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  • Love SVU.02

    I've liked this show from the start - good acting, intresting cases, well written and so on. By season 9 though I started to get abit tired of the Benson/Stabler show, don't get me wrong - still good but it was just getting a little boring, same 'ol sorta. So when Warren Leight stepped in and with the new detectives (Amaro & Rollins) it caught my intrest again and now... I love it! I feel sad Meloni had to leave the way he did but it was his call in the end. Sad money had to speak.

    Anywho. The show is great these days. I crave Finanda moments and I love that we get to see more of then entire squad. I do miss Novak and Cabot this season though (S14) even though Barba is refreshing. Hoping for many more seasons!

    I love Law & Order SVU.... Please bring back Stable!
  • Pino rocks...

    I think Danny Pino has fit into the role beautifully. I liked Stabler but prefer Nick Amaro even his name is cool.
  • Positively Entertaining

    Last weeks' episode Manhattan Vigil was a great story plus a nice blending of a Cold Case and Law & Order Special Victims Unit. Two outstanding TV shows. Also great acting by Marisa Hagarity and of course, Danny Pino.
  • Its awesome

    we miss stabler bring him back!!!!!!!!!!!!

    we dont like the new guy.

    We want stabler

    People are going to stop watching it without stabler

    It used to be a 10 but stablers gone so now its a 5
  • It's ok...

    It just not the same without stabler... Miss him.. I hope fin and munch get more tv time now
  • my all time favorite tv show a perfect 10

    law and order svu is a very good show i love every episode that comes on i never miss them. ice t olivia and elliott are the bomb oh who am i kidding every body plays hard ball and thats what i like thats why id like to go to college and get my criminal justice degree and in forscensic science to keep up the good work every body .......
  • love this show

    i love this show this is my all time favorite iv seen every episode
  • Law and Order-SVU

    OMG i love this show i watch it every time when it comes on, this show is part of the reason why i want to go to school and become a law enforcement...I look up to some of the actors that are on the show....But CHRIS is a sexy guy and her can ARREST ME ANYTIME
  • SVU Sunday Marathons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love SVU it is the best show in the world. Benson and Stabler are the best characters and they play their roles very well. I love everyone on the show but those two make a hot team. If this show ever went off the air I wouldn't know what to do. The show is so good that when I want to really relax and not think about anything. I really get tuned into the story lines and before I know I've watched about 5 or 6 shows. Like I said before the best show ever "SVU ROCKS"...................................

  • Law and Order SVU: Scourge with Richard Thomas as guest

    Law and Order SVU is my favorite TV series and Richard Thomas presented an outstanding performance in this episode. I have a 15-year background in law enforcement and think Law and Order SVU is the best. I am hooked! Have always been a fan of Richard Thomas and have an autographed photo of him! Midge Martin
  • Gritty, watchable show, but often lacks in the realistic portrayal of people in general.

    Not a terrible show but I always find myself feeling critical of the shows portrayal of ordinary people-like janitors in apartment buildings for example. My real life experience has shown me types who will scoff at complaints about loud noise and as such they are not the type of folk you want to know. The show portrays them as generally agreeable types, along with most other people in general-I find people are generally disagreeable. Maybe too many scenes feature the same male & female lead actors & needs to show other actors more...
  • Where Authority and Action Partner Up

    I LOVE all the detectives' roles on here! They are so good at capturing the bad guys. The stories are usually realistic to me and I try not to miss an episode! I get to learn what goes on in the world of problems through a detective's eyes, and this show keeps me curious. There are a lot of stories to be told as far as each episode... keep it up!
  • Manhattan's Special Victims Unit is given a spotlight with this installment of the L&O series. If a woman's been raped or sexually assaulted, the SVU's on the case. If a child's been abused in any way, then it's a job for the "kiddie police"

    This show is so awesome! The writers definitely know what they're doing, especially when it comes to the one-liners and mind-blowing plot twists. The acting is brilliant, and not enough can be said about the character developments. I always love hearing about Munch's childhood ("I can still hear them: 'break the pencil'."), or seeing Stabler with his kids. I'm just glad they finally got rid of Detective Beck, and brought back Benson. Now, if they could only write in Benson and Stabler becoming romantically involved, maybe starting their own family. Or maybe that's hoping for too much. Oh, well. We can dream. EO forever!
  • ep 17?

    is there going to b an ep 17?
  • Refeshing

    I love the new episodes...I love Pino in Cold Case and love him just as much now. Love the change in character so glad they didn't bring him in to be another Stabler. His character is a lot more compassionate and something the show needed.
  • Liv needs El!!

