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  • This show follows the NYPD SVU or sex crimes unit. It follows Detectives Olivia Benson, Elliott Stabelor, John Munch, Fin Tutuola, Captain Donald Cragen, Shrink Dr. George Wong, and ADA Casey Novak. It deals with all sorts of sexually based offenses.

    This is the best show on TV. The best of all of the Law and Order and has great actings, and great storylines. It is getting better every season, and I want them to continue making it. The chemistry between Benson and Stabler really helps move the show along, along with Belzer's humor, and all of the plot twists. I like the fact that while the show has an identity all its own, it kept the Law and Order title cards, and the Doing- Doing noise when changing scenes. The show rocks. Great job Dick Wolf abd all of the cast members.
  • Slipping a bit in season 9, but still an amazing show.

    Let me begin by saying this is an excellent show. On of the few to hit the ground running and pump out 8 solid seasons but season 9 just isn't up to the old standard. I'm not sure if it's the transition to digital, if they have a new DofP, if it's bad direction or just the show's age starting to come through but there's something that's just not feeling the same about my favorite police-procedural. Visually (In particular the episodes Savant and Signature) are very static and overly clean. Scenes come across as being filmed on a set rather than being a looking glass into a real lived in, gritty world. At the very least the post-production process needs to be changed to dirty it up or tone it down. Story lines seem to be slipping too. The previously mentioned Signature is downright terrible. There's a tendency towards CSI type exposition that has (mostly) been kept to a minimum. Senseless technobabble slips through more this season than any other (DNA on shell casings?) and the character bits that made this show great seem to be going the way of the dinosaur. Now I'm sure people will argue that last one and I will say the mannerisms that I love are still there. Stabler is still a tightly wound ball of rage, Benson is still the empathetic idealist, chained to the job by her own circumstance. But the moments that make the characters who they are seem blown out, made BIGGER as though just having their mannerisms balls out there is enough to justify not writing them well.

    All in all I love this show and I hope they start to fix what they've been doing wrong because I would hate to see SVU turn into something unremarkable.

    I also dislike the bank of monitors replacing the transparent whiteboard. Of course I didn't like it when the whiteboard became transparent either.
  • The best of all 3.

    Like its predecessor, many Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episodes are clear references to high-profile real-life cases (or famous fictional works), and are based on thinly-veiled dramatizations of these actual events, though the particulars and outcome may end up to be quite different.

    The show is more character-driven than the typical police procedural, with a less-than-complete focus on the main case. For example, detectives Stabler and Benson each signed up to work for the Special Victims Unit for different reasons: Stabler felt a moral responsibility to protect all people from the criminals that they had to deal with, especially because he had four children of his own, and later dealing with issues involving an abusive father and anger issues that drove away his wife and children. Benson was the child of a pregnancy resulting from the alleged rape of her mother.

    I also like the way scenes cut from one to the other, with no more than a double percussion punctuation. It's simple, but very original. And it saves time.

    I could exhaust my stock of superlatives describing this series so I'll leave it there. If you ain't seen it; you're missing a treat. If you don't like it; join a monastery.
  • It's the best show on the earth.

    I love this show. The actors/actresses play a great role in the show. I think Mariska Hargitay plays the best role, as Olivia Benson- a child of rape herself. Chris Meloni also does a great job with his charecter as he battled to get Kathy back and trying to protect his teenage daughters from anything that might happen to them. I think the show also teaches you the dangers that are in the world today. There are so many people out there who can choose to hurt you at any time. I love this show and I think it is the best show on the planet!
  • wtf is up w/ these summary's just read the review.

    My favorite show EVER!!!!!!!!!! Idk why i love it so much. It is so exciting!!! You never know what is going to happen!!! well most the time. MH and CM are such great actors they are brilliant w/ what they do!! and both have wonderful chemistry!!! MH is so pretty, and CM is freaking hot!! I also love Richard is so funny on and off screen, his character is such a smart @$$ and i love that!!! Ice-T is just awesome and Fin is so harsh but not at the same time. Olivia is so kind hearted and caring!! Elliot is so stern. Casey is just well kind hearted and stern *tears up* i will miss you Casey. I also love Cragen he is like the father figure of the whole thing he watches out for all of them but doesn't go easy on they if they mess up. SO yea i just love the show and everything abt it.
  • Top five favorite shows. New crime every week, great characters and awesome plots. My favorite Law and Order Series

    Best crime drama in my opinion. The show is a great show about detectives who handle special victims such as rape or child cases. Every episode is a new crime with new twists and turns and makes the audience never know what will happen next. The characters are fantastic, each with stories from there past and problems with their families and personal lives that sometimes interferes with their investigations. Also the prosecution part of the show is also very important part of the show and Diane Neal as Casey Novak does a wonderful job. The whole show is just wonderful and each episode keeps you guessing and wanting more.
  • In a criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felanies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit.

