Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Thursday 10:00 PM on NBC Premiered Sep 20, 1999 Returning September 27, 2018





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  • This show is absolutely fabulous!

    This show is absolutely fabulous!
    Not only that...but its addictive!

    Love the cases... love the drama... love the actors... love the justice!

    This show is a great illustration of the legal system at its finest!
    The detectives are true heroes!

    This show is by far one of the most entertaining... action / adventure epic series ever produced!

    Its simply captivating!
  • Law and Order Special Victims Unit followed the detectives of the Special Victims Unit in Manhattan, NY.

    Law and Order Special Victims Unit is one of the few shows that can capture my attention. The story lines are amazing and the actors pull it off every single episode. The cast works so well with each other. I love tuning in to watch the new episodes every week and of course watching the reruns and DVDs. Mariska Hargitay is my all time favorite actress and someone I look up to as a person. She has amazing talent and through her work on SVU, has even started her own foundation that helps the survivors of sexual assault.
  • i love law and order svu

    law and order svu is the best show on tv! i love it sooo much, the characters are awesome, and mariska and chris are great i love the way the show deals with a different sublect matter then other shows.
    i love the tension between olivia and elliot i totally wan tthem together i really hope they get together
  • Great show, best of all the law and order's.

    I love this show, because the writing and the acting is very, very good and it's always makes me think about things. Like rape, I know it happens, I know it happens a lot but you don't really think about it that much. But when I watch certain episodes of this show I think, are there really people who have to go through something like this and it's good to watch the squad solve these horrible cases. Because someone has to.

    I also really like the characters because there all really different but all very strong. And that's why SVU is one of my favorite shows.
  • cool

    The show is full of interesting characters but Elliot is a great character but he need to turn down the craziness and he gets mad at his partner, Oliva for stuff that's not her fault. The why their teams work to getter is like a jigsaw puzzle at times it does not work but that like real life. The new A.D.A.D is a very different to the old one, which in one way it is good because their two different people but same time it is nice if they were similar. The shows a hit with a great cast and crew what could go wrong?
  • My family loves this show we watch it every tuesday and if we might miss it we set our DVR to record the new season so we don't miss it. love it please don't cancel it.

    to me this is a great tv show i never miss it and i hope it do'nt get has all the suspens and action in it that keep you want to see more and even watch the reruns on the USA chanel. i never turn the chanel when it's on even if i have already see it it!love it! love it! please don't cancel it.
  • loving this show!

    i love it!!!!!! the greatest in the whole world!!!! dont care who you are but if you dont like it there is something wrong with you! no the show is great...yea it really is... i guess what really makes the show great is Mariska Hargitay, she is beautiful, smart, and a loving mother. Now she may be a little werid for naming her child August, but i guess if she likes it then i can tolerate it. Her husband is a great guy, and they seem very happy together. They have a very happy little family which makes Mariska bring a even better preformence to the screen.

  • I so enjoy Law and Order, SVU. In addition to the very intellegent writing, I love the strength in the characters. Of course, Christopher Meloni is a favorite. Another one of my favorites is Dann Florek. A great face and voice are his strong points.

    I was getting so tired of all the re-runs. I am so glad that a new SVU is finally going to hit the small screen tonight. I really did not like Connie Neilson. She always sounded like she had marbles in her mouth and she can not compare with Mariska. She(Mariska) is certainly a keeper.
  • brilliant television.

    ok, so SVU rocks heavily. it's sooooooooooooooo good. it keeps you enthralled for the whole hour, which a lot of tv shows don't do anymore. in my creative writing class, we talked about how you HAVE to get people to care about your characters because if you don't then the story is just useless. this show has GREAT main characters. you feel for them without delving into their personal lives a ton. although i do wish that i could see the lives of the SVU detectives outside the squad room, it's still a great show. it's on like 24/7 on USA, which is wayyyy good. so go watch it.
  • Law and Order Special Victims Unit is a show that is not afraid to push the limits and delve into the lives of its detectives. And that's why I love it.

    I first came across Law and Order Special Victims Unit while flipping through channels, who would have known that months later I would be completely obsessed with it. I love this show as well as the characters and the actors that play the characters. What really interested me was the fact that we learn more and more about the character's personal lives throughout each case/episode. It makes SVU become more than just some boring old crimeshow where there is absolutely no emotion in it, it let's us peer into the world of the detectives and we see how certain things affect them and make them react.Some people think that it makes the show too soap-opera like, but I think differently. It lets the viewers relate more to the detectives.

    What I also like about the show is that it doesn't sugar-coat it for us. They're not afraid to say 'rape' or 'sodomize' or something else that we don't usually bring up in conversation. They will put out the most graphic of details without censoring it. It allows us to see the world somewhat realisticly. They're not going to put a shield over our eyes like some other shows afraid to go there. All in all, this show is truly awesome.
  • I absolutely ADORE this Show!