    The title says it all. Olivia needs Elliot or it's not SVU. The show cannot go on. She is like a bird ithout its wings. Shameful. But I'm still a fan. Wanna see wut happens
  • Not impressed ...

    I'm not very impressed with the current season.. I am soo sick of the actor turnover rate on the show lately ..dissapointment
  • smoked

    I can't believe that this was Stabler's exit episode. I was expecting more. For instance, stabler handing his badge in & the expressions from the cap.- Munch. I was left hanging. That's too bad since I've been a loyal svu fan from day 1. That's not including all the reruns on USA that I've watched. The fans deserved more. Bad writing. Their were sooo many ways to end his character. I'll keep watching the show. Disappointed as I may be. I love Christopher Meloni, and will watch any and all films he may be in. GOOD LUCK CHRIS!!!!
  • I LOVE this show.I believe that your series help many people and also give them hope again!


    Life isn't always pretty and sweet, just like this show. But the purpose of this series is to portray "victims"; mostly raped, sometimes killed. There is nothing pretty about that. If people get offended, I would take that as a compliment. Rape is I think you actors are all doing your job. I know that I cannot wait to see the ending when I start watching each show (although sometimes I don't like the leaves me hanging). But you all do a great job of telling it like it really is!

  • eliot and olivia are leaveing?????????? :'(


    i love svu im a massive fan i have heard that Mariska Hargitar (olivia Benson) and Chris Meloni (Eliot Stabler) are leaveing i cant belive it i dont know what i'll do i love all of the carecters in it they are fab but olivia is like my idol shes ace and eliot has got the humour all the cast are mint i didnt want any of them to leave hopefully if they do leave it wont be forever :'(

  • I am appalled when I heard the black woman playing the maid said the USA president was from Kenya you should be ashamed no respect for our President. I will never watch any of your show again shifty as it was.


    You guys should be ashamed of yourselves, President Obama is not from Kenya he an American, but because his dad was black yet his mother was white , you say he is not an American, remember American is not white, and no white person discovered it. Shame on you narrow minded people. I will never watch any of your programs again this is not the first time that you have made fun of black people. That insane person that is no longer with the show is a good thing. You have no integrity ABC. People notice what is said on your show.

  • Good show, questionable ethics

    Law and Order is certainly enjoyable. The characters are likeable and the content is interesting. But it's also sometimes downright offensive. The protagonists of the show blunder into people's lives and homes, often with no regard for their cultural, religious, or lifestyle practices. Their policing is a step away from what might be considered corrupt. They beat up suspects, sometimes with no consequences. They use the legal system for their own gain; e.g. telling someone they won't give him jail time if he drops a lawsuit against them. They do things which I can't imagine any police officer would do, such as barging into an operating room in the middle of a procedure, risking causing infection to the patient. They question lifestyle choices which they have no right to argue with. They seem so focused on blaming someone that they'll often prosecute someone who has no legal responsibility for an occurrence, but who the detective's personal beliefs find immoral. They're extremely narrow minded and clearly unaware of anything about human behaviour. sometimes to the point of lacking common sense. They usually assume that a mentally ill person is 'faking it' or just not worth their consideration (unless they have some sort of personal tie to them). If the token psychology guy (Dr. Huang) disagrees with them, they ignore him or shoot him down or get offended and yell at him. Also the show itself is often unrealistic in it's depiction of people. I'll cite one episode where a group of kids abuse pharmaceutical drugs and when asked about it say something along the lines of "well they can't be dangerous because they're prescribed by a doctor". Now I know a whole bunch of people who use prescription and OTC drugs to get high and not one of them are that bloody stupid. Even the younger ones just aren't that dumb. The portrayal is ridiculously exaggerated. Another issue I have is with the tendency of this show to portray everything in extremes, although that could be partially attributed to the fact that it's a police show. Everyone is radical. Catholics are the kind that preach extreme intolerance towards gays. Gay men are hardcore partiers and meth addicts. Lesbians are outspoken feminists who find bisexuality offensive. And so on.

    All these things make the show sometimes difficult to watch. Sometimes it's just laughable and sometimes it's actually painful to see. I will say that it seems to have improved a bit in the most recent seasons.

