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  • Law and Order SVU #1 FAN

    #1 FAN !!!I love this show and all those whom act in this show. However, after Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) left it changed the whole Show. I really do pray he may come back. Although, he may not come back permanently maybe he could at least make a guest star .... I often find myself going on Hulu to go back and watch all the older shows. Please keep the show rolling... Thank you all that are involved in making this show!!! Keep up all the greatness and bring Stabler back!!! Thank you in advance...
  • Match made in Law

    I really was dissapointed Rafael left the show. I have been looking forward to Rafael and Olivia ending up with each other. They both are great friends, held each other up and have respect. Those qualities are hard to find for a great relationship. I hope Rafael decides he misses and needs Olivia in the future and comes back to the show. They'd be GREAT together.

    Love all the Law and Order shows.
  • I am addicted

    There is one place that I caught a slip-up. In an episode Olivia gave a girl her necklace that said fearless. In a later episode Olivia's shrink bought her a new identical necklace because her original one was being held for evidence. Love the show.
  • Wacko Fans

    I love the show, but u guys have wacko fans. I think your doing a great job writers keep up the good work I saw every episode keep them coming
  • about olivia benson

    ok I was just looking for a friendly forum to talk about the show and I just wanted to say I really hope Olivia ends up being with Cassidy again, I know for a while they lived together but I don't know what happened with that and it makes me sad. I think them two are the most perfect and cutest couple. I don't like that benson is dating that old grey hair guy now, I don't even know his name because I haven't really caught up to all of the newer episodes much, AND I think its really sad and messed up how some of you are acting, especially the guys here that are getting all defensive about all men being accused of rape in the show but if you pay any attention you would see not every episode is about rape, and if you don't like what the show is about then don't watch it. I seen one of you complaining that Olivia should be taken out of the show because you don't like her character now, I would agree with you I miss the old Olivia benson too, before she became captan but that's no reason to bad mouth the show and want her gone. I LOVE Olivia benson she has always been my favorite character and always will be.
  • Ass hat lawyer bucannan

    I love SVU but they really need to kill off that asshole lawyer Buchanan. He's just a fat bastard that represents the lowest of low life's and further tramatizes the victims he just as much a piece of crap as the asses that he represents! I know it's all a show but the episodes that he is in just make me wanna jump in the TV and tell him off! That character is scum!!!!

  • Getting rid of benson?!

    The show sunk deep when they lost stabler!! And now you want to get rid of the one person keeping the show afloat since because of her age?! You cannot save this show once she's gone!! I was afraid it completely went in the tubes once stabler left but now you're really destroying anything you had going for it!!! I have it a 10 for rating until you take benson away
  • Real cop giving it straight

    Episode 17-3 I must comment on. I am a police detective in miami, fl. This episode is right on the money. DCS is always overworked and is because is underpaid. My wife did that years ago and now she s Teacher. Not all departments falsely reports but administrators always find ways to cut corners. This is for real and it affects us all. I have to deal with the shit afterwards. It never ends, so my appreciation for the light On this problem and hopefully things change for the better.
  • Benson is a law bending bizotch

    I cant stand benson self rightous over zealous, pre judgemental , smug looking, smurk face self. I love it when she ends up wrong. I love everything else about the show. But she violates every right given by the constitution and bends the law. I hate it when she starts wispering all concerned especially to ge perps. Mind ur business u fake hussy!!! Oh, i gave a girl a wet willie. Stuck my finger in her ear. Bet shed call that rape!!!!! Everything is rape to her.
  • Please Lower the Music Volume

    I love this show! It is just about my favorite show of this type. Wonderful acting, great plots and Olivia. Nothing missing !

    The only problem I find with this and several other shows is that the background music is deafening. I know it is supposed to enhance the program, but too often is is so loud while a conversation is taking place, that I can't hear what is said. Please stop the music when the actors are speaking!
  • Best SVU member

    Bring back Elliot
  • Love detective stabler and benson

    OMG DETECTIVE STABLER IS AN AMAZING PERSON WITH A GRWAT LOVE FOR HIS FAMILY AND HIS JOB AND DETECTIVE BENSON IS AN AMAZING DETECTIVE the other detectives are awesome but don't think I like the new episodes without detective stabler I love the way detective Benson and stabler work soi well together and he nsees to be put back in the show if not for them I wouldnt watch
  • Allways great

    Best cop show on TV. The mentalist is no. 2
  • Great Show!

