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  • best show. it is always on, so there is always something to watch!!

    this has got to be my 2nd- 3rd favorite show ( after house and supernatural, maybe!!) and i really really like it. the actors and actresses are great and they always do the sad, dramatic scenes soo well. one time, when Stabler was crying, i wanted to cry!! this show is the best! they all get along and this show is the best, especially when they are undercover. and when they are interogating someone. its AWESOME! but, really this is one of my favorite shows, and i dont know what i would do if i didn't get to watch it. BEST SHOW EVER!
  • I would like to compliment our Sarasota, FL, Charlie Barnett on his excellent performance in this episode. We are proud of him.

    As always, all of the regular cast was excellent, and thank you for all of the years you have provided us with superb shows. This particular episode certainly was an educational show and hopefully many younger fans watched this one and went away educated as to what can happen to them on the college campus, or anywhere for that matter. Today's world has more possibilities for those who wish to inflict injury on others for their physical gratification whether it be boys against girls, or vice versa, or boys against boys, or the girls against girls. Please keep this type of educational shows coming. Thank you.
  • In my opinion, the best of all the "Law and Order" franchise with a fantastic regular cast and mostly, excellent scripts.

    Sometimes producers of a show just get it right when they are putting together a cast for a show. After a couple of rough starts, the cast as it is in 2011 is one that I cannot fault. Headed up, as it has always been, by Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni, this excellent ensemble also has Richard Belzer, Ice-T, Dann Florek, BD Wong and Tamara Tunie.

    Every week, the members of the Special Victims Unit deal with some of the nastiest, most horrible crimes around and every week, the cast and the guest actors give us an excellent 40-plus minutes of television and some gripping, heart-wrenching storylines that usually have us sitting on the edge of our seats.

    Not many shows can still deliver the good in their 12th season but SVU does, time and time again, and I hope it continues to do so for at least as many seasons as the 'Mother Ship', 'Law and Order' because this is quality television.
  • One of the best cops shows on TV.

    When it comes to cop shows, I tend to be a very choosy beggar. While other shows fail to capture the motives of the criminals and the cops who apprehend them, SVU succeeds in this. Only one other cop show accomplishes this (Detroit 1-8-7) and it is on ABC. SVU features an all-star cast of gritty, streetwise detectives who can be both funny at times but still carry an intense story. SVU continues to be a pinnacle in the procedural cop show genre. Over the years, many cop shows have come and gone, but SVU continues to show us that good cop shows can prevail. I look forward to watching this show for years and years to come.
  • Good show, but not better than the original!

    I'm not really a long-time L&O fan. I used to watch it every day during my holidays -- and you know TNT plays several episodes a day and has marathons constantly. After realizing I had watched enough original L&O that TNT started being mostly repeats, I noticed that CI and SVU were being played on USA a lot as well, so I picked up on that recently. CI wasn't my thing, but I liked the characters in SVU a lot.

    It usually comes down to comparison -- after all, they're spin-offs from the original, all of them Dick Wolf creations.

    The thing that I liked the most about SVU at first were the characters. It's obviously a much more character-driven show than the original, but also, the main SVU team has been together for much longer. The only position that's switched around is the ADA spot.

    Benson and Stabler are probably my favorite detective team, maybe right behind Briscoe and anyone. I think Ice-T plays his character great, Capt Cragen grows on you (despite his permanent worried scowl), and my least favorite detective (though I do like him) is probably Munch, just because he's always really out there and often serves as comedy fodder more than anything.

    SVU detective work is obviously far better and their storylines and development are much more suspenseful than the original, but it's almost extremely limited. The joke is that if you mention an SVU episode, it's sort of hard to tell them all apart: pedophilia, child abuse, rape, and murder is the usual. So naturally, as time goes on, the episodes tend to wear off.

    I think this is probably the reason Alex Cabot is way higher on my list than Casey Novak (aside from the fact that Cabot kicks so much more butt than Novak in the courtroom, and Cabot is at the station house way more). The later episodes lose a lot of their touch in the way of storylines, and they rely on a lot more of the characters to continue being interesting. It's gotten to the point where I think Benson's and Stabler's characters are worn out, and either they have to leave, or they'll jump the shark (an unlikely affair or whatever else, even if the fans love it). In any case, the earlier episodes with Cabot have much more interesting cases to me, and she ranks as my favorite ADA behind Carmichael and Kincaide.