    This is definetly my favorite show. It teaches you the dangers that are in the world and the charecters are great! There is no way in the world I could live without this show. Mariska Hargitay plays and amazing role in this show. She is my favorite actress. Christopher Meloni also does a great job too. I would really enjoy it if the seasons never ended!! I have to buy them soon! I am looking forward to watching the new season that will be starting soon. I don't know how much longer I can go without it! It's the best show in the world.
  • One of my new favorites

    So I am kinda new to Law & Order SVU, but I have been rapidly catching up. I saw one of the last episodes of season 9 (I forget the name, but Robin Williams guest-starred), and I was hooked!

    Basically, SVU follows the Manhattan detectives dedicated to solving sexually-based crimes. They also often get child abuse cases because they are "more equipped to deal with those situations," according to one early episode. SVU is infamous for detectives leaving after only two years because of the nature of the cases, but Captain Don Cragen, Olivia Benson, Elliot Stabler, John Munch and Fin Tutuola are able to stick with it. Besides watching the detectives solve the cases, we also get to see some of their personal lives and how their work affects them, namely Benson and Stabler. If you're squeamish, this might not always be the show for you. NBC prefaces the especially disturbing ones with a warning of adult content, but rape does occur in nearly every episode (these are, after all, the sex police). Despite the seriousness of the crimes, however, the show is actually pretty funny. Elliot and Olivia have a lot of hilarious moments, and Munch is always entertaining. This show is very well-acted and ridiculously well-written--I highly recommend it!
  • This show rocks

    Law and Order the show gets crazier with every episode. The first episode I saw and I was completely hooked. Even though no one single episode is specifically connected it can be a little rueful its just what happens in real life. There isn't always happy ending in life you know. I just don't know what else to say the show is beautifully done, well scripted absolutely great actors and even though the show is suppose to be super serious they still seem to manage to squeeze in some comedy. This show always seem to have me on the edge of my seat wanting more... I just can't wait for the new episodes.
  • OMG the best show ever!!!

    SVU, wow where do I start? I think that SVU is the best show ever and will never get tired of it. I think I would clissify myself as mildly obsessed but not that bad. This show is so real and has such great acting that I can't get enough of it. It has inspired me to do so many great things, has helped me avoid bad situations and is a positive influence to anyone who watches it. I would recommend this show to as many people as I can, and I have. I don't think that it is the best show in the law and order franchise. The way that the cases are dealt with on the show is so accurate that I feel like I'm there! This is the best show ever and you should all watch it!!:)
  • Sex crimes are investigated

    This is my favorite crime show. I find the other two Law and Order shows to be very boring and formulaic. SVU on the other hand is so intriguing and all the crimes and victims show such a raw and realistic viewpoint of sex crimes that it is amazing to watch. The twists that happen on this show are so shocking and painful sometimes that it keeps you on the edge of your seat. The cops on this show are also really great. Stabler and Benson are such a great pair and there chemistry brings a lot to the show. B.D. Wong is also really great to watch. Ice-T and Richard Belzer are another great team that add humor to a very dark show. These crimes are also really good in the court rooms because of the sensitive subject matter and it is great to watch it play out under the law.
  • What can I say?

    This is a great show. I didn't know how they could do better than the orginial Law and Order. They did it with this show. This show provides your with turnoil between the police and the lawyers like the other one but, with a big differece the crimes in this bring out the passion and the extremes. Once the show provides you with the bad guy(s) it makes you truely hate the person within your very soul. You feel for the people involved including the officers and their family life. How Olivia was conseaved and Elliott with his wife (ex) and kids. It has the dynamics and the passions as I stated earlier. GREAT SHOW!
  • This is another Law and Order show, but it is about sex crimes. It does something other L&O shows doesn't do: it goes into the personal lives of the main characters: the detectives, Olivia and Elliot.

