Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 1 Episode 20


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 05, 2000 on NBC

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show law and order svu a women on the news is reporting how she was raped along time ago and theres a women that is on the bed after she had sex with a guy and she sees the tatoo on the guys arm that is shown on the news and sees it and then reports to the svu and they go and arrest him and then turns out after doing a investgation much starts to bond with this lady but later on is killed blown up but they think its the second guy but its a whole new guy all togeather and then they go and chase the first guy down but he is blown up in his car this was a intense up but a really good one i thought it deserved a 9.0
  • Law and Order Special Victims Unit!

    When reporter Sarah Logan does a television special about her inner most secret (being raped) a women turns her "boyfriend" in, claiming he matched Sarah's description of her attacker. Munch forms a bond with Sarah, which continues even after she is found dead in her apartment after a package she received exploded. It was nice to see and episode that centered around someone other than Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler. Don't get me wrong, Elliot and Olivia are my favorite characters, but it is nice to get a glimpse into the lives of the other detectives, even if for an episode.

    Person believed to be Mark Kreger killed the reported who was raped. Believed that Krieger wasn't the "alpha-male". In court Munch claimed the judge was "crooked". Kriegers cousinled him to an "Irish" friend. Man at bar said Kriger owes money. Tommy McKaunah said he was there. Says he used a condom. Tommy tells about Kreiger's rape. Kreiger has a bomb on him and bomb in the van set off them both & killed him. Told him to close his eyes and picture what happened. Found man who made the bombs. He was an ex-Firefighter. He loved to play with Fire.
  • Turning point in this series!

    The first season had produced some pretty good episodes before this episode but I believe this was the turning point in the series. This is where decent went to great. Munch ruled this episode, having a personal relationship with the case. Chasing after the rapist and murderer of a high profiled news reporter. The perpetrator was so twisted and wierd. His fascintion with the news reporter was so sick. Watching her smile for the last time and then blowing her up. What a great, heartpumping, heartthrobbing episode! This is where I got truly enthralled in the Special Victims Unit. GREAT STUFF!
  • Great to see more Munch!

    This episode was outstanding! I really loved the way Munch and the victim connected with each other. It was evident that Munch really cared about her and wanted to do everything and anything he could do to help her. I also became very fond of the victim for her courage and poise through out her whole horrible ordeal. Halfway through the episode, however, a sickening twist takes place that adds homicide to the case. The detectives scramble to put the pieces together, finally tracking down one man who was obsessed with the victim. In a haunting yet wonderfully done scene in the interrogation room, Munch confronts the perpetrator and asks the hard questions. I was amazed to see that Munch actually had tears in his eyes, and I finally fully appreciated Richard Belzer's talent and skill in portraying Munch. My only criticism of the episode would be about how few scenes Elliot and Olivia were in. Other than that, this episode was incredible.
  • Munch has a heart!

    For those of you who think that John Munch is just this cold, cynical cop who came up I-95 from Baltimore to live out the remaining days of his police career playing out the string, think again. This man has a heart.

    His bond with Sarah Logan, the brave newscaster who was brutally raped by two thugs, is something that is usually reserved for Benson. But Munch shows, as he will in other episodes in other seasons, that whenever he gets involved with a case, he will go to the wall for what he believes in, and these cases have a profound effect on him. I loved it when he boldly took on Judge Kevin Beck and asked him whose pocket he was in when Judge Beck foolishly let one of the rapists get out on $50,000 bail.