Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 10 Episode 8


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 25, 2008 on NBC



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    • Linnie Malcolm: (after Donnelly recommends probation) Why?
      Elizabeth Donnelly: Back then I was trying so hard to be one of the boys that I had forgotten why I became a lawyer.

    • Brent Latimer: You've got a lot of nerve, detective.
      Olivia Benson: Why? Because you can't tell me what to do?

    • Mia Latimer: Are you here to arrest me?
      Elliot Stabler: You handcuffed a rape victim?
      Security Guard #2: She created a scene. It's store policy.
      Olivia Benson: Unhook her, now!

    • Elizabeth Donnelly: You have no idea what it was like in law enforcement back in those days. I fought to get assigned to the homicide bureau, but the DA didn't think it was a suitable job for a woman.
      Olivia Benson: So what made him change his mind?
      Elizabeth Donnelly: He knew a male prosecutor beating up on poor little Caroline Creswell would get sympathy points with the jury, so he gave me the case. After he called my husband and asked for his permission.

    • Elizabeth Donnelly: Did you ask Linnie how she escaped?
      Olivia Benson: No. Does it matter?
      Elizabeth Donnelly: She asked for a meeting to discuss a plea bargain. I let her use the bathroom, she crawled out the window.
      Olivia Benson: So you took the fall?
      Elizabeth Donnelly: For years, whenever a rookie ADA pulled a stupid move, it was known as "doing a Donnelly."

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    • Jonah Malcolm: If we had a view, I'd be watching the view like Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window and this is my Grace Kelly.
      Alfred Hitchcock's 1954 film, Rear Window, starred Jimmy Stewart as a photographer who, like Jonah, was restricted to a wheel chair. He spies on his neighbors to pass the time, and uncovers criminal goings-on with a beautiful neighbor played by Grace Kelly.

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