Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 9 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 27, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode begins with a child running down a street, covered in blood and a man in hot pursuit. He runs into a woman's arms and when she sees the state that he is in the man says that he only wants to help him. Next the kid gets passed into the hands of an official who checks him out and discovers that he isn't hurt just splattered with blood. Elliot asks the kid his name and he says "Tommy" when asked for his last name he claims he doesnt know. he says his moms name is "mommy" then jumps into Elliot's arms and says he wants his daddy.

He refuses to let go of Elliot and no-one could find out who he belongs to. He is brodcasted live over the news as the kid with one name and soon people come in to get him. Meanwhile Elliot takes him home and gives him a bath and fresh clothes. When a legit person comes claiming Tommy Elliot checks with Tommy first to see if its his dad. tommy responds by leaping out of Elliots arms and runs to the guy screaming daddy.

When asked if he called his wife the man answered he tried but he couldnt get through. The detectives and the man then go out and search for Leah at the house. At the house they dicover a dead body. The man relieved says that it wasnt Leah it was their maid, Jodi.

Jodi was raped then beaten to death. The detectives continue their search for Leah and tracks her down to a motel thinking she was being raped only to find her getting laid by her boyfriend.

Benson and Stabler take her into questioning and finds out that Jodi was a Morman nanny and got the names of her two nanny friends. When they question the nanny friends they find that she had a boyfriend whom she met on a site named When they search the computer they get three hits and they explore each one. finally they get lucky with the third hit a guy named Raphael gardener. After some great detective work they get a confession and book him.

Then some disturbing news surfaces, Jake keegan isnt Tommy's biological father. while arguing whether or not they should tell Jake benson and Stabler realise that he is in the room.

Stabler and Keegan talk about it for a while and the conversion ends with Keegan's groundbreaking statement; how would you feel if you found out that one of your children wasnt yours.

At home Stabler is worried that the child Katharine is carrying may not be his. He partially confronts her about her actions during their separation and she is outraged. While talking to his wife Stabler gets a call from olivia about a fight in the keegan house between the husband and the boyfriend, matt. matt showed up and wanted to see Tommy so jake attacked him. Stabler arrests them both.

it only gets worse as Stabler finds out that Jake is irrevocably connected to Tomy by law meaning that even though he isnt the biological father he still would have to pay child support and alimony.

Matt filed for custody of tommy and jake brings tommy but sends him up with another detective and leaves. Tommy says that his daddy went away and his mommy went away too just like jodi. Stabler and benson go out looking for them when they arrive at the house they find leah dead and no sign of Jake. Stabler presumes he went out by his lakehouse in north forks to kill himself and tells the officers there to hold him and benson offers to take kathy for her check-up.

At north forks Stabler gets jake and they talk then he calls to check up on his wife and benson. After the call their car is struck by a black car and olivia isnt badly injured but kathy is hurt. Olivia calls for the ambluance and fire department then jumps out of the car.

When help reaches at first olivia is asked to get medical attention but then when they realise they need someone to stabilise her neck Olivia jumps back in and assists by putting on a brace. Katharine's water breaks and Olivia is instucted on how to insert fluids into her. The firemen cut off the roof and then they go for the front and her contractions start to come on strong. When they finally get her out she is hoisted into an ambluance and an emergency delivery is performed. She holds her baby then passes out. Olivia takes it from her. At the hospital Eliiot rushes in and holds his baby and talks to kathy. He goes out and thanks Olivia and hugs her. He says kathy wants to name the baby after him and olivia comments that, that is just what the world needs another Elliot Stabler.