    But I will say that despite the fact that the show often seems morally repugnant it's still fun to watch. So I'd say Law and Order SVU can be great entertainment, if you can ignore the issues.
  • This is the best Law and Order yet. It is so interesting and it captures your attention. The cases are different then others. It is so intriguing. The actors are great.

    I love it. I always watch it. I try not to miss an episode, but when I do, I am sad. This show us great! It is my favorite Law and Order, it will probably always be. My family loves it too. You should definitely watch it! If you like Monk, Psych, Burn Notice... you will probably like this too! The actors are amazing. And not ugly. Some shows are hard to watch because of unattractive actors. Ha. You should definitely watch it in your free time. It is better than so many other shows. It ties in drama, cops, detectives, mystery and the law.
  • Yet another example of a spin-off series that matches or exceeds it's parent show.

    Quality drama seems to be the trademark of the entire Law and Order franchise, and Law and Order Special Victims Unit is no exception. A long running decedent of the original Law and Order series, and the first of the spin-offs of the series, Special Victims Unit gives you complex and engaging characters, non stop I-can't-look-away quality drama and outstanding writing and story lines. The crimes and cases depicted take their Que directly from actual headline making cases, and many times seems to do them one better. It's no mystery to me why this show has been on as long as it has!
  • I was not a big fan of Law & Order, then came SVU.


    I watched a day of back to back episodes that were being aired and became hooked. I don't recommend it for young children as it is gritty and, although they post disclaimers, are frighteningly close to real news story's. Yes, I DO look up some of the episodes story lines and find them in some, form loosely based on the episode itself. All in all a great show that makes you think about the world around you and the people who are in it.

  • Addictions to Negative, Twisted, Sick Cop Shows Aren't Healthy

    I used to watch this program a lot. Then I realized it offered too much negativity to warrant my attention. I noted it started exploiting twisted, perverted, sick minds for higher ratings. One particular scene of a teen going off the deep end really struck me as distasteful. I stopped watching after that scene and haven't revisted since. The rhythm of the dialogue among the cops is also a bit untrue to reality. This mechanical dialogue makes the show unrealistic, while offering nothing of any positive value other than Mariska Hargitay's gay appeal.
  • Special Victims Unit, also known as Sex Crimes.

    I\'m surprised that this show lasted as long as it has. B

    etween the extremely distasteful topic and the excessive machismo of the detectives, Det Benson in particular, I don\'t care for it at all. Is there a \"coming out\" episode in the future? Det Benson has gotten less and less feminine as the years have gone by. Lt Van Buren and Det Eames manage to be cops without looking like they are trying to generate their own testosterone. I also feel that the detectives are too quick to judgement. The detectives of the other L&O shows are confrontational as well, but, considering the heinous nature of the crimes in SVU, you would think they\'d want to be sure before treating someone like pond scum. They should be aware that, in the court of public opinion, once a person has been accused of child molestation, they will always be under suspicion, even if they are cleared of the charges. There is also feeling of superiority from the characters. The ADA commented, \"She\'s a homicide ADA.\", as if a ADA who prosecutes homicides couldn\'t possibly have the sensitivity to deal with a rape victim. Hello? Don\'t the most experienced DAs prosecute murders? Don't the DAs step up from crimes such as rape or assault to murder?

    And these detectives talk to the DA so disrespectfully! I've never seen that on any other L&O show. Benson barging into Casey Novak's office saying "What the hell were you doing?" Excuse me? Isn't the DA a superior of the cops?

    I just don\'t like this show.
  • Best of all the Law and Order

    I think Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, is the best of all the Law and Order shows. It portrays a real unit on the NYPD and the problems and cases they must deal with (ie. rape, rape-murder, ect.) are much more hard hitting than some other Law and Order shows like Law and Order: Criminal Intent (cases such as theft, scams/cons, occasional murder). Best Law and Order out there... cast is sweet
  • Great Show - Creative, dramatic...keeps you watching...But it does come down to the actors. Ice-T eh. The few DA changes (one was an actual victim on earlier season) - strange.

    Love the show - They need to keep the actors!! I really like the guest appearances and I'm wondering when robert pattinson will be called back as the Now adult rapist? - Hope the writers didn't forget. Or another appearance by Robin Williams- I know your orig cast is leaving - so will the show- don't let them go. Jennifer Love Hewitt was a victim on the show- She's now taken the police test and has made it to detective in 2 yrs? STay true to your faithful. Pay the actors what they're worth and don't let them leave- you'll lose the show.
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