    But even as awesome as Cabot is, the storylines are often very packed in the timeframe of one episode and a lot of the law is skipped. So the writers have to leave out scenes a lot; in fact, there are whole episodes where you might see a starring character only in one or two scenes.

    SVU might be more engaging at first, but I think it wears off a lot. The writing is not nearly as tight. I really enjoy the ripped-from-headlines feel I got, but SVU simply doesn't have enough interesting or unusual or ridiculous cases to have episodes on. I mean, how many times can you write about rape, children, and murder?

    Lastly, justice just isn't served up nearly as well. The writers cop out a lot at the end of the episodes with a depressing ending, like a suicide or a witness getting murdered or having to let the bad guy go. I mean, this show is a fiction; I don't know or expect it to be showing the really Manhattan SVU, so seriously? They could portray a bit more justice being delivered. I mean, McCoy's closing arguments are always the clinchers. SVU just doesn't have one, and so they opt for the suicide, murder, or acquittal.
  • a great show better than csi in my opinion no offence

    This show gets better every season that is what makes this show unique compared to other shows law and order special victims unit is on my top 5 list i no that for sure law and order criminal intent is also amazing if u like the real criminal type stuff which i do
  • Amusing pro-authoritarian propaganda

    Yeah, we get it, suspects have waaaay too many rights and those evil PC lawyers are just there to release evil criminal scum and make a buck for it and why won't the IAB let the police do their jobs in peace???

    This show is more that a procedural, it clearly has an agenda: To make people respect, trust and care about police. To portrait all suspects as the worst kind of criminal possible, and of course they're always blatantly guilty.

    Also the way everyone always voluntarily talks to the detectives is misleading. They show it like that so people who watch the series obey... I mean "cooperate".

    And every week someone's civil rights are violated in the pursuit of "justice" and we're supposed to think that's ok.

    And they even have a "wacky" character called Munch. You now, he's one of those crazy people who don't trust the government. What a weirdo, right? Yet he's a cop. That's a way to tell us that there's no way to fight the system because the system is right and "mature" people just play along even if they don't believe in it. Stabler should not only be fired he should have gone to prison long ago.
  • just gets annoying

    alright so i am obviously among the minority here but here goes nothing. This show isnt really all that great for me. And i'm willing to bet that all of the thumbs downs will come solely from the fact that i bashed everybody's favorite show and gave it less than a 9. Alright first things first, the characters: well they seem like they are your every day investigators until about 3 minuets into the show. Then they say their first lines, idk why but its just so...whats the word...boring. Ok ok so i get that they are trying to create believable charters that actually have depth to them but rarely if ever do we get any sort of emotion from their lines, even if the character is saddened they still use their everyday voice. Now i have not seen every episode ever made of this show so i may be wrong but from what i have seen that is what happens every single episode.I realize once again that they are "tough" people who have seen the most amazingly horrible crimes ever and so are a little jaded but sooner or later your going to have a total collapse. As for the story well it just gets annoying after awhile 1) oh some one was raped 2.) oh wait!!!!! its a serial rapist!!!! 3.) OH NOOO!!!! not only is he a serial rapist but he kills puppies!!!! 4.) WAIT!!! we dont have evidence!!!! nooooooooo... 5.) OMG!!!! a rape victim who lived can give us the convenient evidence we need HURRAY!!!!!!! end...just gets kinda old after awhile/ Also slow and drags out yeah we have to tell a story but we dont need all the fluff. Oh and one more thing...i remember one episode where this teen mom buries her dead son and then it turns out his death was due to some childhood disease i forget which but anyways so it turns out the kid got it from another kid so now that kids mom is going to court. so shes proven innocent but the good guys act all defeated and are quite distraught that they couldnt put her away. This just annoyed me, the good guys who we are suppose to root for are going after these random people and trying their hardest to prove them guilty when in reality it wasnt really any fault of theirs. Call me crazy but shouldnt the good guys be on the side of the mom who is being hounded by these ridiculous allegations? just a thought. now let the thumbs down commence :)
  • Why the hell is this show so popular?

