Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 13 Episode 5

Missing Pieces

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 2011 on NBC

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  • Great emotional episode


    Great emotional episode about guilt and love. Spoilers: I like the way the episode throw us in another direction and came to a surprising ending. At first, I thought the sister had something to do with it, but was glad to see a perpetrator free episode about loving parents, imperfect humans (especially the anger case father) and their guilt about the death of their baby which made them do crazy things.

  • Warren Leight - PLEASE stick to producing! I haven't seen any of the episodes he wrote for L&O:CI, but this second episode which he co-wrote was another disaster.


    I'm close to giving up hope -- if it weren't for Mariska Hargitay, I'd have quit watching a long time ago. Speaking of her, though, her Dt. Benson apparently now is the personified powers that be, at least according to Mr. Leight. Without checking back with Captain Cragen, yes, without even informing him, she orders a full-on search of the whole perimeter (including divers, at night...) after they find the car; of course, the NYPD is swimming in money and counts of police people are just waiting to be ordered. She also makes the decision to let a suspect go, without consulting the ADA. And on and on.

    Would this missing child even be a case for the SVU squad? The whole squad and the whole of the NYPD police force? On what grounds did they keep the parents, and separated?

    Seriously. I start to think all the effort went into the first episode of the season. And I think I also know why Stephanie March hasn't put in another appearance after the first few eps. She probably read the scripts and said, "No way. You know, better go ahead and get back that A.D.A. that was almost disbarred. Nobody will notice, and of course she'd have her old job back just like that. Just like I do, every time I reappear."

    I almost forgot: we're also back to the "Soap-Stares." (The long, poignant stares into each other faces, in case you don't know what that is. Watch a soap -- or a Friends episode during Joey's stint on the soap -- and you'll know what I mean.)

    Shark, anybody?

  • An episode with emotion


    This episode like this has been done before, but svu nailed it in Missing Pices.

    This episode was about a mother who went into a store to buy diapers for her infant child who was in the car (Who does that!) and she comes out to find that the car was stolen... or was it.

    Like i said in the beginning, this episode had feeling, thisepisode makes you go "wow".

    This review is very short, but what i said is all you need to know. The ending is both a good/sad ending, but it very rewarding.

  • 1305


    "Missing Pieces" was one of the craziest episodes as of late, I loved the idea of a stolen baby and you would think that would be something this show would handle well. Unfortunately, things quickly got out of hand when it turned out the baby was not actually kidnapped, but rather the alleged victims accidentally killed it. Talk about one of your all-time dumb Law and Order twists.