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  • If you need something to do...switch it on--it's almost always on USA.

    It's a good show. It's just...the same thing over and over. Now sometimes there are awesome episodes where the end just blows you away. And that's good. But the acting and writing are getting stale. I still love to watch the reruns, but the newer ones are lacking something. I also think Mariska Hargitay is completely under-appreciated for her role and Olivia Benson. But Chris can't really get his refrigerator-humping antics from "Wet Hot American Summer" out of my head. I'll probably keep watching it if there's nothing better on, but I'm dissapointed that the show doesn't seem fresh anymore.
  • I love police dramas!

    I hear on tv that apparently America's favorite Law and Order is the original. I personally think this is the best one out of all of them. It tackles some pretty intersting sides of society and humanity within an hour. I've been watching it for awhile and fell in love with the cast. They all have that hard edge that comes from doing a job like their's. Marishka is great and Ice-T is amusing. The storylines are very interesting and groundbreaking. In my classes, I've heard about the Down-Low phenomenon amongst black males in the U.S. This is the first show, aside from Oprah, that dealt with this issue. I was amazed and pleased that they'll take on any topic within their framework. Their guest cast should be praised as well. They have a great casting director. I don't know about their history with Emmy nominations, but they should definitely be in the running. The show has a very easy going nature despite the hardness of the cast that works well and acted beautifully. It gives a real look at society's imperfections and discriminatory ideologies. Nobody on the show is perfect and even the lawyers manipulate the law beyond the usual scope people think they do. Instead, they are manipulating it to see justice done and not avoided. I would urge anyone to watch this show. Give it a look.
  • My summary is greatest show on TV!

    I think this is the greatest law show on television got the best actors to play the detectives this show couldnt get better if they tryed! It is awesome to watch benson and stabler they play the parts so well and make it all seem true like all this crime was really going on and happening and they seem to get really into it to the NYPD maybe should hire them on as full time cops!
  • The top detectives who investigate sex crimes as well as child cases. The characters played on this show, Mariska Hargitay and the amazingly talented HOT! Christopher Meloni. They are outstanding actors!

    Besides the fact that the characters are totally hot! They are each amazing actors who really captivate you each and every week! With different story-lines that make you crave more and more! Its absolutely amazing! I really cannot get enough! Catch it on USA with re-runs almost every night! Makes you want to become a detective or cop, guaranteed!
  • Law & Order SVU is one of NBC's best shows.

    Law & Order Special Victims Unit is one of the best shows not only on NBC, but on television. Dick Wolf has, yet again, struck gold with this Law & Order spin-off. The cast is positively flawless with expert performances by Mariska Hargitay, Christopher Meloni, and Dann Florek. Other cast members help create a perfect mix of drama, angst, and comedic relief. This hard-hitting Emmy award-winning show stands on its own. While it deals with crimes, investigations, and trials like every other Law & Order, it puts more of an emphasis on the personal lives of the characters. With each episode the viewers become more emotionally attached to the characters. Like Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) who always has sympathy and bonds with the victims as she herself is a product of her mother's rape. Or Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) who is particularly hard on the offenders as he has four kids of his own he constantly worries about. Or there is recovering alcoholic Cragen (Dann Florek) who is a sort of father figure to the squad. There is even bitter yet hilarious John Munch (Richard Belzer), sweet and smart ADA Casey Novak (Diane Neal), helpful and considerate Dr. George Huang (B.D. Wong), and tough and street-smart Odafin "Fin" Tutuola (Ice-T). You can't stop yourself from becoming invested in this show and the characters. Just one viewing and you'll be hooked. Tuesdays just wouldn't be Tuesdays without this amazing show. I know it's a cliché to say it'll make you laugh, it'll make you cry... but it will.
  • This show really makes you think: am I really as safe as I think I am? If only the entire crew: Benson, Stabler, Tutuola, Much, Novak & Cragen existed for real.

