Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 11 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 18, 2009 on NBC

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  • Brady Harrison?

    What episode was he in a few season's back? I know the episode where Olivia says that to him, but I just don't remember the name of that episode. Interesting episode, that guy has managed to fabricate DNA so now anyone in jail can say that their DNA was fabricated; and he doesn't give a damn.
  • Best episode of season 11 !

    As a big big fan of E/O I loved the scene when Elliot steps by to check how Liv feels and you get to see more of Liv's apartement and how they both interact. Sweet of course that he mortgaged the house to get Liv out of prison.

    And I liked that Mariska's husband Peter Hermann was her defence attorney. You almost never see them acting together so I really enjoyed it. It was a bit weird though to see them together like this when you know they are married. I always imagined that it had to be very funny for them to do this scene. I bet the laughed a lot :-)

    Of course you knew that Liv couldn't be the murder but I couldn't explain the DNA-thing to myself until they find out that it's possible to fabricate DNA (which is really creepy)! And it was something different to see Liv as the prime suspect.

    It was great acting especially by Mariska!! And the other characters were well-used too!

    All in all an emotional and very entertaining episode and definitely the best in Season 11! Kept me watching!
  • Good episode.

    Law and Order ended Jesse L. Martin's run on the show with him being revealed as a killer, and while we all knew Mariska Hargitay wasn't leaving, I think we were all even more sure that Olivia Benson did not kill anybody. That being said, if you throw reality out the window for a second, this was still an enjoyable episode for the most part, with a now typical ending where a philosophical question is asked: what if many cases had been handled wrong due to man made DNA?

    Fast-moving and unique, one has to give props, as the kids say, to Law and Order: Special Victims Unit for another strong offering. Keep up the good work.
  • Best episode of the season!

    I knew this episode was going to be great after I saw the preview for it. Then I found out who was going to defend Olivia...Mariska's husband. What I wasn't expecting was the intensity of the episode.

    I loved how Elliot came over to Olivia's apartment just to check up on her and see how she's feeling (I am thinking she had Swine Flu). How sweet is that? :) Very cute scene with some cute humor. The 'niceness' of the episode doesn't last for long, however, when a man is found dead and there is one main suspect: Olivia. When Warner was talking about fabricating DNA, I didn't think one could actually do that, but I found out that it really can be done. That's just creepy. I felt so bad for Olivia when she was sitting in the Tombs. But the scene got better once her defense attorney showed up. Gotta love those Mariska/Peter scenes! Those happen...almost never, so seeing them sitting side by side was nice. I'm glad that Alex wasn't the prosecuting attorney for Liv's case. That would have sent their already tense friendship down the drain. All in all, this was definitely the best and most intense episode of the season. It ranks right up there with Fault from season 7. The writers, cast, crew, everyone did a fantastic job with the episode. 10/10 for me!
  • Intense, well-written, twisted, best episode , this season, so far!

    OMG! OMG! i can't find the exact word describing how good this episode is. Mariska Hargitay deliver her best performane in "svu" performance yet. In this episode, she was framed. Sounds like same old plot? Wrong!

    This installment show "SVU" still has the charm. All The characters are well-used, except for Alex Cabot (Where the hell is she anyways!). I like how this episode doesn't have that "the crime will be solved in the end of the episode" approach, not predictable at all! It doesn't feel too long just pure intense "SVU" fun. You have to see this episode if you lost your interests and faith in this show! ....Overall, it's an a++++ outstanding episode!
  • The plot must not been reviewed otherwise it would have shown that the story told was not plausible at all.

    The plot must not been reviewed otherwise it would have shown that the story told was not plausible at all.

    There are too many things going on at the same time and the writers were unable to put them together. I think that this is why Lt. Tucker appears and suddenly disappears because the attempt to link Olivia to the crime was unreasonable at all.

    The series is loosing too much since it started to focus more on the characters than on the stories themselves. The winning scheme investigation + trial is therefore non longer effective making SVU look like a "heavy soap show" rather than a police/courtroom drama.
  • A great episode that was very well-written, and acted and was very interesting.

    I really really enjoyed this episode!! I felt like it was very interesting that we got to see so much of Olivia's apartment, and the way her and El interact!!

    I found it interesting how the whole thing with DNA was apparently 'so easy', and they made it out to be like a frightening new development, fabricating DNA. And it is pretty ridiculous, there's obviously a way to tell if it's fake, if Warner figured it out.

    And Elliot *mortgaged his house* to save Olivia from Prison!! That seems like the sweetest thing everrrrr! But, the whole thing was a set-up, and I feel like Liv probably would feel bad about it and want to pay him back. I hope this comes back later, with a Kathy-Elliot fight or something. "emotionally cheating" comes to mind.

    I loved the first scene that Liv is in, in her apartment. And I also loved when El sprung her from jail. I just love EO interaction.

    Overall, I thought it was a fabulous episode, that had me intrigued and kept me watching ... which really is the whole point!