Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 10 Episode 8


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 25, 2008 on NBC

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  • The Beginning Is Bull

    The opening to this episode was so biased I turned it off. The prolife pharmacist was so over the top that she was a caricature. Had a show made by conservatives and written a prochoice as an extreme nut the liberals would be outraged and demand to be pulled. Olivia Benson should be skinned and fed to pitbulls.
  • One of the best episodes.

    This is my first review ever and I don't normally review because I tend to just rate the episodes but this episode warranted a review. This is seriously one of the best episodes because in my opinion, it moved me greatly and this is an issue that is a big part of the world and our society. Domestic violence isn't a light issue and this episode highlighted it very well. During this episode, I was in awe most of the time because of the twists in the plot and the characters and it's why I give this episode a perfect 10.
  • Heartbreaking.

    At the start, the episode focuses on a young woman, Mia Lorimer, who is being brutally battered and raped by her husband. Her neighbor, an older woman named Linnie Malcolm, strives mightily to convince Mia to admit what her husband has done and let Olivia help her. Mia presses charges against her husband but later recants out of fear and goes back to him. And the husband murders her. It is then that we realize the true focus of this episode. Linnie Malcolm has kept some terrible secrets for more than thirty years, and Mia's murder brings them slowly to the surface. Linnie was herself a horribly abused woman and killed her abuser after repeated rapes and beatings. She was arrested but escaped, and quietly assumed a new identity and a new life with Jonah Malcolm, a man who adores her. Now she goes back to jail, facing murder and escape charges. She finds that she may not be able to defend herself against the murder charge without revealing what made her so desperate to escape after her initial arrest. The acting is excellent as always, but Brenda Blethyn stands out as Linnie. She is determined and fiery in the beginning when fighting for Mia, but there is something haunted about her. And after her arrest, the frightened, insecure, self-hating woman from thirty years ago re-emerges. In an episode of sad endings, Linnie's is perhaps the saddest. Brenda Blethyn's performance here touched me deeply.
  • A woman is in an abusive relationship with her husband and doesn't want a baby with him. Their downstairs neighbour is a murderer from 34 years previous who was also in an abusive relationship.

    Okay...It was an okay-ish story line, i guess. It was well-acted for the most part. But was I the only one tired of hearing that old woman droan on for a monologue of like 10 minutes?? The episode had NO interaction between Benson and Stabler and that really disappointed me. There was really no answers to the original case with Mia and her husband, but went on and on and on about the old woman. There was a lot of dramatic looks and silences. I was sick of hearing that old woman talk and when she kept talking and talking I was tempted to turn off the show (But I waited a week for it, so I decided to stick it out)

    The judge suddenly stepping down to get back at the woman was very OoC for me and i didn't really like it. All in all, I found it boring and not really that interesting because it was just a lot of talking and confessing. There was no real mystery. It was a boring filler episode where nothing really happened.
  • An episode with some potential is ruined by a sub par performance by Brenda Blethyn as her whiny and nasally voice ruins the dramatic scenes.

    This episode was disappointing. The second half seemed more focused on making it a vehicle for Brenda Blethyn's acting chops, and that might of been fine, except the voice she uses in all the dramatic scenes is so cringe worthy that I found myself hoping that she actually DID kill her husband. At least then it would've given me a reason to hate her besides her god awful whiny voice. Her voice wasn't going to tug at my heart strings one bit.

    Another thing that bothered me was that we are subjected to hearing the whole ordeal from HER awful voice. There wasn't anything else out there like a newspaper headline or people alive that still might know her? Did we have to listen to her TALKING all that time, it got annoying before Judge Denally came in and it didn't really add anything except for us not having to put up with another poor acting job (Michaela McManus).

    This episode was a chore to sit through if only because of Brenda Blethyn's awful old lady voice.
  • An episode on domestic violence with an interesting twist.