    This show is so controversal, a lot of people say it is not right and shouldn't be on TV. It deals with the crimes that we know are out there but we don't want to face. It covers some of the worst crimes out there: sex crimes. The truth is many people are raped and sexually assulted every day and this show could help them to report it. A lot of the people that are sexually assulted don't report it and their attacker is set free to rape and do the same thing to some one else. This show is trying to put a stop to that. Check this show out it rocks!!!!!! Manda
  • This show is the most brilliant one ever made by americans.I follow each episode everday when it plays.My favorite episode is the special victims unit_night and day. Gabriel Duvall is so hot!!!I love it I love the show and I want to become a lawyer

    Casy Novak: Good thing mom's ther to bail him up!

    Gabriel Duvall: human behavior isn't discernable because it isn't fixed.We can never really know what a person means by how they look or what they say.Ten different people have ten different smiles.

    Eleanor Duvall: Gabriel was and is a perfect son.

    Jason Withacker: Look your sex life is cought up with you and you're gonna have to pay for it unless you listen to me right now.There's one way I see us beating this.But you're gonna have to go along with it all the way. Jason Withacker: Gabriel is living his life without a speedometer.How can you punish him for his actions.Actions he did not know he was commiting.
  • This is one of the all time best shows ever!! I love all of the people! The epsidoes are all really good, and it is on like every night, so I always have something to watch.

    This is the best show ever!!! I love crime shows. If you are like me, you would love this show soo much. Det. Stabler, Benson, Munch, Fin, The captain, all of the D.A., Dr. Huang, and the whole cast, even the new guy, are amazing together. I love that sometimes they have little changes. I love the whole series. The show is outstanding, and I would watch it 24/7 if I could (maybe). Its on basically every night on all different channels, and i think every one should just sit down for about an hour and watch an episode, if they haven't watched it before.
  • Crime drama about the Manhattan Special Victims Unit. The detectives of SVU deal with sexual violence and crime.

    SVU's unique stories and characters make it the best show of the Law and Order series. The show explores the darkness of the "special" criminals and the crimes that they commmit. It also explores how the characters battle the darkness of their job, the people they deal with, and the darkness within themselves. Liv and El, and Munch and Fin offset each other very well. Cragen is a seasoned leader and Casey is a superb ADA. The show weaves together content and characters superbly. The show never ceases to impress and surprise and always leaves you wanting more. Not to mention Casey and Olivia are just plain hot.
  • SVU = the best show on television :D

    I'm trying hard to think back to the time when I didn't watch SVU. It wasn't that long ago,less than a year; yet that time is blurry, because SVU has become a part of my life. I know, I'm so sad. Thanks to this show, I now spend all my time preoccupied with talking about it, watching it, thinking about it, dreaming about it get the idea.

    So why is it so good? In the TV world where there are countless crime dramas, SVU is ahead of the pack for me. The cases are more confronting and though-provoking than many other shows, and instead of focusing on one thing it combines investigating, forensics, trials etc. Most of the episodes really makes you question yourself, and through the different characters they present the different points of view on any given issue.

    Every one of the characters is interesting: Elliot, Olivia, Fin, Munch, Cragen, Huang, Casey...I love the less prominent characters too, like ME Warner and the technology guy (I can never remember his name!). The chemistry between Benson and Stabler (whether platonic or not) is very real and one of the best things about SVU. It's a great cast, which is probably one of the main reasons it's so successful. Overall, this is a great show. The episodes have consistently been good (despite a few slip-ups when they have strayed away from the traditional SVU formula), I recommend it to anyone*

    * May cause obsession
  • Its, a crime drama that deals with Sex crimes, kidnapping, and child abuse or neglect, which singles it out from all the other shows from the series, it shows how difficult this job can be, but we all know that the awesome detectives can handle it ;)

    The Best Damn Show Ever!!

    there are so many bizarre twists and turns and weird sick criminals in this show that just keeps you guessing, they leave room in the show for you, yourself to be a little detective and argue with your friends on who committed the heinous crime, and what i luv about it, its always the person you least expect, leaving you on the edge of your chair, still wanting more when the credits roll, which usually drives me crazy ^_^. In addition, what makes it so great are the one thing that MAKES a show great, the actors in it, all the brillantly written personalitys that these actors protray for their characters are so layered, complicated, and havent even been revield through their full potential, they all have good chemistry, and they all get along, usually, but this tv show is so jam packed and exciting, youll be addicted in no time.
  • Law & Order SVU is my favorite of all the Law & Orders out there. It is the most exciting and intense.

