Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 9 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 27, 2007 on NBC

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  • Fine until crash, which was overly dramatic and unrealistic.

    Law and Order SVU is one of my favorite shows. This episode, however, is the reason I joined this site: I had to write a review about the ending, involving the crash (which is not a spoiler, because they showed an incredible amount of commercials focused on only this 15 minute aspect of the episode). As I watched, I thought several things:

    *This is overly dramatic to the point of being silly/sappy. Are they losing ratings or something?
    *That is obviously not possible and seems ridiculous (mainly the time it took to give birth)
    *That was predictable (Kathy is out in time to give birth, and the baby is okay, but of course there will now be either a problem with the baby or -- and this is specifically what I said to my friend next to me would happen only moments before it did-- Kathy's heart monitor would go flat.)

    The crash could have been a good part of the episode... I certainly was looking forward to seeing the episode because of the commercials. However, the details made it overdone and almost silly. By showing less it could have made the episode so much better. Show the crash; Olivia waking up, calling for help; Fin telling Elliot and Elliot's reaction; and maybe bits of the rescue, like when they were trying to get Kathy out. Even having her water break would be okay. That would be enough drama without watching the entire getting out process and worrying that the baby would be born any minute (OBVIOUSLY not possible to happen that fast, and, I would imagine, annoying to any woman who has had to go through childbirth), nor would we have to see the baby being born. Cut from Olivia going to hold her head and the firemen starting to get the car apart to the hospital, maybe.

    Also, some people seem to think the hug between Elliot and Olivia was romantic. But they have been partners for nine years, which would make them good friends in any occupation, and Elliot would therefore be very greatful that she is okay. In their occupation, the constant emotional stress and danger they experience every day would make them very close to one another. Let's not try to read romance into it... especially in an episode that shows more than the usual of Kathy and Elliots relationship.

    Not that I would say this episode is bad. I thought the beginning was perfectly good, and I like how Elliot was affected by the case (suddenly worried that because he and Kathy were separated, the baby might not be his). And I don't mean I like it because i thought it was good that Elliot had this thought... a small part of me was going, oh, come on, Elliot... but it was very fitting. If only they hadn't overdone the end.
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