    I love this show! I look forward to watching it every week! I like how it has lots of twists in the cases, and how it shows the characters personal lives and how cases effect them.
    I love Mariska Hargitay's and Chris Meloni! They do such a good job together on the show! I think that they bring the most drama into the show... and they both fit the characters perfectly!
    And I also like how Ice-T and Richard Belzer work together! They bring the comedy, and work really well together!
    I like the way the writers have done this! I like how it has Drama and Comedy at the same time... in a stange way. I don't really know how, but it works! It's great! It's a wonderful show! If you don't already watch it, I strongly advise you to watch NOW!!!!

    Well done to Dick Wolf, the Writers and all the actors on SVU!
  • Law and Order SVU is one of the best sexual abuse preventative initiatives on the television.

    Law and Order SVU portrays realistic sexual abuse cases with twists and turns encountered in actual criminal justice cases. Sexual abuse issues, protective measures and prosecution aspects need to be brought to the public to provide caregivers with the pertinent information to protect our children. The series is informative and sensitive to victim issues. Usually sexual abuse is treated as a criminal case or a victim experience, but Law and Order SVU explores criminal case, victim experience, law enforcement reactions and family reactions. Sexual abuse affects the victim, the investigators, prosecutors, defense team, victim/perpetrator family and the community. This is one of the best preventative initiatives on the television. Know that the various abuses inflicted in the series cases are not "educating" sexual offenders. Sex offenders live in their own fantasies and devise their offenses to meet their own "needs". Certainly the series is not appropriate for very young children, but it could be used to teach teens about the dangers in our society.
  • In the criminal justice system sexually based offenses are considered espessially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these viscious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the special victems unit.

    hmm..what CAN I say about Special Victems about it f-ing rocks! I love the Elliot/Olivia chemistry((I supposed you would classify me as a shipper)I want them to get together more than Life! LOL but I really do think that they are two great detectives and even though they have a really tough job they keep it together WAY better than I would!

    LOL Cragen is hilarious! I think he\\\'s funny without even trying to be, I like it when he gets mad((well actually I like when any of them get mad))its funny as hell. He\\\'s almost like a father figure to the other when he has to break up that fight between Elliot and Olivia in the \\\"Sophie\\\" case and was like \\\"You go this way, You your wife is here!\\\" it was amazing!! I was lmao.

    Ah Munch and Fin!! love em to death! I like when they show Fin/Munch episodes because they\\\'re always really funny! as screwed up as they may be lol. Casey! Im sorry ((dont throw anything at me)) but I like Casey better than Alex((runs and hides)) she\\\'s a really good ADA. but most of all she hated Dani!!!!!!!!

    ugh Dani..frizzball of a.... I hated her so much!!!! she couldnt do the job right!!!UGH!

    Melinda is really pretty, and she\\\'s like the nicest one on the show..and I suppose I could forgive her for getting mad at Olivia in \\\"Informed\\\"..I guess LOL.

    Haung is awsome! I love how he tries to act all tough and then that little kid took him down!lmao!! but no seriously Huang is cool.

    Basically its like..the perfect has drama and comedy and an AWSOME cast and I love trying to ficgure out the cases before they do((I almost never do))! The writers rock!! Neil Baer and Dick Wolf-what would I watch without em? LOL
  • detective try hard to find criminals of very bad crims agenst children and the elderly. Detective Benson is so diticated to her job. Stabler's personal live soemtimes gets in the way. Fin is the hard street cop. and Munch is the funnest cop u will find.

    Law and Order Special Victums Unit is a hard hitting crime show. the detectives use there skills to solve horible cimes. this show always has a strenge twist and it is NEVER pridictible. i started watch this show last year and i have already seen all 8 seasons. You can tell you are truly obsessed when you can tell the season by Mariska Hargitays (Olivia Benson)hair style. i dont really have a favorite episode because there are too many really good ones. Law and Order svu is on NBC every tuseday and US every weekday. turst me it is worth sitting on the couch for and hour.
  • i love the show i learn alot from the show how to protect my kids what to look for in a predator the red flags how to look for signs in everyday life my daughter was raped and i let her watch it helps her out to show her the red flags and the signs

    the detectives are great thay show alot of cases and feelings in them there great my daughter loves ice-t and show alot of detail in there cases its real helpful to know whats goin on in the cases .i like the detectve work it cool its a real learning experinerce.i like it cas its a real life situations i like the detectives thay seem like thay like there jobs i like the time that it comes on thanks for havein the show it helps victims to over come there ordeal and how to protect there self and love ones thanks agin
  • This is a great crime drama that goes well above the average cop show.

