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  • Language/ political views. 3.0

    The use of G*d damn in the shows are losing 2 very loyal know people don't mind using some language, but G*ds name is sacred.

    Also there is more and more liberal views,not unbiased coverage in the shows.

    The crew is there to why they were don't want to watch acters force feed me thier views.

    And to use G*ds name in a profane we won't watch.

    And i have to say i know a lot of people who are feeling as we do.

  • Getting a Little too Political

    This show is getting hard to watch for people who aren't liberal.

    We've removed it from our DVR list. Its sad, because we've watched it for many seasons.

    Good luck with your agenda......
  • What a crappy show

    Every episode is about sex abuse! Boring, stupid and a complete waste of time! This has turned into a man hate show. Sick of women whining about abuse because I am sure that your ridiculous self is not as innocent as you claim to be. I dare say a lot of you were just as much as fault! I am rating this show as a 1 because I don't have the option of a 0 rating which would be the most appropriate
  • Law and Order SVU #1 FAN

    #1 FAN !!!I love this show and all those whom act in this show. However, after Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) left it changed the whole Show. I really do pray he may come back. Although, he may not come back permanently maybe he could at least make a guest star .... I often find myself going on Hulu to go back and watch all the older shows. Please keep the show rolling... Thank you all that are involved in making this show!!! Keep up all the greatness and bring Stabler back!!! Thank you in advance...
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  • from 10 to 2

    could list dozens but here's a couple main points: killing off all remotely interesting characters & the obvious lack of ideas by 2018 (and years and years before)......

    the show has become trite and predictable. even the few good episodes per season have no substance, no depth, no endings, no anything. not even close to the beef the original seasons had.

    (once upon a time... 10/10 !! but!! ... )

    Based on the past few seasons and the direction the show is going --- ....... 2 / 10 !! (and going down)

  • Match made in Law

    I really was dissapointed Rafael left the show. I have been looking forward to Rafael and Olivia ending up with each other. They both are great friends, held each other up and have respect. Those qualities are hard to find for a great relationship. I hope Rafael decides he misses and needs Olivia in the future and comes back to the show. They'd be GREAT together.

    Love all the Law and Order shows.
  • I am addicted

    There is one place that I caught a slip-up. In an episode Olivia gave a girl her necklace that said fearless. In a later episode Olivia's shrink bought her a new identical necklace because her original one was being held for evidence. Love the show.
  • Wacko Fans

    I love the show, but u guys have wacko fans. I think your doing a great job writers keep up the good work I saw every episode keep them coming
  • Sancutary Episode

    After the insertion of the snide comment by the DA about President Trump bully from DC" I'm done. I have had enough of political views in my entertainment shows and clearly biased opinions. So long SVU! You lost one viewer.
  • about olivia benson

    ok I was just looking for a friendly forum to talk about the show and I just wanted to say I really hope Olivia ends up being with Cassidy again, I know for a while they lived together but I don't know what happened with that and it makes me sad. I think them two are the most perfect and cutest couple. I don't like that benson is dating that old grey hair guy now, I don't even know his name because I haven't really caught up to all of the newer episodes much, AND I think its really sad and messed up how some of you are acting, especially the guys here that are getting all defensive about all men being accused of rape in the show but if you pay any attention you would see not every episode is about rape, and if you don't like what the show is about then don't watch it. I seen one of you complaining that Olivia should be taken out of the show because you don't like her character now, I would agree with you I miss the old Olivia benson too, before she became captan but that's no reason to bad mouth the show and want her gone. I LOVE Olivia benson she has always been my favorite character and always will be.
  • Olivia

    I was going to write a real review about this show but after reading all the insane posts on this site. It's clear we are dealing with deeply disturbed people.

    This is freaking entertainment. The show has to repent? Give me a break. These are actors. These are not real cops. SUV should stop having rape episodes? What the hell do you think SPECIAL VICTIUMS UNIT is for, shop lifting?

    Time to get a life people. And I wont even Address the muslim comment except to ask, who are ALL these other terrorists ?
  • Knock it off already

    I know Mariska deeply feels for rape victims, but , come one... This show is doing a disservice by now to rape victims, because EVERYONE is a victim, and every man is a rapist. .. and it becomes boring.

    In any other case, one is innocent until proving guilty, but not on that show. Lives have been ruined by unproven and hasty made accusations...

    More like Trial and Error without the humor...

    I use to watch this show until every show is Rape I think that SVU handles more than rape cases get off of the rape.

    As being a Victim of rape you don't need to watch it on TV all the A NEW FRIGGIN SCRIPT ALREADY
  • Get rid of Dick Wolf and get a new writer

    This show is becoming bland by each episode. They are still fun to watch but we never see any character growth. Especially with Carisi, that's such a missed opportunity. Probably because Dick Wolf is running like 5 other shows.
  • Celebrities must repent of being celebrities

    I have been watching this show for years and my #1 complaint is that the cast, especially Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni, have exalted themselves on high and convinced millions of people to praise and applaud their "heroic" deeds. These people are what God would call "Angels of Lucifer" because they honor and praise themselves just like Lucifer honors and praises himself. They need to repent. The cast of Law and Order needs to find honor the right way--not on national TV or the Internet. In the meantime, even if I wanted to, I cannot directly communicate (in person or on the phone) with any celebrity. To intentionally speak with a celebrity would be a sin against God and other people. Although the cast of Law and Order SVU are my enemies, I pray that they will repent of being celebrities and not end up like Lucifer. I hope they retire and have nothing more to do with TV or the Internet so that Jesus can save them and give them a permanent place with Him in heaven.
  • Racial Profiling