    It's weird when you think of it, why is it that people are way more interested in watching a tv series where people get raped and murdered or left to die, than watching one where someone keeps pulling different sorts of insurance scams (where nobody dies)? Both are serious offenses. It's because of we are human beings, we can't look away when there is a car accident happening right beside us, omg look there is someone missing an arm and we all keep looking. To jump back to my story, Law and Order SVU shows us the horrible things that happen that barely anyone knows about. And also that we should indeed appreciate what detectives do even more. Seeing sometimes we tend to go nuts thinking nothing is happening, but there is always something going on and unfortunately not always everything has an happy ending. That is what I like about Law and Order SVU, they don't solve EVERYTHING. I hate that when the main characters are like perfect and solve every single crime. Not all crimes can be solved, even though sometimes I wish they could be. I watch it everytime it's on, even if I have seen this certain episode a hundred times;-)...
  • A great spin off of the original L&O. I love to see how a crim is developed from being to end. The cast is great and the cases are even better. I am glued to NBC everytime L&O comes on. I even watch the re-runs on USA faithfully everyday.

    Its an outstanding show even when they dont always catch the bad guy. Just the process of finding him is exciting. My only problem is the ever changing ADA, I wish they would just stick to one. The cast is great with their different personalities which makes the show realistic.
  • This show is so awesome. I am not only enjoying the show ,I'm learning about court hearings. I love this show and hope more people watch it.

    This show is so awesome. I am not only enjoying the show ,I'm learning about court hearings. I love this show and hope more people watch it. With it's brilliant acting and it's unusual cases it is hard not to get addicted to it. I hope it stays on the air for a long time.
  • By far the best "Law & Order" series.

    This is my favorite "Law & Order" series. The original is getting tired and boring, "Criminal Intent" is great but not quite there, and the now-canceled "Trial By Jury" was right behind this one.

    "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" deals with sex-related crimes. The cases are sometimes ghastly and apalling, but always leave you glued to your seat in hopes they'll find the right guy.

    Personally I would rather watch "SVU" than "CSI", which I also think is a pretty cool show. The cast is great and the guest stars are always awesome. The writing is grade A, and they even make the trial parts more exciting than the action scenes, and that's definitely saying something.

    If you have not gotten into the "Law & Order" franschise yet, you should, and you should start with this show. USA Network shows repeats daily.
  • I lve this show

    My review for this show is that it is the bomb. I think it will be on air for a very long time. Who making this show should keep making it. It gets better and better everytime. Law and Order:SVU is a show for everybody. So keep the show running.
  • A Law And Order That Promises To Become A Classic

    Law And Order Has Become A Popular Series From Dick Wolf For 15 Years Now. So Who Would Have Been Suprised When He Added "Law And Order SVU" To His Brand? It Was A Great Additon And Has Become My Favorite Show. The Actors Are So Good, And The Stories Are Well Written. With 6 Seasons Behind It And Going On 7, SVU Continues To Impress Me And Draw To To My TV On Tuesdays And To USA Every Night It's On. SVU Brings Out The Best In The Law And Order Franchise.
  • Compelling, brilliantly written detective saga. Storylines are deep, sometimes ironic. Oliva Benson is a fiery cop with personal demons of abuse. Elliot Stabler is intense and absoutley gorgeous. Not only is he hot, he portrays such an intensely devot

    Okay, is it just me? Or do you not secretly want Oliva and Elliot together? Olivia has this secret need that Elliot could easily fill...And he certainly dosen\'t seem to be too happily married lately. I really enjoy these characters, and I feel together they could conquer it all. They already are each others\' backbone. Munch and Finn are both intense and comedic. This is one of my personal favorites. I cant wait for the next season, I think I've seen every episode at least once. My Tivo catches all the episodes on cable.
    watch it once, you'll be hooked, too!
  • My thoughts on the show.

    My dad and I watch this all the time. I can't think of any lousy episodes but I'm sure that there are at least a few. Don't get offended. Every series has their lousy episodes. It's the good ones that make people forget the lousy ones. Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni are great in their roles as Detectives Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler. Also, Richard Belzer is the 'Lenny' of this Law & Order series. In the original Law & Order, Lenny was famous for one liners. I've seen Richard Belzer's character spit out a few funnies, although not as much as Lenny. One of my favorite 'SVU' episodes is the one about the carjack rapist. A woman named Annika Bergeron by her ex's mother-in-law-to-be. Her ex is the father of her baby and when Annika died, she left her little girl with the father. It turns out that Melinda (Annika's ex's fiancee) knew about the baby and at the end, Daniel (Annika's ex) dumps Melinda because she was involved in Annika's kidnapping. That one's a good one. Keep up the good work guys.
  • In my country this program this in spanish, is very interesting to see that these so delicate themes be part of the daily life of many.