    I can answer that question in two words: Hargitay and Merloni. The simple fact that the nucleus of the ensemble is some of the best casting on television, period. In order for casting to be effective, however, it stands to reason that actors must also be competent in their roles and in a departure from the majority of prime time television, these actors actually are. The savvy casting also takes full advantage (in the Law and Order family tradition) of the local stage talent available in New York, ensuring that even guest roles are cast to perfection, with almost all of them having graced the New York boards. All of that said, you are probably wondering why I've given this show a 6. Again, two words will suffice: Writing and Ice-T. I find it incredibly difficult to believe that it was the same casting wizards that glued together the rest of the roster that decided a cop-hating rapper (even one who urges his listeners to murder them for sport) with minimal acting experience needed to become a cop on television. Not just a cop, but one that works with rape victims in incredibly fragile emotional situations. Now, I love a good summer action blockbuster or apocalyptic disaster joint just as much as the next guy, but even after loving "Cloverfield" I find it nearly impossible to suspend my disbelief long enough to take Ice-T seriously as a member of this cast. Oh yeah, writing. The show suffers from the same creative issues as its cousins, although not as terminally as the younger one quarantined on the USA Network. The plots get confusing as major twists happen literally right on top of each other (a cheap way to feign "excitement") and by the time you've finished buttering your toast you might as well just turn off the television and deal your kitten a hand of poker, because the rest of the episode will make about the same amount of sense. And I'm not buying the "ripped from the headlines" L&O trademark gimmick this go-round, as even Rod Sterling would have rejected a quarter of this program's scripts had they been submitted for "The Twilight Zone". An extra layer of cheese is spread when you remind yourself that this show is principally concerned with rape cases. Your eyes will frequently roll as the script jockeys behind SVU insult your intelligence and put words in the mouths of characters that even the actors can't wait to get rid of, although (as mentioned) they do so with great aplomb. Despite its faults, SVU is probably the best NBC can do for its time slot and when it's good, it's great. The only problem is that most of the time you won't know when it's good because you'll be too busy trying to remember whose name is whose and what thirty year old mattress commercials have to do with serial rapists that work at the food stamp office. Just make sure you don't strain your eyes too much through the magnifying glass required to follow each episode's plot though, because like I said, you're going to be rolling them quite a bit as well.
  • I wish I could learn how to like this show but I've been trying ever sense I could remember and it's just not a likable show.

    This show goes nowhere in the storyline and storyboard I like the cast but thats it. This show needs an actual storyboard and storyline in order for my ratings for this show to go up a few points. Out of all of the Law & Order series Law & Order (1990) has to be the best in my opinion. I also loved that Law & Order series that got canceled called Law & Order: Trial by Jury I liked that show because it went somewhere in the storyline and I'll learn to like this show if they work on that. I give this show 1 thumbs up and 1 thumbs down.
  • This was a very bad attempt at showing the dispute of HIV dissidents vs. mainstream medicine's viewpoints on the link between the virus and AIDS. They took a true story and destroyed it for the sake of making one side more infalible than the other.

    This show was probably the worst form of propoganda and deception I believe I have ever seen. Yes, we all know mainstream's view of HIV/AIDS but the facts remain that there is not ONE scientific study that directly says "without a doubt HIV causes AIDS." I'm not going to get into the dissident vs. mainstream view on this review.. instead, let's look at who this story was based off of: Christine Maggiore. In the episode Christine Maggiore was portrayed as insane, widowed, having two HIV positive children (one of which died from the "virus") and by the end of the episdoe passed away. The fact is that Christine Maggiore is married, ALIVE, has tested HIV+ for 20 years, and has regular, unprotected sex with her husband of 12 years who remains HIV- to this day. Furthermore, her daughter, upon autopsy, had no signs of PCP and most importantly, was HIV- (as is her healthy son)! I understand the concept of using lies to tell the truth. If writer's didn't, a considerable amount of impacting and motivating "true" stories would never have been made. BUT, where do we cross the line. How far do we have to go until someone will say, "ok, this obviously has no basis in truth.. this has crossed the line." Why kill the husband? Why kill Christine? Why do the kids test HIV+? Why the random affair with a coworker? People say the denialists are confused and murders but to prove your point you take a wonderful, true story and butcher it to hell? You stuff it full of medical expectations to wash away the unexplainable? This episode was just sad!
  • Great show! (except for the in-your-face liberal propaganda added in)

    Yes, this is a great show, but the left-wing liberals that write the show go overboard constantly politicizing it, bashing the right ever chance they get with liberal quips by the actors, which add nothing to the plot and are just overly obvious propaganda. Message to the writers and NBC: Almost all cops are NOT left-winger's. Knock it off please. Please do us all a service and leave the politics out of the show! Other than that, I never miss an episode. A better show without all of the liberal messages is Cold Case. CBS doesn't seem to have the propaganda which is so evident across the network, though far from anything close to impartial.
  • Deals with the most vile, despicable, contemptible, depraved, and wicked kind of crime imaginable. Crimes that affect our young, and our innocent. Our future. Our Children.

