Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 14 Episode 13

Monster's Legacy

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 06, 2013 on NBC

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  • horrible

    this episode just really sucked.
  • Monster's Legacy

    The pervert character played by Ed Asner that could read the body language and strategize against convinction was intriguing, but this episode as a whole was a little too over the top. They tried too hard to have a Jerry Sandusky-esque case, and then trying to have Mike Tyson as a sympathetic figure was a little weird as well.
  • Still a none starter

    It's a shame that relative episodes like this gets over shadowed by horrible "Politically Motivated" episodes like the one last week. The producers/writers of this show seem only to care about getting their personal message out; in hope of shaping opinions regarding their perverted viewers. This show will like all the other with the same under lying message be canceled. The general viewing public is choking on the crap! Note: The idea to take one of the toughest black-men in modern pop culture and make him a victim (rape) of this horrible act is over the top. Mike Tyson served his time. Your need to see him behind bars on TV was really shallow.
  • Awful

    Check out my comments in the Forum. I knew as soon as I saw the preview that the episode was about a black man on death row what it was going to be about. Every TV crime drama does at least one of these every season. Sure he was technically guilty but his victim deserved it and the racist justice system screwed him over so he should get off. When was the last time the NYPD worked to exonerate a murderer in another state?

    As an aside, what happened to the tattoo on Tyson's face?
  • Intriguing

    What an episode! It was suspenseful as well as sad. The episode was almost perfect.


    I just wish we got to see what happened to the old guy at the end. I wanted to know if he would convicted.