    The white, horrible, rich male is, of course, is always the bad guy anymore. It is so predictable with your show anymore. Please folks! Profiling is never good. Even commercials profile white males any more. They are always the brunt of the "jokes".
  • Benson character

    I absolutely hate what they did with benson and how they portray her on recent seasons. She is supposed to be this tough cop who is exceptional at what she does. What i have been seeing lately is that she is just weak, too emmotional, and is completely diefferent that how she was in older seasons. The writers for the show should really think about this and change her character or it will completely ruin the future of the show.
  • Benson needs to go

    The writing for Olivia Benson has become awful. I have watched this show for a long time. I have seen her character develop into a man hating nut job who abuses her authority by ramming her personal beliefs down every victim's throat and going on a witch hunt after every male suspect (guilty or not). Every women is not an innocent Angelic victim and every man is not a testosterone infused psycopathic rapist. How about a little balance in the show. Start portraying and prosecuting the women that do make false accusations against men. Even better, have one of these women make some ridiculous accusation just to lure Benson in and kill her. That would be a fitting and ironic end to her obnoxious character.
  • Ass hat lawyer bucannan

    I love SVU but they really need to kill off that asshole lawyer Buchanan. He's just a fat bastard that represents the lowest of low life's and further tramatizes the victims he just as much a piece of crap as the asses that he represents! I know it's all a show but the episodes that he is in just make me wanna jump in the TV and tell him off! That character is scum!!!!

  • Originality

    I used to be a huge fan of this show. My parents would make me watch episodes so I would know what to avoid when I grew up and went out in the real world. I am a muslim and I am proud to be. But watching this episode made my blood boil. Why must every reference to Terrorism include Muslims and Mosques and Afghanistan? Not all terrorists are muslim, not every affiliation of mass shootings are collaborated in Afghanistan, not all meetings in mosques are about how to kill people. First of all the greeting in islam that us muslims greet each other with is " " which means Peace on you. Islam is a religion of peace and tranquility and equality. Before just assuming that just because a select few have committed horrible crimes that all of us are the same. Are you going to allow the crimes of those few select individuals over take all of the good that muslims have done and are doing in the world on a day to day basis? The beginning of the show says that this does not depict any true events but that is a lie. It depicted the mass shooting in Orlando, it depicted the FBI's request from Apple to create a software that would unlock the phone of the terrorist in San Bernardino, it depicted the shooting of the five police officers. I get that as a show that a lot of people watch it would be a good platform to bring such events to light but if you are going to say it doesn't depict real life events then it shouldn't. This show should focus on what the title says SVU: Special victim units. I feel like this should have only included the story of how she was raped and tortured for five years. It should have went into detail about catching the two sick individuals and how they got the video evidence of the rape and torture on the computer.
  • Racial scorecard

    Please stop the racial pandering. Going back to last season, only 4 out of 45 episodes involved black suspects and in 3 of those, the accusers were shown to be lying. In the meantime, all of the white perps were guilty as hell.
  • Started out Great, now in a state of Limbo...

    I used to really love this show. It was so interesting watching some of these cases and even better as we had a cast of awesome, memorable characters. But then the show started dwindling as they started losing some of their best actors/characters. First Alex Cabot (Stephanie March), then Casey Novak (Diane Neal), then Stabler (Christopher Meloni), then Munch (Richard Belzer), and it just went on and on.

    The current cast is just... Not so good. I love Olivia (Mariska Hargitay) but with the show revolving around mostly her, it's gotten old very fast and I'm still not sure I like her being the squad captain mainly because I never got into Amanda Rollins & Dominic. And I missed not seeing Dr. Huang & Melinda.

    The show is just in a state of limbo at this point. I still watch the show just to see what will happen next but I'm just not as interested in it as much as I used to be. With everyone leaving, it's only a matter of time before Olivia is also written out and when that happens, you may as well throw in the towel at that point.
  • Show is on the way down.

    Since Stabler,the Captain,Fin not on s much,Amaro,Olivia now in charge and not in the field as much,iIt will not last long.

    One change then wait a while for another change isn't bad,But 5 Changes all at once ruined the show ,I think the show didn't want to pay up,So in the near future they will pay with no what changes did to some shows America Idol,America's got talent,America's next top I said one ok 3 or more fast they go down.
  • Special victim

    Please stop making Fin look lazy unambitious and insignificant to the show. He has been one of the reason for the success of law and order stop writing him out less and less like you did with the previous special victim. I have really had my fill of Dick Wolf who has become less and less creative and getting rich off of advertisements with boring shows. Olivia is not the show anymore give it a rest
  • 10/21/2015 should be titled "BS"

    kelli and fin cover up a crime committed by kelli's sister and they are not fired... BS The new sgt agrees to keep his mouth shut and not tell his father about the BS..... BS he would not let his father look bad.
  • Getting rid of benson?!

    The show sunk deep when they lost stabler!! And now you want to get rid of the one person keeping the show afloat since because of her age?! You cannot save this show once she's gone!! I was afraid it completely went in the tubes once stabler left but now you're really destroying anything you had going for it!!! I have it a 10 for rating until you take benson away
  • Real cop giving it straight

    Episode 17-3 I must comment on. I am a police detective in miami, fl. This episode is right on the money. DCS is always overworked and is because is underpaid. My wife did that years ago and now she s Teacher. Not all departments falsely reports but administrators always find ways to cut corners. This is for real and it affects us all. I have to deal with the shit afterwards. It never ends, so my appreciation for the light On this problem and hopefully things change for the better.
  • The Gang in Blue

    just another cop show so sick of the cops and the crap shows produced to glorify them
  • season 7 ep 11 Alien

    I used to think that olivia Benson was a great woman but ever since I watch episode 11 of season 7 I have lost much if not all faith in her and how she deprived sean hamill of justice.
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