    Law and Order Special Victims Unit

    Deals with the most vile, despicable, contemptible, depraved, and wicked kind of crime imaginable. Crimes that affect our young, and our innocent. Our future. Our Children. Well, that's painting a broad brush, but an overwhelming majority deals with cases of rape, child abuse, and outright sexual depravity. There is an underlining running theme throughout the show that most SVU detectives don't last more than 5 years. And I can whole heartily agree to validity of that statement, even if it is made up. This show is brutal. It's great, but brutal. Just imagining some of the things that happen to the victims on the show brings me much pain and despair. And then I realize that these things happen every day, and I am saddened even more so. Now that I think of it, I don't know why I like this show so much, it seems like all its doing is giving me a reason to be depressed.

    Putting aside my emotional trauma at enduring so many heart breaking situations, this show is fabulous. And don't laugh at me for using the word fabulous. The pacing is always right. The two lead detectives provide a great balance to each other, even though it's hard swallowing Christopher Meloni as anything but one of those psychopaths is a task. I don't know, it's just something about him that comes across as "serial killer" I just can't shake it. Markiska Hargitay is a sight for sore/stinging from crying at the tragedy you just witness/.....eyes. And even though her character can irritate some on occasion, she is pretty steady in her moral high ground righteousness that you can dislike her without trying to much. Which really free's up your time to hate other characters more actively. Richard Belzer as Det. John Munch is wicked oddball fun. And his colorful commentary is always a breath of fresh air. Speaking of fresh air, I was worried about ICE-T and how he would mesh without having half naked chicks dancing around him while spitting lyrics, but his portrayal of Det Odafin Tutuola is shockingly descent. And he brings a level of street expertise and charisma without trying too hard that really gives the cast balance. And dare I say... Soul? Ah, I said it... yeah yeah!

    The subject matter is very gruesome. But someone has to deal with it, and with the cast and the said subject matter, there is very little room for giving lack luster performances. That goes for script and acting. While the show has its ups and downs, it is fairly consistent in its theme, and unrelenting crusade to put the lowest of the low away for their actions, even if the sentences seem to be a little light for a crime that ranks right up there with the worse in my opinion. If you are an Law and Order Fan, this show will give yah what you want, and a lot of uneasy moments to say "that's sick" So Hooray for the Panty Police. This show is no slouch. You will be appalled by the acts of crime, and appalled by the Law not allowing you to severely punish those criminals the way they deserve. The paradox that is American Justice.
  • Although Law & Order: Special Victims Unit carries the brand name Law & Order, the newer program has established a strong unique identity and has proven itself as a hit in its own right.

    I didn't watch this series when it first aired but after someone showed me one of the episodes one day and I became hooked. I try to watch as many episodes I could catch on television. This series is just like the original Law and Order just somethings that are different. To anyone who might be interested in the series you might find it on USA network but check your local listings to make sure. I am glad this series is still airing so that I can watch the series when I can catch the episodes on television. I hope you enjoy the series those who go looking for it.
  • Love it!

    Has to be my favorite show. I hope they come out with a new season soon :) The acting is great, the story line is great, all together it's just a great show. My favorite episode had to be "Closet" because the acting was amazing in that one. I suggest it to everyone who loves Law and Order. It's another amazing part in the Law and Order collection. Christopher Meloni does an amazing job at portraying Elliot Stabler. The show is believable, and not corney like some of the other police shows out there. Law and Order SVU is a must see!
  • This is my favorite show and I recommend it to every single person I meet.

    This is my all time favorite show. I think the sexual tension between Elliot and Olivia is the perfect touch to add to the shows powerful cases. I hope that Chris and Mariska are coming back for season 11. They really tie together the show. Ice-t and Robert Belzer are also great at playing their parts, but most people agree when I say that the ratings will drop insanely if Chris and Mariska leave. I think that they will end up coming back, but that is just my opinion. I hope that this show will continue for many more seasons.
  • It used to be worth watching until they added Christine Lahti to the cast

    My husband and I used to really enjoy watching this show. Not every character was our favorite, but they were tolerable. For instance, I thought Alexandra Cabot was way too "high & mighty" and too opinionated, but at least I didn't want to leave the room when she was onscreen. I can't say that now. The addition of Christine Lahti to the cast as ADA Sonya Paxton is a HUGE mistake. She is beyond obnoxious and grating. She's trying too hard to assert her authority and comes across as aggressive and belligerent. She thinks it's okay to browbeat witnesses and constantly points out past mistakes of the SVU team. If she continues to be a part of this cast, we won't be watching anymore. I just want to change the channel when her character is onscreen.
  • Good show, but not my favorite anymore.