    In my country this program this in spanish, is very interesting to see that these so delicate themes be part of the daily life of many, is something that the societydoes not want to accept and is the life of many. It is good that this program this in the air so that they do not create that the life is color of rose.
  • Great stories and a great cast make this one of the best shows that has ever been on Television.

    This is a ground-breaking show that tackles some of the toughest subjects around. The story lines can be heart-wrenching and hard to watch, particularly the ones based on fact, but I never miss an episode. I believe that this show gives real life victims a voice and tells anyone who has ever been abused or assaulted that it is not their fault.
    The writers and cast are continuously raising the bar in drama and I hope to see it around for many more years
  • A hardcore real life drama. Best most intense Law and Order series

    The series is one of the most intense dramas on tv right now. The stories are ripped directly from the headlines which makes them all the better. It's more realistic than most other crime shows out there today. The detectives make mistakes and the cases are not always solved and that's reality. There is no sugar-coating the truth. These stories were all based on actual events which gives insight into the sick twisted world of a sex-crimes detective.
    I find it hard to look away from the screen. The plot is easy to follow from start to finish and the scripts aren't overdone. Best Law and Order series; hands down.
  • Although it's a spin-off, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit actually manages to be better than the original.

    Law & Order: Special Victims Unit breaks the cardinal rule of spin-offs; it's surprisingly better than the orginal. LO: SVU is a show about a special unit of police officers dedicated to molestation, rape, and sexual assault cases. All of the cases are very interesting, and cover topics from a underground child pornography ring that have contracted HIV and killed those responsible, to a child-like blue-blood rapist who've impregnated their employees as preteens and fired them only to have them testify on your side 30 years later. Law & Order: SVU is a perfect lawyer show in every way, and I encourage any fan of the original Law & Order to give Special Victims Unit a chance; you'll most likely be blown away like I was.
  • Characters are interesting to watch.

    This show has more twists than a box full of pretzels.

    All sensationalism aside, this is a decent show, and I usually have no problem sitting through two episodes in a row (which USA runs on a regular basis). The characters are interesting. The only character I truly didn't like was Alex Cabot, because I just personally found Stephanie March's acting a little seemed like she basically had one facial expression. I don't really understand why the new DA (Casey Novak) is being played by an actress who had already been on the show and played a woman who helped to rape a man. Although from the few episodes I've seen her in (I mostly just watch the USA reruns), I like her better than March.

    Anyway, I wouldn't call this one of my favorite shows, but it is entertaining and fun to watch every now and then.
  • I really love and really enjoy watching your show. I really want to join your show, but I don't know who to ask or who to talk to. I am hoping you guys can help me out with that. I am really facinated with your show.

    I am deaf, but I can do many things and I would love to join Law & Order Special Victims Unit. I am mostly always watching your show when I can, mostly all summer I was watching your show. My email is: K & C are capitals and no spaces. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Detective Benson & Detective Stabler - you are good and try to understand people. Good Job.
    I rate your show as a score of number 10, I couldn't get it to change so I put it down on here.
  • I don’t know why I love this show, but I really do.

    I can’t say exactly why I love SVU. Even when I’m watching it I recognize that the characters are bland, the storylines are predictable, and the acting is a little overdone. Yet still, every week I tune in and it pulls me in every time. There’s just something about it that grabs me. Perhaps it’s the rampant and violent sex, the terrible violence, or even Christopher Meloni’s delicious bod, but in any case, I’ll keep watching.
  • I personally love this show. This show really gets me thinking about what really happens in this world and I am only 14 years old. This show not only has educated me but has opened up my mind as well.

    Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is such a great show. I love it because you actually get to see what all of the detectives do on each of their cases. You get to see how intense it can actually get and how the victims act and feel. I think they picked perfect actors for this show. Each and every one of them plays their character so well and you can see their personalities just shine through their characters. Some of the episodes that I have watched have really touched me in many different ways. I think this show is very empowering and that it may help many people in ways that the producers never thought how. I hope this show goes on for a long time!
  • Law&Oder:SVU rules

    i luv Law&Order:SVU. it gets betta every time i watch it, i neva miss a show. my 2 fav partners r Benson n Stabler. i fink Chris Meloni is soo HOTT!! n Mariska Hargitay is really pretty 2. they r da best 2 in da show...well dats wat i fink anyway

  • Law and Order:Special Victims Unit is a show about the law and how people break it and how the law finds out and order them to prison.They find evidence that rarely lies and crack the case.