    Law and Order, S V U is a great cutting edge show that deals with sexual assult victims in the city of New York. The characters are brillantly portrayed. It gives the audience what they want; drama, suspense, a great story to follow.

    This is truly one of the best shows on TV. The characters are protrayed in the most realisitc situations and they deliver. Olivia is very sensative but raw. This show has portrayed the characters as strong but sensative. For once there is a show that deals with the story and not necessarily the lives of the characters. I also like the way they draw the audience in with the cleaver , cutting-edge story lines. Just when you think you know the ending "ching ching." I love this show. The writing on this show is brillant, the cast members, simply genius. I look forward to it every week, even if it is a re-run.
  • in new york city sexually based defences are considered especially henious the dedicated detectives who investigate these visious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the special victims unit...these are there stories

    the best....this show is the best drama on television. millions of fans and its in its 8th season you cant beat that. the elliot and olivia story lines are killing everyone. we all want to see them together. this show has drama intrigue and is very knowledgable i feel more secure as a woman in a country where many woman are sexually abused from watching this show i feel it prepares and protects me with knowledge of sexual assult and crimes. this show has me addicted and i cant stop watching it plus its always on which is awesome go l&o
  • Wonderful drama, great characters, lots of action. This show continually keeps you interested and wondering what they will do next. It is one of my all time favorites.

    Law & Order SVU is a fast paced drama that has been one of my favorites over the last 8 years. The 8th season has had it's ups and down but is starting to get back on track. With Detective Beck leaving the show and Detective Olivia Benson coming back the show has the promise of once again taking back up the spark that was drawing people back again. Hopefully with Detective Benson and Detective Stabler back together again this show will return to great plots, well written drama, more interaction with Detectives Munch & Fin and a bit of E/O for us shippers that can't live without it. I give this show a 10/10 for such great character developement, wonderful drama, and intense plots(for the most part).
  • A hit and a miss but more often a hit.

    I just really don't like the replacement whose working with eliot. I mean they purposly didn't make it one of those romantic shows because it would be too cliche and the last episode... well it was just dissapointing when that romantic aspect worked its way into the seriousness of what they do and what the show is suppose to be about.
  • Excellant Cast

    I have just begun watching this show and have fell in love with it and all the characters. I can't wait till Mariska comes back I do miss her being on the show her and Chris are my fav.I know I have lost out on alot since I just started watching but I catch the reruns on usa and am planning on buy seasons.
  • The Special Victims Unit is a spin Off of the first Law and Order. It is about a bunch of detectives who live in New York City and Investgat Sex Crimes.

    This show is to die for. I Really Love it. It Makes my insides all twisted. I have learned a lot from this show and it is vary insperational and the acting is phnamanal. They have taught me a lot. They can not find any one better then Mariska and Chris to play the main roles of Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler. They make such a great team. They are not two people, they are one. They act off of each other and they are each others better half. They are better becuase of each other. You can she their Chemistry of the characters as well as the actors.They are really Insperational and they can not do better then them. After playing in SVU for a while Marsika becaome a rape councilor, and says she rather have her fans say that she has changed their lifes insead of saying that she is pretty.The make you relize that there is some good in this world and there are people out there makes the city (any city no matter where) a better place to live and SVU make you aware of every thing that is happening and even helps with poeople who have been in the same posistion and because of SVU has said they are so gald there is a show out there that talks about these kind of situations.
  • I LLOOOVVEEEEE THIS SHOW!! one of my favs. Dani is alittle glitch... it can be fixed..Elliot and Olivia make an amazing team. =) excellent show!

    ok lets start with the awesome cases, i dont know where they get the ideas but these cases alone are CRAZY! i swear i watch this show so much that now when i hear people say words that cops would say, or words that are said in court i actually know what they mean! i normally dont watch shows where i actually learn things.. lol.. ok now onto all the E/O shippers' favorite part, Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson. they are partners to the max. i've never seen a moment that they werent there for each other physically and mentally backing each other up. i see Fin as the pimp of the group, its just his look, and that he has no problem pushing people aroudn to get information, ahh the tough guy. munch is sort of the sad lonely old man type. i mean his failed relationships say alot, but i do love some of his quick remarks. Alex, the first ADA, was my favorite in court. her cases were always ontop. plus she gave the quote that i'll never forget; "An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind." Cragen is a great captin and keeps everyone in check. Casey... i didnt like her at first.. when she started out she had an attitude towards elliot, but now i love the way she can tell off Dani... Dani is the person that i can not stand. she is a new comer, and hopefully ready to go. she pulled this show into drama so fast, and is ruining it for me. no matter who attempts to ruin this show, it will never happen. it is an A+++ in my book.
  • YULSS! ok so elliot and olivia are the best cop-detective partners ever. fin, munch, cragen, alex, and casey complete the squad and make some AMAZING cases. *MIND BLOWING*