    This used to be my favorite show until season 8. And now I can't say it became bad, but... I think I'm kind of disappointed. I loved season 10 (except for the season finale episode) and I was with good expectations for this season 11, which is the worst EVER. Well, I can't give a bigger score because the quality has dropped but I also can't give a lower, because I still love this show and I still have hope it's gonna be like old times... Wish Munch appear more, he's one my favorite characters and he is the funniest, and I wanted good storylines, not a show based on the guest stars... Right now, I'm prefering Criminal Minds!
  • She has got to go!

    Christine Lahti is just awful. I quite liked this story - it was as strong as always, and the guest starts were great, especially Scott Foley. Christine Lahti, however, is so heavy handed, ridiculous and smug. If she stays, I won't be watching, Please bring back someone from previous episodes .... anyone or perhaps someone new ....again anyone else! I have liked Christine Lahti in other things so I'm not sure if this is just a mismatch or the direction on her character. Whatever it is, it is just wrong, wrong, wrong!! Actually I have a great idea, what about Bebe Neuwirth? She could be really good!
  • wonderful

    One of the best shows ever keeps getting better as each season of Law and Order: Special Victim's Unit is more intense than the next. Since 1999, Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay have portrayed (respectively) Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson beautifully and so intentally I have rated this amongst my top ten favorite shows. Also, Richard Belzer (John Munch) and Ice-T (Odafin Tutuola) portray two other favorite characters of mine on the show, but no who beats Olivia or Elliot. I hope that this show goes on for years to come, especially when I am in college (starting in September 2011, go Class of 2011!!!). In conclusion, this is a show that no one should miss! Ever!!
  • Wonderful Cast & Show

    This is such an amazing show. The actors do a splendid job and the writers use articles ripped from the headlines to create a great episode. The partnership between the lead detectives, Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler, is wonderful. Starting in 1999, 10 seasons and over 200 episodes later, this show has become a huge hit. I would recomend this show to anyone. The cast on SVU also makes the hour long episode enjoyable because all seem to work together nicely. With Season 11 coming soon, I am hoping for more great episodes to come out. I can see how SVU is the most popular spin-offs from the Law & Order "enterprise."
  • Phenomenal

    The best crime show around. The acting is top notch and the story lines are always griping. I don't think I've ever seen a bad episode. Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni are phenomenal together, they have such great on screen chemistry. The episodes are just so well written, one can definitely see why it's such a success. There's always such detail in the storylines and the acting elevates it even higher than possible. I try to never miss an episode. It deserves every single award it's ever gotten and more. I don't think you could get a more perfect crime show, just phenomenal in every way possible.
  • Wow the best sex crime show ever! I remember why i always watch it! I like it when the bastards getting cought 1

    Wow this show has it all!

    You name it!

    THis is a show where me and my mom bond because of all its exciting scenes and scenarios. I love watching it on all the different chanels it comes on and i wait quite inmpatiantly for the next new episode!

    I cant wait for the new season to come out! "Zebras" had me holding my breath and not able to remove my eyes that were glued to the screen..... even when i had to go to the bathroom.

    This show is he best out of all of the Law and Order series! To watch it is a must!
  • I remember how I got into this show....: )

    I remember how I got into this show. Well not exactly, but at first whenever I saw the show starting up with the theme beginning thing with those old looking pictures i thought, "boringgg. snoozee. probably one of those very boring informational crime rape shows." But then one day, I decided to try it out.
    And woww, this is actually a good show. :)
    I enjoy watching it and what happens in the shows but some of the episodes are a snoozer, i must admit.
    but some i liked a lot.
    it depends sometimes.
    but overall a good show.
    I recommend watching it! : D
  • Great team & chemistry!

    I love all the chemistry this show has. I love Elliot and Olivia's relationship! They may not be together, which makes me sad, but I'd still watch it. They had a relationship like Booth and Brennan from Bones, but Elliot and Olivia don't flirt, occasionally. Every Tuesday I look forward to seeing my favorite show! I also love all the story lines. Olivia's mom being a rape victim, Elliot's father being cruel. It's all good. I was look through the episode ratings, and all the episodes I really like are all very low. So I'm like confused. do people see what I'm seeing when I watch SVU ?
  • The 2nd show in the "Law & Order" franchise carries on the proud tradition of the "mothership" while throwing in some tweaks on the classic formula.

