those episodes that make good reruns. Im not into the whole space thing but i still liked the whole concept. I expected it was the guy the moment i saw him. It was just the way he talked after they told him about her death that made me suspecious. The whole episode i knew it was him but i had no clue why he did it, but the moment i saw elliot's face when he but the rocket down, I thought "OMG he killed her because he wanted to go to the moon and she was standing in his way." I think that i have been watching SVU so much that im starting to think like a cop. I really like the end, were the guy looks at the moon and then Olivia come in. I loved it but i think that was the perfect appertunity for a E/O moment.
  • Stabler realises his childhood hero isn't all he thought he was??

    I love, love *love* the end when Olivia's all "is everything okay?" in that super-sexy blue dress
    and he's like "no," This is so exactly what Stabler needs to do, fall apart. I cannot wait to see what happens in the next episode. I kind of want another one of those Elliot visits Olivia's apartment for some emotions!! I can't remember what episode he shows up at her door - Oh the one with her brother?? Oh gosh, but anyway, something like that. This is like Prime E/O time!! I seriously need some personal stuff to happen with them two, it's like why I watch the show.
  • Another great episode for Elliot

    In this episode of Law and Order: SVU the following happens. The body of a woman is found floating. She has been mutilated and both of her hands have been cut off. The team then see a woman being attacked and head straight there and soon discover that a movie is being made and that the woman in fact is an actress. All 3 of them are pulled in for questioning. We soon learn that there is a serial rapist out there who is driving a cab, the same cab as the one who was seen where the body was dumped. They find some DNA at the dump site and when it is during it matches that of an Orlando, who used to be a cabbie until he went to jail. He got out and the rapes began. So Olivia goes uncover hoping to lure him out. The sting goes well and they manage to arrest him. The last victim ID's him as the man who raped her after hearing his voice. He admits to raping all of the women, but not to the murder. He says he has an alibi for that night, as he was raping another woman. Through retinal scans they identify the woman as a Marga Janson who was an astronaut. They got o the event she was in and Elliott bumps into an old friend. We see El's friend as he as he asks El if there is anything going on between him and Olivia but El says that he's married. El's son Dickie (as Olivia calls him) turns up at the station to meet the man who he is named after. Their prime suspect freaks out and shoots and kills someone at the station. He is then killed. Luckily El manages to rush Dickie out of the way in time. The older Dyke asks Olivia out to a marine benefit. And she agrees. Elliott goes round to see Dyke and believes that he is upset that he has asked Olivia out for dinner. Elliott asks him why he murdered Marga, and at first he denies it. He attacks Elliott and so El has to fight him to save his own life. At the end of the episode we see Elliott as he takes Dyke out of the hotel and into police custody. Just then Olivia turns up for her big date, and sees what has happened.