Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 12 Episode 17


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 16, 2011 on NBC

Episode Recap

"Neighborhood Predator", a popular TV show, follows a married predator who tries to get into sexual contact with a young woman. SVU has decided that they must work with the show to solve the case.

Alisha Harding, the writer, gets a gift from the stalker and it's her sister's scarf, covered in blood. The team also discovers some more bloody evidence in Harding's home, including the police files from her death. Her sister has been missing for years and the case never solved. The stalker is obviously using the evidence to get to Alisha.

The first subject they go over ends up being a guy who was going to a young girl's apartment to try and help her and keep her from sending e-mails to older men. The show decides to edit the footage together to make him look like a predator and they think Alisha might be setting the guys up.

They take the first suspect in for questioning and he had decided to send the chat conversation to the police before he found the girl's address and went to find her. Alisha gives the team her house keys and ends up admitting that she had sent Laskey to jail for the wrong reasons.

The producer of the show, Donny Spencer, tells the team that Alisha asked him to change the footage and tells them that Alisha had received some scary emails and that she brought in a photo of a dead woman in the snow. Alisha tells them that Vanessa, her sister, was last seen at the spot where the photo was taken.

Benson makes the decision to focus on Alisha in order to find the stalker. They try to focus on finding the men that come to the production office where she works. A co-worker tells them that Alisha made a video about the guy that is stalking her and that he should get what he deserves. They try to stop it but she has already published it to the internet. They end up thinking that Sonja, one of their fellow detectives, may be working with Alisha to solve her sister's murder.

They find Sonja at an AA meeting with her neck slit on the bathroom floor. Right as she is about to die, she tells them that she got him. They swab her body for signs of the murderer.

The detectives find the dead body in the picture and end up finding a total of five bodies in the same area. They are all mid-teens to mid-twenties and have been there anywhere from 3 months to 2 years.

David Adams is the only guy that comes up with a match. They find Rachel Grey who has been the "ghost" using that name and tells them that David is her boyfriend. He always calls her and she doesn't have an address for him. The wait for him to call and he calls from a burn phone in Riverside. They find him right before is about to attack Alisha. He holds her hostage bt Benson tasers him before he can make any moves.

Adam Grafton is their guy. When brought to Riker's Island, he admits that imagined Alisha every time he raped his victims. Alisha questions where he found the women he killed but he won't answer any questions unless he is filmed. He finally admits that he has killed one girl for every year he's been alive...a total of 44.
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