    Law & Order Special Victims Unit is my favorite Law & Order of all the series. It is the most interesting and intense. It also deals with victims and murders rather than crimes and trials which I like more. This is a great show and I love to watch it anytime and it is always on. Plus they always have great guest stars in the episodes. That makes the show more interesting and likable. This is the kind of show that draws your attention and keeps you hooked. I started to watch this show because my mom has watched the original Law & Order for years and she got me to watch it, but I have grown to love the Special Victims Unit very much. This is a great show and I recommend it to anyone that loves crime shows.
  • Genius! Keep this on the air FOREVER!

    SVU is the best crime show I've ever seen. It's intense, it keeps you going. Every single episode does. You're always thinking, "Something bad is going to happen," when you hear the background music. The characters are the most spectacular I've ever seen. You can hardly ever tell that they're acting. It's so life-like! Dick Wolf is an incredible man for creating this show. The plots he creates are so real to this world, it's so awesome! This show shows us how our real world is; with rapists, pedophiles, murderers, super-mean-kids. Everything. This show is amazing and I want them to keep it going for a long time. :)
  • Law and Order SVU has become a phenomenon over the last few years. It has surpassed in popularity the original law and order because of not only great episodes but the great characters who revolve around it.

    I love this show and guess what i only started watching it for a year. I feel sad it took so long for me to find this show because at first i thought it was boring law show. This show is my favorite. The characters in this show are great and you couldnt ask for anything else. MY favorite character would be det. Benson, because she is one hot cop ypu dont want to mess with. my only regret is to not have found this show sooner. The first svu episode i saw was in mid 2007. SVU IS THE GREATEST
  • This shows follows veteran Detective Elliot Stabler and his partner Olivia Benson as they race against all odds to solve New York's most shocking crimes.

    A spin-off of NBC's hit series Law & Order, it is the most popular in the Law & Order franchise consisting of Law & Order, Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Law & Order: Trial By Jury. This hard-hitting series follows veteran Detectives Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson as they race to solve New York's most heinous crimes. To add variety and color to the show, they also add in the favorites Seargent John Munch, Captain Cragen and Detectives Odafin "Fin" Tutuola and Chester Lake. SVU is a superb show that always keeps the audience wanting more with its original plotlines and the obvious chemistry between Stabler and Benson. Stabler's hot-headed character who spends more time working than with his family is relatable because he clearly is a good guy who is just extremely dedicated to his work and sometimes lets his personal views get in the way of his job. Benson's more level-headed, smart and calm character contrasts with Stabler and together they leave everyone waiting anxiously for the next episode.
  • this show is the best show in the wrold if i do not watch this show at least once a day i would most likey go crazy. this show is definly my daliy fix. like now i am home sick (ah ah choooooow) it is 11:13 am the shows last about a hour long

    this show is the best show in the wrold if i do not watch this show at least once a day i would most likey go crazy. this show is definly my daliy fix. like now i am home sick (ah ah choooooow) it is 11:13 am the shows last about a hour long i watched about 5 today it is just so good. LAW & ORDER SVU is the best show in the wrold it is like LAW & ORDER but it takes on sexuall and child crimes it also somtimes deals with the persnal life of of the investergaters and not a lot of trials it is more of a CSI (crime sean investergaters) also a good show
  • Tuesday nights are SVU nights Elliot and Olivia make everything right From Partnership to Friendship From Eye sex to what could never Be! Law and Order SVU in the BEST SHOW ON TV!! ----> (SVU the OBCESSION)¢¾

    OMG I really love SVU it's the best show ever on TV hands down!! Elliot and Olivia..ugh where do I begin I am completely obcessed with EO ness!! I am a major shipper! They will end up together if I have anything to do with it:P My life revolves around SVU! I am 15years old but still... I watch it twice daily, 3 times on tuesdays... when I am not watching it I am on facebook joining groups and talking with other obcessed fans like me... but no body can compare! When I am not on facebook I am on fanfiction reading and writing poems... (BigestSVUFAN)--> is my screen name so check out some of my poems!! I love Mariska Hargitay she is my idol and inspiration! I want to become an actress one day and be at least half as great as her!! She is really beautiful¢¾ She definitly defines "Age is just a number" She's 44 years old has a 3yr old son and a 3 or 4 year deference from her husband Peter Hermann (40??) My favorite episode of all time is "Fault" episode 19 season 7!! Great/ Sad EO moments that make me cry every time I watch it!! ---> I love Law and Order SVU and I love to talk about it... sadly I have no friends that watch the show... so add my email to talk if you want:P
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is about the Special Victims Unit in the 16th Precinct of the New York City Police Department.