    This episode touched on domestic violence - maybe an overplayed subject matter but I find always relevant and important as long as there are victims too scared to leave their tormentor. I hate it when the victims go back which is what happened in this episode and of course, the victim is killed when she is back. The interesting twist here, a second plot sort of speak, is the discovery that the nice neighbor had committed a crime of murder many years previously. It was a case of domestic violence also. It kind of felt like that writers needed to fill an hour hence the second plot.
  • Another great one

    In this episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, the following happens. A woman goes to the pharmacy for the morning after pill; she "attacks" the woman behind the counter, and claims she was raped. Elliott and Olivia are called into investigate and the find the young woman, chained to a desk by a security guard. We soon learn that the young woman's name is Mia. EO take her to the hospital. She talks them through what happened. When EO head over to the crime scene they are met there by CSU. CSU inform them that Mia is lying as there is motor oil where she said the attack happened and if it had happened there she would have been covered in oil. They soon believe that, due to her bruises being where clothes would be, that it was her husband. EO go to see the couple who live below Mia's house and they confirm what they believed about the abuse. The old lady and Liv get Mia to go downstairs and she her in the mirror the bruises which her husband has given her. She presses charges against her Husband and Liv helps her get into a shelter so that she can start a new life. Then the husband's attorney comes into the office and tells EO that she has dropped all of the charges and has gone back to her husband.
    Liv goes to see Lynne, the old lady who lives below. She shows Liv a set of stairs which lead to the upstairs apartment and the one below. Liv stays there and when she hears him attacking Mia she races up there. She finds Mia with a knife in her chest. She then dies in Livs arms. Fingerprints found on the phone in Mia's house match that of Lynne and we learn that she is wanted for murder over 30 years before. We soon learn that he was abusing her and she was saving money to leave him, but he found it and accused her of selling herself to make the money. He raped her and she killed him, with his own gun. But she is arrested and put on trial. Once on trial she admits that she was pregnant and that she ran so that she could get an abortion. At the end of the trial she is found not guilty on the count of murder, but guilty on the court of jumping bail. The people decide to offer probation for the guilty charge. At the end of the episode he husband says that he can't forgive her for the children and grandchildren which she has stolen from him.
  • Another great episode

    This episode begins like almost any other SVU episode: a woman claims she has been raped. Olivia and Elliot find out the woman's story wasn't true, however, she was her husband. The detectives soon discover there is more than meets the eye. It is soon discovered the woman's downstairs neighbor has a secret of her own.
    Overall, I enjoyed this episode. The storyline was good, although I would have liked to heard more about the young woman's storyline.
    Also, it was cool to see Kelly Bishop ("Emily Gilmore" on Gilmore Girls) guest star as an attorney, but I wish she would have had more lines.
  • A voice from the past

    Every so often the Law and Order series reaches back into the distant past during the course of a case and does it well ("Ramparts" from the original Law and Order is my all time favorite episode). This was no exception. An excellent performance by Brenda Blethyn as a woman living a lie for 34 years and how it came to light when another woman who was beaten constantly by her husband dies. The scenes between her and Olivia were as well written as they were heart wrenching. All around praise to the writers for their insight making this the best episode so far this season.
  • All of Benson and Stabler's work exposing the truth surrounding a false rape report may be lost when the victim recants her testimony, and Olivia's attempt to keep her safe exposes a deeper and deadlier secret.

    This is one of the best SVU episodes I've seen in a long time. The guest stars alone make watching this episode worth while. Brenda Blethyn (Linnie Malcolm) in absolutely amazing, her performance is so well done that you'd be hard pressed to find anyone isn't moved by it. It's nice to see Judith Light (Elizabeth Donnelly) is back with an extended part in this episode. She does a great job, and I hope that we see more of her in the coming season.
    While the boys from the 1-6 don't make much of an appearance in this episode, Mariska Hargitay (Olivia Benson) is outstanding in her performance, demonstrating why this show has been on the air for so long.
    I hope the next few episodes live up to this one, and that Richard Belzer (John Munch) makes another appearance soon. I miss all his crazy conspiracy theories.
  • OMG I think I screamed and squealed throughout 87% of the episode. I'm still catching my breath!

    This episode far exceeded expectations. I loved how Judge Donelly (sp?) gave up her seat to go to the DA's office and prosecute Caroline/Linny for tarnishing the reputation she worked so hard to receive. It was great to see the episode cover a 34 year old case, leading to a bitter-sweet conclusion.
    I love how involved Olivia was in this one. Mariska did an outstanding job as usual, we even got to see a little bit of her husband in the show. It was an overall awesome episode dealing with the oh so common issue of domestic abuse.
    I am so happy to have seen this episode and I am so looking forward to next week's PTSD. If you haven't seen it, find it and watch ASAP!