    Law and Order:Special Victims Unit is an incredible show.It has great actors and actress who act really great.They have talent and show emotions.Anyone who would think this show sucks then they dont know what a good show is.AAAAAAAAAA BBBBBBBBBB CCCCCCCCCC DDDDDDDDDD EEEEEEEEEE FFFFFFFFFF GGGGGGGGGG HHHHHHHHHH IIIIIIIIII JJJJJJJJJJ KKKKKKKKKK LLLLLLLLLL MMMMMMMMMM NNNNNNNNNN OOOOOOOOOO
  • This is the greatest show I\'ve ever watched! I only started watching in late December of 2004, and I'm hooked for life. Mariska Hargitay is so beautiful and magnetic, and the entire cast just brings so much each in their own special way.

    When I started watching SVU in December of 2004 on USA, I figured it would be a nice diversion to watching too many college football bowl games. Never did I dream I would become addicted to this show. It wasn\'t only because of the stunning beauty and compassion of Mariska Hargitay, but that had a big impact. Soon, I was rushing home to watch SVU reruns on USA, and I made sure that I was parked in front of my TV at 9 p.m. every Tuesday to watch it on NBC.

    I purchased the Season 5 DVD set on a business trip in March, and the Season 1 DVD set a month later. I have watched every episode at least three times, and I am waiting with baited breath for the release of Seasons 2, 3, 4 and 6 on DVD, as well as the opening of season 7.

    It is just incredible how the actors on the show can make you feel like you know these victims and what they are going through. Ms. Hargitay is the reason why this show is so incredible, but the multi-faceted talents of Christopher Meloni, Richard Belzer, Dann Florek, Ice-T, B.D. Wong and Diane Neal give this show something no other crime drama has ever had. SVU FOREVER!
  • Quite possibly the best show on TV.

    This show is fantastic! When I tuned into the first episode back in 01, I was skeptical. A Law and Order spin-off?! However my suspicions were quickly disproved. I turned off my TV that night and only had one thought: I can't wait till the next episode! The characters are ones that you actually care about. While Elliot is my favorite, Munch also deserves a special mention. Richard Belzer has taken what might have been an overused cynical cop character and breathed new life into it. Everyone else is fantastic, including the Captain. The series has several episode structures, ranging from where it takes the cops the entire show to find the suspect, to where they find him in 5 minutes and then the trial takes up the rest of the show. In my opinion, though, the best episodes are the ones where the do it half and half. This show has not had one bad episode in 5 seasons and should be on another 10 seasons. Keep up the great work NBC!
  • i think this is

    i think this is the greatest show ever i think this show schould never end since this show has been on i loved it and wanted to star in it so what do you think of the show ?

    if you want to talk about the show e-mail me at MIKE41692@YAHOO.COM
  • It’s like “Law & Order” but with sex crimes.

    “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”, in addition to concentrating on sex crimes, looks into the personal lives of the police officers more than the original series does. Also, SVU differs from the original by not spending half the show on the trial. Many SVU episodes take the entire hour chasing the criminal and the show ends with the arrest.

    Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay consistently put in strong performances as the two featured detectives. In smaller doses, Richard Belzer and Ice T are every bit as good, as the 2nd string detectives. Fans of early “Law & Order” were glad to see the return of Dann Florek as Capt. Cragen.

    SVU is as good as the original, but a criticism I have heard more than once is that some people are turned off by the constant barrage of sex crimes.
  • SVU is the L&O that deals with sex crimes...

    Special Victims Unit is a great show that is definetly the best of the Law and Order series. The script and stories are the most interesting and innovative and the keep the viewer wanting to see more. The cast is solid and the two stars play their parts perfectly. The supporting cast does a great job backing up the stars. The combination of the cast and writing produce a show that has storylines that are very powerful and interesting to watch. This show is probably the best cop show out there right now although it seems to be underappreciated. Each season it seems to be getting better and now entering its seventh season it may be getting to its highest point.
  • I love the show Law & order: SVU

    I love the show Law & order: SVU becuse it's just wow to me.All the cases they are all diffent.It also keeps me in suspense sometimes.I mean sometimes it points to so may people.You just did it know who did.because it can somtimes point to more than one person but the crime can be commited just by one person.It is an awesome show!!
  • i think this is the greatest

    i think this is the greatest show ever i think this show schould never end since this show has been on i loved it and wanted to star in it so what do you think of the show ?

    if you want to talk about the show e-mail me at MIKE41692@YAHOO.COM
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