    Law and Order: Special Victims Unit is one of the best . series out there. This show keeps you wanting more. Every episode is new, intense, and exciting. I could watch Law and Order: SVU all day and not get bored of it. The actors and actresses are really good at their job. They make every episode so real it can be scary sometimes. It gives you a sense of what actually happens in the real world. Also the story line of the show is a good one. If you have not seen any of the episodes, I would recommend you start watching now. You will not be disappointed.
  • Love Olivia

    If it weren't for Olivia and Eliot not sure I would watch. She and he are both amazing. I am a huge fan of Olivia. Love this show. SVU fan forever!!
  • Just keeps getting better and better

    I have been a fan of SVU from day one. I always record the show so I never miss an episode!

    Mariska is a terrific actor! When Christopher Meloni left the show I thought that was it. As these two actors worked so well together. However, I am loving the new cast more and more with every episode! Ice-T has always been the bomb. Danny and Kelli bring their own unique experience and have seamlessly fit right it. Raul as the new ADA is the icing on the cake. I love his character! I also love the way he interacts with the other cast members especially Mariska. Keep up the good work. I love SVU!
  • Law & Order: Special-Very-Ultimate

    This show is incredible, the charactor of Olivia Benson is the most addicting person on the show, you just can't get enough of her or the crime plots that continue to astound after 14 years!

  • Elliott

    Please bring him back!
  • What Episoe is this

    What Law Order SVU ep was it where Olivia and Stabler were in the interrogation room and they were kind of playing good cop bad cop -Stabler was mad and accusing the person and Olivia comforted the person they were interrogating and told her "dont listen to him" and stabler kept on --- I think it was a plan but i cant remember what episode was it - and Olivia had bangs I know so its gotta be Season 8maybe but i dont know what episode
  • Love SVU.02

    I've liked this show from the start - good acting, intresting cases, well written and so on. By season 9 though I started to get abit tired of the Benson/Stabler show, don't get me wrong - still good but it was just getting a little boring, same 'ol sorta. So when Warren Leight stepped in and with the new detectives (Amaro & Rollins) it caught my intrest again and now... I love it! I feel sad Meloni had to leave the way he did but it was his call in the end. Sad money had to speak.

    Anywho. The show is great these days. I crave Finanda moments and I love that we get to see more of then entire squad. I do miss Novak and Cabot this season though (S14) even though Barba is refreshing. Hoping for many more seasons!

    I love Law & Order SVU.... Please bring back Stable!
  • Pino rocks...

    I think Danny Pino has fit into the role beautifully. I liked Stabler but prefer Nick Amaro even his name is cool.
  • Positively Entertaining

    Last weeks' episode Manhattan Vigil was a great story plus a nice blending of a Cold Case and Law & Order Special Victims Unit. Two outstanding TV shows. Also great acting by Marisa Hagarity and of course, Danny Pino.
  • my all time favorite tv show a perfect 10

    law and order svu is a very good show i love every episode that comes on i never miss them. ice t olivia and elliott are the bomb oh who am i kidding every body plays hard ball and thats what i like thats why id like to go to college and get my criminal justice degree and in forscensic science to keep up the good work every body .......
  • love this show

    i love this show this is my all time favorite iv seen every episode
  • Law and Order-SVU

    OMG i love this show i watch it every time when it comes on, this show is part of the reason why i want to go to school and become a law enforcement...I look up to some of the actors that are on the show....But CHRIS is a sexy guy and her can ARREST ME ANYTIME
  • SVU Sunday Marathons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love SVU it is the best show in the world. Benson and Stabler are the best characters and they play their roles very well. I love everyone on the show but those two make a hot team. If this show ever went off the air I wouldn't know what to do. The show is so good that when I want to really relax and not think about anything. I really get tuned into the story lines and before I know I've watched about 5 or 6 shows. Like I said before the best show ever "SVU ROCKS"...................................

  • Where Authority and Action Partner Up

    I LOVE all the detectives' roles on here! They are so good at capturing the bad guys. The stories are usually realistic to me and I try not to miss an episode! I get to learn what goes on in the world of problems through a detective's eyes, and this show keeps me curious. There are a lot of stories to be told as far as each episode... keep it up!
  • Refeshing

    I love the new episodes...I love Pino in Cold Case and love him just as much now. Love the change in character so glad they didn't bring him in to be another Stabler. His character is a lot more compassionate and something the show needed.
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