Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 7 Episode 15


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 07, 2006 on NBC

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  • Worst episode ever

    This is the worst episode of SVU I have seen. Not one part of this story line seemed plausable. The staged rapes were just too over the top. This is an area that SVU has touched on befor and in prior instances the writers/directors handle these well. Not so with this episode. Plus the Munchausin Syndrom angle seems way over played as well.

    Rebecca DeMorney, who's work I love, seems to have phoned it in on this one. I suspect that the problem here is not with Ms. Demorney but probably more a syptom of the unusualy bad writing that seem to plague this episode.
  • What was that and why was it on my television screen? Please bring back the SVU I know and love!

    Okay I think it's pretty clear from the rating and title that I did not like the episode. I didn't hate it (I don't think I can really hate anything that SVU presents) but seriously. It was far-fetched to the point of absurdity and yet still predictable. The acting was, of course, not at fault. All of the actors on this show are incredible and deserve a lot more acclaim then they currently get (Where is Mariska's Emmy and Meloni's nomination at least?!) The main problem I had was with the writing. It didn't make any sense. It was as if the writer's sat down with the intention of writing an episode where a "woman in a wheelchair" was the perp then took the most convoluted way possible to achieve that. Special ops?! Spider man?! You can do better that that guys! I know you can do better than that! The title of this episode was accurate. The writer's manipulated logic and, in my opinion, the audience. This is not what SVU is about (though I am kinda disappointed in the season so far). Please please please don't ruin my show!
  • When i say that it was silly i mean it was funny as in ha ha and it was also silly because the story was a lit far fetched, the perp reminded me of a perp they would have had on Criminal Intent.

    Although a little far fetched, it was still a fairly decent episode. Some of the lines in the episode were just plain hilarious, especially hearing the doctor swear. Munch's comment after getting assaulted by the man was also pretty good. Everybody that's in the credits were in the episode today. What a pleasent suprise. Not the best episode, ceertainly not the worst.
  • One of the most twisted plots that I've seen.

    This show had a little of everything that I enjoy when I watch this show. The ending was spectatcular. Man, that was great when he dumped her into the pool. What would have they done if she couldn't swim? She really knew how to work the system in her favor and keep everyone in the dark that she was better. The use of her own husbands sperm to set him up was disgusting, but ingenius.
  • Predictable!

    What the hell was that?

    SVU has taken up the new trend of having so-called big name celebs appear on the show, but instead of the show being interesting it has become boring.

    The episode had my interest the he beginning, but then it got so DAMN predictable. I knew the wife had set him up...anyone could have seen that she was faking that attack in the court room.

    This show has simple gone down the toliet.
  • This is one of those episodes that you really could find interjected randomly into any of the seasons...

    I'd watch this one again. The plot was good enough to have me watching through the entire episode, but I can honestly say that I don't remember much of it now. The ending was a bit predictable, though it's always fun when you're able to guess before the detectives do. The writers did have to courtesy to add a few funny one-liners tragically placed throughout the episode, which I feel have been lacking in some of the other season seven episodes. In any event, I really do feel that this episode serves as a filler to those ever so exciting episodes that the network has been releasing spoilers about.
  • Manipulated was another great episode.

    Okay, I know the plot was predictable, but who cares? It was anothe great episode with a lot of thrills. The shoocking death of a dancer, I think it was a I don't remember, the list of suspects, the fiance,lover and of the obvious choice, which I won't say, because I don't want to ruin it for those who haven't seen it yet. Chris Potter did a great job of playing the husband, who got a surprise of his own. By the way, the ending was kind of funny, but that's just my opinion, hehe. Over all, I give it a 10=)
  • CSI does what CSI does best: outlandish and often ridiculous storylines. In future, I advise that SVU steer clear of their rival's territory.

    This was mostly a very good episode. All the regular players did very well, as did most of the guest stars, and the storyline in it's essence (woman with Munchausen's Syndrome plots elaborate murders to keep her husband tied to her) was fine. But the absailing assassin? Oh no no no.

    I felt a bit funny, sitting in front of my TV hearing about a killer who climbed hand-over-hand along a wire between buildings and then used his mountain-climbing skills to get in through the windows of both women's apartments. Where's Grissom? Where are the torches?

    The idea that anyone would come up with such an elaborate and ridiculous way to kill people was stretching it, the idea that no one at all saw this guy parasailing down the side of a building is really stretching it. CSI makes it's name with such entertaining but highly improbable storylines, but SVU and Law and Order franchise in general are meant to be the more realistic crime shows. And so, to see something like this here, just seemed a little silly.

    Other than that, I thought the storyline was good. I really think it could have worked just as well if Tessa McKellen had hired a 'traditional' sort of assassin, rather than a show-off.

    In response to a certain TV reviewer for a certain Melbourne newspaper (who made me nearly spit out my teeth with a unjustifiedly harsh review of this episode and the L&O franchise in general): we were MEANT to know who the real killer was halfway through the episode, so don't think you're clever at having worked it out. The rest of the episode was devoted to finding out how she did it, unravelling her lies and catching her for it.

    To be fair to the reviewer though, she wasn't entirely wrong about some things. Rebecca de Mornay did well enough as Tessa, but she should've taken some seizure lessons from the actors on House before she filmed the courtroom scene. In summary, a good episode, not great, but completely brought down by a silly twist that it didn't need to have.
  • Law and Order Special Victims Unit!

    When the NYPD respond to a 911 call, they find the body of Vicky Riggs. They think that she was murdered by someone who doesn't want her to get married because her engagement ring was stolen. Throughout the investigation they find that Vicky often moonlighted as an exotic dancer and that she was having an affair. Fingers are then pointed in her lover's direction.

    This was a good episode. I think that the storyline was really good and it was shocking to see that someone could willingly harm themselves and make themselves sick in order to gain sympathy from others. You never know what kind of people there are out there.
  • Nothing to write home about, even if I am writing this review...

    This one didn't grab me with its plot. It is just another attorney alleged to be a perp who is trying to avoid responsibility for her actions. Also - the last couple of minutes faltered - does anyone really believe that a husband who has believed in his wife's innocence all that time would all of a sudden decide she is guilty and shove her and her wheelchair into a pool? That was a little over the top....I did enjoy the Lethal Weapon references in the beginning, though. The writer must be a fan of those movies - the victim being named Vicky Riggs was funny.