    The Intro to the theme song is, "In the criminal justice system, sexually based offences are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit. These are their stories." That s how I would decibe this show. This show is great. It is Ornigal. I love the Characters. It is intersting to watch. The storylines are aways different and interesting. I give it 4 out of four stars. This show is abusuoltly Fabulous and I hopeit lasts for a long time. I dont know what else to say. I love it.
  • The best Law and Order...

    I don't know why but I prefer this Law and Order among all the others. I see Law and Order and L&O Criminal Intent but there is something different about this one. It's a good series with impressive stories and wonderful characters. Detective Olivia Benson and Detective Elliot Stabler are the best. They have to deal with their personal lives and the stress of this job. Olivia has to deal with the fact that she is the product of a rape and Elliot has to deal with his family's problems. The characters of others Law and Order have to deal with this too but I think the job in Special Victims Unit is more shocking than the others. Children being molested, prostitution and rape are horrible things to see. I think I couldn't survive one day doing what they do best. This type of crime really shocks but knowing that there are people in the world that fights against it with courage is really good. The show is one of the best classic criminal series that I ever seen. And, as long as people kill each other, this show will last for a long time.
  • This show is just too good to pass up...

    This show I think is the best Law & Order by far. The original is good, but I love Elliot (Meloni) and Olivia (Hargity) together. Their partnership is great because Elliot's married and they work together as good friends and there's no mushy/annoying story line about romance between them. The story lines are really creative and usually very different from each other. The suspense usually holds until the end, and I'm usually still guessing up until they reveal the culprits. Dr. Huang (Wong) does a decent job, as far as overly-sympathetic physiologists go. I think the show is also pretty realistic, my father was a cop and (even though he really doesn't like shows like this) he admits that stuff like that does happen, even if the show overly-dramatizes it a bit. Overall a good show, but you need to watch the entire thing. If you miss even the first two seconds, its not as easy to follow. The endings are really memorable, and I'm almost always satisfied.

    So this show is my favortie of all time. It is dramatic, touching, and sometimes funny. That is a very good balance in my opinion. i love it a lot and i always want to watch and the stupid stupid writers strike (although i understand where they are coming from) has ruined season 9 and it sucks! oh well, i just really hope that there will be more than season 10 but i do get why Mariska wants to spend more time with her family so i will stand by whatever she chooses but anyways, I LOVE SVU w00t w00t !
  • I reall enjoyed this one tonight (what i got to see) too much stupid election news, I loved the way it turned out Benson was her old selg tonight

    I didn't get to see the whole program due to the election returns. I love the way the investigation went in the hospital the way the FBI agent was talking pictures and documenting what happened to the girl. Then Benson ask what is this bruise it was there when we brought her in and the doctor told her. Then when the detective came up with her picture on the tape the wheels started turning in their heads on how are we going to put her down. Then at the hearing it was business as usually the ADA doing her thing about how she done this and that with no evidence at all. Just their thoughts.
    I loved it when all the brass marched (Goosed stepped) into the captains office wanting where the evidence was to convict her. Then Benson on her pal went to the woman home threading here with every thing except treason if they don't tell her if the FBI agent said she was going to kill the serial kill. The best and most exciting part of the program was in the room when Benson and her partner came in and Benson grabbed the gun off the table. She couldn't even figure out the girl was not going out of that room alive. When she shot her self the stupid look on Benson face was worth missing the part I didn't get to see. For some reason Benson and The ADA has to win in the end or their day is messed up.
  • Law and Order SVU is one of my dad's favorite shows, and for some reason, I never thought that it would become mine: but it did! The plotlines, the characters, the whole show amazes me.

    I've always wanted to be a writer, but since watching this, I now think I might like someday to be in the SVU helping rape victims and catching pedophiles!
    I'm not sure exactly who my favorite character is, but I know that I love Olivia, Alex (Cabot), Casey Novak and Elliot. I haven't seen all the episodes (i'm working on it) but i'm hoping that i'll soon be able to say that i've seen them all! The great think about SVU is that it's not like a fairytale, the bad guy isn't always caught, it's real, and although it's scary, it could happen in real life. If you're not sure if you should watch this show, listen to me: just try it! I guarantee that you'll love it!!! :)
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