    holy!! i LOVE this show. i mean recently sure its alittle more dramatic but its 7 years of pure genius! it shouldnt be misjudged due to one horrid charicter (Dani). still love the show, and find my self to be an E/O shipper and im proud! El and Liv need to be together more, i mean not "get together" cause that might put the show on a down-hill sort of thing. i miss the best buds, tension filled partner E/O. they always seem to be on the same page, and lately its like where did that go?! im sure it'll be back soon.. the producers knwo what they're doin.
  • Classic

    I like this show. Im 17 and have been watching it for five years. My mother got me hook on the show. Any how well I have only been watching it for 4 years. it started to get boring and Im not sure how long I stop watching it. Any how season 8 seems interesting well not so much the story lines becuase those are getting stupid but the whole Benson and Stabler thing. So thats probably why I started back watching it after stop watching it for a long time so. I can't wait for Benson to be back.
  • A show about dedicated detective who investigate sexually based crimes.

    This is My all time favorite show! I tivo every episode and watch the repeats like they are new. The detectives on the show are Olivia Benson-Mariska Hargity, Elliot Stabler-Chris Melonie, Fin Tutuola-Ice-T,and n Munch-Richard Belzer. Benson, is a birth of a rape, and her dedication is a direct result of that incident. She is single and has no children. Stabler was married with four children but his dedication and time spent on his job caused his family to brake up. Tutuola is single he has a gay son, who for a while did not want much to do with him, and though now their relationship is better they are not exactly taking fishing trips together. Munch, now I really ike him, he has been married a couple of times and since has not even been with a women, he is a Jewish man committed to his job and his beliefs, I respect him. Then there's Capt. Donald Cragen-Dann Florek, he is a recovering alcoholic and a great captain, he always has his detectives back and will fight for them every chance. there are more actors/actresses on this show that contribute the the great outcome however these detectives in my opinion make the show, their acting is believable and real and they captivate their audience. I thank all the fans for watching and keeping this show on the air.
  • I love this show.

    A lot of people I know think that it's boring. But they havn't really given it a chance. I started watching it kinda late but I got hooked fast. I love how USA has the mini marathons a few nights a week also. It's just a really GREAT SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • An amazing series!

    Law & Order: SVU is definately my favorite legal show, my favorite show on NBC, and my favorite of the four Law & Orders. I love the chemistry between Elliott and Olivia; Mariska and Christopher are amazing actors who make their characters seem so real. My favorite season was the 7th, but they're all great. Each episode is fresh and different. I like the opening titles used for this show as well as the way they switch from scene to scene by putting the address of the setting of the scene on the screen. I'm so glad that Mariska is back. The show wasn't the same without her. I hope this show will stay on the air for many seasons to come.
  • It's about invstigating hainus crimes. An emotional drama that everybody loves.

    It's good seeing Elliot and Olivia's love for eachother. Dani just came on the show and ruined everything for them. But hopefully when she leaves everything will be back o normal. Elliot just got a divorce with his wife Kathy and Olivia has a good chance with Elliot now that Kathy is out of the picture. Olivia plays a great detevtive as well as Elliot. But what we want to know is that are they ever going to hook up. I mean we see their love for eachother and how they care and take care of eachother but what we want to see is them actually hooking up and telling eachother their love for one another.
  • Is there any TV duo with the depth and undending layers that Elliot and Olivia have? Now that Mulder and Scully are gone, it seems their sorrow and sadness have transferred to their kissing cousins at the NYPD.

    Those long looks...those sad eyes. It's a game of push and pull for Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson, hard-luck partners who live in a world of molestation and murder with their fingers on the trigger.

    Sometimes you think Elliot has it bad for Olivia and others you can see something in her eyes that betrays her "don't care" exterior. Sure, the cases are dirty and terrible, but what you're really watching is a long slow slide between two people who continually sit on the edge of a precipice, staring down at the chasm between them. Will it ever happen? Between all the paranoia and the guilt that emanates from Stabler and Benson's relationship problems, who knows. For now it remains the most dysfunctional love story in prime time.
  • cool be going down

    love the show but Elliot and the whole being crazy thing and getting mad at Oliva for stuff that's not her falt and there not a team any more it's like Jon and Oliva, and Fin and Elliot if u get my drift. the A.D.D is wried but her charter has real protanal but the better make that protanal come out because some times it can get boaring when she's like Hu. the shows cool and the case are very intersting and dont give the wrong idea out the cast and crew have been doind a great jod and i hope it stays that way for season to come.
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