    I've watched this show regularly since it debuted, and even though it's now in it's 10th season, it's still every bit as enjoyable as it was during its first. Sure, its had its ups and downs - how could it not? But the ups have far, far outweighed the bad. One big difference between SVU and the original L&O is that whereas the original show is so story driven that characters regularly come and go with little to no harm done to the show, SVU is constructed firmly around its characters. While there have been changes - most notably between the first and second seasons and over the years in the ADA's office - there's a core of characters that form the heart of the show: Olivia Benson and Eliott Stabler are the two primary characters, but Tutuola Fin, John Munch, and Captain Don Cragen (who was also the original Lieutenant on the original Law & Order) are also essential to the show. Over the years, others have joined the team, most notably Dr. Melinda Warner, the Medical Examiner and Dr. George Huang, an FBI Psychologist, as well as a series of Assistant District Attorneys beginning with Alex Cabot, then Casey Novak and most recently Kim Greyleck. The characters are clearly drawn and well played by their portrayers. There's a certain predictability to how the characters act, but in a show like this, that's a positive because it gives a firm foundation on which to build the stories. As for the stories themselves, they have all you could want from a well-tuned drama: relevance, an ability to touch you on an emotional level, thought provoking incidents and dialogue, suspense, and twists galore. If the show has any weakness its that it has a tendency to fall into the trap of casting a relatively well-known guest star (often billed as a "special guest star") and then either has them turn out to be a friend of one of our team members *or* show up in a way that makes them look like they're kind of a minor character, like the boss of a suspect they speak to for a couple minutes or a witness they interview briefly before moving on - both of which, when combined with the notability of the start, make it very obvious that they're going to play a much more important part in the story - almost always as "the bad guy." It's an unfortunate tendency because it takes away a lot of the suspense of that particular episode. Even given that flaw, the show still provides good, high-quality, intelligent entertainment while presenting us with issues that we might not otherwise have considered. It's certainly worth taking the time each week to watch!
  • It's like going back in time to the good ol' days of SVU.

    Words cannot express how happy I am to see Alex Cabot back. Seeing her in the courtroom, the precinct, the judge's's like I'm watching an episode from season 4.

    Anyway, the episode was good with its twists and turns. From statutory rape to murder to lead poisoning, the writers did a pretty okay job weaving the three together. Of course, Alex Cabot and her "Specs of Justice" made the episode more fun to watch.

    I wish they delved more into what happened to her after leaving WPP (hopefully they will in the next few episodes). But I liked the fact that they made Alex look like she lost some of her edge in the beginning (because it showed how much she's changed after all that has happened to her) and then bounce back in the end.

    Okay, my thoughts are all a mess. That's what happiness and excitement can do to a person. Ever since Diane Neal left, I kind of lost interest (I still watched every week, though). TPTB did a good move; bringing Alex back gave me a reason to watch and reminded me of why I love this show.
  • Just plain amazing.

    I started watching Special Victims Unit a couple years ago. I was just flipping through the channels, bored out of my mind, when I noticed Mariska and realized I knew her from Plain Truth, a Lifetime movie. I decided to watch...and I am so beyond happy I did! :) SVU really captures the emotions of victims and the reality of the cases. Olivia and Elliot make the best team, with Liv's empathy and Elliot's in-your-face tactics. But don't be fooled...Liv can kick some bad guy bum, too! The storylines are interesting, and the acting is great. Love this show and have recommended it to many friends! :)
  • Please keep Alex back in the SVU!

    I was so glad to see Alex back!! While I am a big fan of SVU, I tend to watch more of the reruns than the current season because I do not care for the character of Kim. I would love to see Alex stay or bring back Casey!! You can definitely feel the chemistry between Alex and the detectives. The story was also great. Watching Alex and seeing the transformation from wanting to put this kid into prison for murder and ending up making sure he got the medical help he needed was wonderful. This episode got me hooked all over again!
  • that was sad!

    oh my god i watched this episode on my computer in my room alone and it was so scary sad and good all at once. i screamed laughed and at the very end i was sitting on my bed with tears streaming down my face. This episode is my all timee favorite now it was just amazingly written and the acting was also great alsoo. I love this show! it is my favorite and i watch it every single day of the week. ihave seen all of the first second and third seasons as well as scattered episodes from other seasons. this episode definitely tops them all! i just really thought this was great. except for the end of course =[ i hate crying from tv shows lol.
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